Rich vs Poor And The Preordained

all worst

Obviously the rich always win, eh, dear worst-reader? What better example is there than President Pee-Pee-Hair? Or. I should add. What better example is there of those who think, believe, are deluded about being rich and thereby vote for President Pee-Pee-Hair and/or those who enable/facilitate #Americant and its über convenient electoral college? Which may or mayn’t mean, those who made it happen must all be really rich just like the huckster-president and that hair of his. Or? And so. Aren’t we all winners, too? I mean. As long as there’s the mantra: the meek shall inherit…, why else shouldn’t the $hitbags of the greed $hitshow be the winners-take-all of the every-nothing? And/but you’re right, dear worst-reader, if you guessed that not all idiot-voters who voted for President Pee-Pee-Hair are rich–as though I hadn’t already alluded to that. And so. And so. Welcome to the/your conundrum of confused white-man privilge. Let’s try to worst-explain. Or maybe not.

As the Coronavirus (SARS-2) and government inadequacy forces us down the ugly rabbit hole of fear and self-wanton idiocy–or have you not hoarded some toilet paper?–let’s have a worst-look at what’s really (maybe) going on. The other day I heard the leader of the #MAGA movement refer to Coronavirus as the China Virus. After doing so, he was questioned by a (real) reporter (as opposed to a softball reporter) as to why he’s referring to it that way. His response was, well, as good as any response a WASP bigot can give. He said something along the lines of because it comes from China. Which, of course, made worst-moi sit back and say, as I (he) usually say(s): another reveal that is the true face of #Americant uglies, baby. Wow. The $hitshow never gets über-boring with this arsehole running things. Or does it?

Here’s the thing, dear worst-reader. As real as the coronavirus (SARS-2) thing is, what’s even more real is the/a historical fact that any and every national and/or international crisis seems to always results in one group of people or political party or social structure, etc., taking advantage of the other. Or, as Milton Friedman would put it:

“Only a crisis — actual or perceived — produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around.”

So what’s been lying around since, say, (IMHO), the 1950s, that’s enabled the western world, mostly lead by my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant, to always make choices that favour–you worst-guessed it–the rich? I suppose, some call that human nature. Others call it the greed $hitshow. And then there’s calling it the child sandbox of uglies under the stupid shade-screen of red, white and hold your breath till you turn blue-stupid. Then there are those who call it everything worst. Which is what we live in, adore, yearn for and thereby touch ourselves as though there is no tomorrow–or we pretend we’re married to Cinderella who doesn’t mind all the kissing (and abusing) while she sleeps.

Indeed, dear worst-reader. The Coronavirus (SARS-2) will be overcome. Even I, the worst-optimist in the world, believe that to be so. The only question I have to ask, though, is at what cost? What or who is going to suffer once the smoke screen of fake government and fake democracy and, of course, fake-hair is lifted from our shielded eye-brains and we realise we’ve been duped yet again so that rich people can, well, get away with… whatever? Of course, as usual, the disillusioned amongst us all will go about the business of doing what they/we are told, abiding, heeding the call of both bad government and worst wives. Which means, maybe, just maybe, I’m not as optimistic as you may think I am. Or?

#Nomatter. The end is not nigh nor has it ever been nigh. When the likes of not just President Stupid can be elected but those who elected him are never questioned or, at the least, called-out for what they’ve done, including trying to whitewash this crisis by making it racial–even though China isn’t a race–where can we turn for wisdom and kindness and reality–and/or all-things not fake? Well, that’s a pretty good worst-question, dear worst-reader. Good luck with it.

Rant on.