Fake It Till You Make It

Screenshot of a doctored pic from a #Trump boat rally.

The almost, worst-writer, true story of #Americant, the greatest land of FREE-TO-BE-STUPID the universe has ever received and for proof of the proof all one has to do is get a load of #OKBoomer, the generation that failed to grow up. The generation stuck in nostalgia. High school was never graduated. Pom-poms attract all attention. And your real puppies are your children’s shadows. Or maybe not.

What is a generations greatest achievement? How can it be measured? Is there a microscope or other technique available for empirical data gathering? Who the fcuk knows. At the worst-least, one can simply have a good look at what’s been left behind, especially now that the #OKBoomer plague reeks havoc on such a deserving group of $hitbags. With that in worst-mind, worst-writer best-guesses that #OKBoomer’s greatest achievement is nothing less that FAILING UPWARD or fake it till you make it. I mean, look at the $hit they’ve done that culminates in the likes of #Trump. Or maybe not.

How to set the stage of a world based on failing upward? First. There has to be a lot of TV. TV that is perfectly moulded to minds. You’ve already got the minds, of course, don’t you know. Just visit a Walmart. Get a load of the clothes everyone wears, too. Then, just to be sure, check out interwebnet videos of #MAGA leisure boats sinking while promoting President Pee-Pee-Hair’s re-election. And so. Same here, same there. And by-the-buy. Sure, there are a few trinket differences in the fail upward $hitshow as in, say, some wear bumper stickers, others lapel pins, and some take pictures of sunken leisure boats as they suck the fat nipples of money-galore Poseidon.

Second. The mind setting of the stage is a bit more complex than costuming that stage. Here one needs to understand the intricacies of content. Take a look at all that TV which has given the world #OKBoomer #Americant. Generation after generation, post WW2 of course, is pumped full of nonsense and feelings. Brain food, indeed. Take, for example, the #Americant sitcom. Especially the family sitcoms. Whether it’s a real-world show (Married With Children) or a cartoon (Simpsons, South Park1), the brain is dependent on the content. Content, hence, rules. Or. At best. Is profitable. (For adverts.) But before I get too far off worst-subject.

The #OKBoomer generation has screwed the pooch. But what should one do with a peoples that never grew up or that never grew out of the shadow of misconstrued parenting? Don’t believe for a second that the generation that gave us #OKBoomner is any better. Greatest Generation, may arse. And so. What else can these morons do but leave the world in havoc and chaos and misdeeds? I mean, wars-of-choice, catastrophic economics, porn, etc. Well. I guess the porn’s pretty good. But I die-gress.

Once the lights go out and time stops (death), the only thing that matters is what you’ve left behind. Considering generation X, millennials, etc., things ain’t lookin’ rosey. If that’s the case, hell must be a pretty big place, probably filled with #Trump failed hotel deals. Or maybe not?

Rant on.


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  1. Yes. South Park. Or do you actually believe, dear worst-reader, that those are cartoon children you’re gawking at? ↩︎