Better Truth: Half US Unemployed

may 2020 alternate umemployment stats

Having given up on being employed as far back as 2001 gives worst-writer a different perspective on unemployment stats– from 2020 (or so). Indeed, dear worst-reader. As you struggle through the $hitshow that you call a career, heed this: your days aren’t just numbered, they ran out a long time ago–and you’re riding on borrowed time. And so. Hearing/Reading about unemployment in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant is nothing but more cause for my worst-laughter. Giggle. Giggle. I mean. Considering the state of things and who owns it, #OKBoomer has to be in pretty bad shape right about now. Not only are boomers facing the ramifications of never questioning globalisation, which is both climate-change and covid-19, but there’s the reality that a huge chunk of them won’t have a retirement and their kids will be even worse-off–on account no one has the balls (except me, of course) to counter emotion driven politics manifest in right-wing conservatism. That worst-said, I’ve never believed the stats provided by either government or (most) journalists regarding unemployment. Reason? Again. As a fully capable, fully functioning human being, I have not been able to land a decent job since 2001. I have literally been in a forced state of early retirement since my mid to late forties. I’ll be sixty soon. Although early on it was quite a struggle to deal with the cards dealt (me), I eventually figured out how to deal with it. (And I’m more than good these days!) Never mind that I stopped looking for work in 2002, don’t you know. By the time I made it to 2001, including twelve years of various jobs at various consultancies and corporations as a business researcher and sometimes tech project manager, I knew that the $hitshow had run out on not just me but everyone. Also. I was not going to compete with third-world labour markets. How’s it been working out for you? And so. Call me sensitive to whims and nuances of life, liberty and FREEDOM TO BE STUPID. Will you join me in advocating that everyone quit everything they’re doing–right now? No? Oh wait. You actually don’t have a choice anymore, do you? Indeed, dear worst-reader. Quitting everything should not only include careers but also relationships and family. Or will you hang on to your boomer parents until covid-19 gets em–out of your way? Remember: your inheritance will go the same way as your career. I mean. What’s the fcuking point of working your arse off your whole life so that the people that caused it can die comfortably as their covid-19 lungs bleed-out–and you’re faced with the aftermath? Or maybe not. I mean. I found the comfort of my death way back in 2001. OK. Maybe 2002 or 03.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.