Bridges To #MAGA

chris christie on a beach
This is an #interwebnet screenshot of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie relaxing on a beach he closed to the public because, well, he can. 

Well, there you have it, dear worst-reader. Another example of #Americant pseudo-bourgeois spiteful pettiness setting the stage for today and tomorrow and forevermore. Or? In order for worst-moi to worst-write about this issue, allow this free-wheeling worst-recap:

Political retaliation was taken by state Republicans against a Democrat Mayor of a New Jersey town that borders, via the George Washington Bridge, NYC. The retaliation included forcing, for no reason, the closure of highway lanes from the New Jersey town to the George Washington Bridge. For, don’t you know, dear worst-reader, the Democrat Mayor of the town doesn’t control the highways of the state. That is controlled by the Republican Governor. For weeks this political fiasco caused havoc for New Jersey commuters. When Democrats tried to sue the operatives who caused the lane closures (for no reason), they won. But then the operatives appealed and the case subsequently made it to #SCOTUS where it was shot-down by a 9-0 judgement.

The problem here goes waaaaaay beyond #SCOTUS ruling 9-0. Reason–other than this being an example of how important #SCOTUS could/can be? This judgement means that the four liberals on the court sided whole heartily with the five $hitbag conservatives. But it doesn’t stop there. I suppose this is also yet another example of why I call it my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant. I mean. The court knows–and it said so in its writings regarding this judgement–that there is wrong-doing here. But they also add that no federal law has been broken. Which means that all the judges can do is follow written law–and not actually judge something/anything. So. Like. Does that mean that federal is the same as arbitrary? Oh, wait. Law made by men determines right or wrong. Right? #Nomatter. WTF do I know about law? Still. This ruling makes me sad. You know, sad as in my clown-face makeup is running on account of arbitrary liberal tears, don’t you know. Then there is the worst-fact that RBG has to be on her last legs by now. And you know what that means? If/when she keels over that means Republicans are going to get yet another #SCOTUS nominee/appointment. Which begs the question: is a 6 to 3 majority worse than a 5 to 4 majority? Probably not. For the games of politics are played at the cost of the voters. And goodness forbid anyone take a look at #Americant voters.

Rant on.