Work Will Set You Free, To Be Stupid

arbeit macht frei JB
A screenshot from the interwebnets

In my play The Good Criminal, a worst-play, don’t you know, a play that, of course (1), was rejected by publishers, theatres, and, of course (2), audiences, there is a moment where a modern (Reaganomics) corporatists slash yuppie schmuck is talking about setting oneself free by working hard (for The Corporation), or something like that. You know, he says work-will-set-you-free, as in, the current #Americant mantra-synonym for being a modern slave so that you can afford whatever economic crisis that is thrown at you because of who/what you vote for in a broken electoral system of consume-to-survive. Blah. Blah. Blah. But that’s neither here nor there.

The worst-thing about using a Nazi slogan, even in a worst-writer play, is this: there is a horde of morons, a mob of people in relative recent history, that confuse that history as though there was/is something noble about sending a minority of people to their death via forced labor concentration camps. And so (1). What is there to be done when you’ve been working your whole life for nothing but, at best, misconstrued status or, at worst, a dream that is but a nightmare and, as George Carlin says: it has to be a dream because, well, you have to be asleep to believe it (i.e. The American Dream). And so (2). Of course (3). A different language was used back in the day before consume-to-survive set so many people free. Or?

Arbeit Macht Frei.

Now get this, dear worst-reader. Would you believe that in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant, just the other day, there was a woman protesting her confusion about pandemics and weak government management of that pandemic and she was carrying a sign that said Arbeit Macht Frei, JB. See pic above. Now. According to various reports, including a few tweets here or there, the woman claims that she is aware of what Arbeit Macht Frei means when translated from its original German to #Americant English and that she even has Jewish friends. Doesn’t that, in the least, justify using such a catchy phrase? (Sarcasm off.) By-the-buy, “JB” (see pic above) are the initials of the Governor of Illinois, aka JB Pritzker. Oh. And before I worst-forget: he’s Jewish.

Is there still any doubt as to what has given the world #Americant and/or the fail-upward-ness of a once great nation-state?

So here’s another thing, dear worst-reader. Nazi slogans from a time when/where Germans and many, many other #Eurowastelanders, rid The Continent of Jews, probably shouldn’t be applied to protesting something you can’t comprehend in the first place, especially if you’re a moronic, reactionary right-winger that doesn’t know the difference between behaving and being conditioned (in a certain way) on how to behave.

Faux-newz anyone?

But what really gets under my gander when all these Deplorables so freely and blatantly show the world how unbelievably stupid they are, is this simple question: where is all this stupidity going to lead in a country that has more guns than books1?

There is a lot of ugly confusion in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant these days, dear worst-reader. How it is going to get out of all that confusion is a worst-mystery to me, especially considering that President Pee-Pee-Hair is pretty-much the double-down on everything that’s been wrong with the country since Reaganomics took over. With that in mind, allow me this worst-question: Where are the people in #Americant that can call out this level of blatant ignorance? I mean, beyond being utterly stupid for carrying around such a sign, shouldn’t someone of power, of influence, someone that is respected, call this out? I mean, didn’t an #interwebnet $hitbag greed-mongering website cancel Alex Jones in 2018? Oh wait. Then again. Maybe Hillary tried to call-out these people, you know, the stupid people. And by doing so, what happened? Oh yeah. The Deplorables enabled the electoral college election of President Piss-Hair. Yeah, that worked out well. And so. I wonder how many privileged Democrats are laughing their arses off as the sub-prime primates play thumb switch between their mouths and their arses thinking that Arbeit Macht Frei may or may not mean something else as the context of history remains as fluid as #Trumps hair.

And so.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



  1. Obviously I have no idear how many books are in the US but I do know that in a country of morons, run by morons, the pen is never stronger than the gun. Or something like that. ↩︎