A Real World Leader, Almost

merkel oh natural

Don’t get me wrong, dear worst-reader. As usual, I’m not tooting my host country’s horn. (Or am I?) It’s just, well, I’ve been an expat in Germania, land of the Huns, where the there-where automatons live, where resistance is futile, etc., etc., for the better part of a quarter century. Would I rather live any place else? Sure. Is this my golden cage? You bet. Do I like making schnooki with The Borg? Yeah, baby. But I digress.

There are moments where even I, hater of all things bureaucratic, corporate, and country-sides and country-clubs without-smile, have to give credit where it’s due. Angela Merkel’s speech last night about the Coronavirus outbreak was pretty darn-tootin impressive. Even though she missed out on a chance to mention the EU or other countries, making her speech a bit nationalist IMHO, she did a pretty good job of… leading. Of course. As I was listening I couldn’t help but think of two things.

The first.

I shed tears for my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant. Not sure if you noticed, dear worst-reader, but #Americant is looking more and more like a lost country these days. A lost country where a bunch of un-achieving, privileged white people hang out and get their kicks by spitting between each others toes, calling it a game of life, and laughing at the down-trodden.

The second.

There are a few pockets of humanity in this world. That is, Angela Merkel sounded HUMAN in her warning to Germany to heed the seriousness of what’s going on right now. How often do we get that from a politician? Especially from a politician that leads what is probably the best managed corporate nation-state in the world. At the least, such warnings only come when telling us to maintain (our) poverty. Or so.

I suppose, if I had to compare Merkel and her speech to a politician’s speech of recent, it’d be to New Zealand’s PM after that country’s most recent mass shooting. Indeed. The cheap/cheat product that is most old white authoritarian politicians in the West, especially those with pee-pee hair, couldn’t lead a thistle through a whistle. Nor could the magnanimous imbecilism of #Americant conservatism, that can only be what it is because of all the voters that wear lapel flags both on their suits and their minds, lead a whistle through a pistol. Hence, live by/off the gun of stupid. Or something like.

Good luck, suckers.

Rant on.