Examples Of Stupid In The Here And Now

Sometimes the newz gets to worst-moi. You too, dear worst-reader? Yet we are all junkies for it, eh. Indeed. That’s why I try not to bore you all that much about what’s going on around the world these days. And while I’m on the worst-subject of tootin’ my own horn. Don’t give it a thought or three that I even have a category named News. But. Again. That’s neither here nor there.

Since I already posted something about what could be considered serious news–or less serious newz–I couldn’t help but take special notice of the links below during my morning news scan. I mean. What a cornucopia of STUPID that’s out there alive and well these days, eh.

Let’s have a look directly, shall we?

First. Get this.

A conspiracy-nut from my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant, who, by-the-buy, is a freakin’ train engineer… Stop. I mean. Really? Even train engineers are going batshit on account of #Americant capitalism racing to turn brains into mush as much as it’s also turning lungs into mush with this new fangled flu thing its created? I mean. Ain’t train engineers supposed to be one of them fantasies of children when/while growing up? You know, along side being a fireman, a doctor, a professional computer game player, etc.? Obviously none of that applies to this guy, don’t you know. I guess, for him, being a train engineer means you get to listen to right-wing batshittery all day which is why so many end up believing in the batshit. Ain’t that the game Limbaugh & Co, faux-newz, etc., has played with the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID since evermore? Indeed.

Or how ’bout this guy? Even though this guy may or may not have anything to do with the flu epidemic, you have to give him as much creative credit as the train engineer for raising the bar of STUPID. In Berlin, Germania, the other day, a nineteen year old refused to pay for his train ticket after boarding. When he was eventually confronted by the German police, he claimed that he is Adolf Hitler and therefore doesn’t have to pay for the ticket. Yeah, baby. Talk about mush Brains.

This is a little more than just batshit conspiracy and/or a virus scare-thing. Here we have neighbours in Germany snitching on others during the social distancing curfew. What’s the reason for calling the police? Easy answer to that, dear worst-reader. Wouldn’t you know that the biggest area of snitching, so far, is the former East-Germany where it was, in their heyday, common place.

And last but certainly not… My better-half brought this article to my attention. And I know why it caught her attention. As a German, proud of all things German, the first thing she said to me about this incident between a German built ship and a Venezuelan military boat was that the Venezuelan boat should have taken better care regarding what it was getting into. Hence, while trying to force a German-built arctic boat–meaning it has a reinforced hull–from entering territorial waters, it tried to force the ship away by ramming it. Guess what? That’s right. The Venezuelan boat sank. Ha. Ha. Ha. He. He. He.

Enough newz for today, baby.

Rant on.


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