Running Through The #Americant Trailer Park From Sea To Shinning Sea Waving $2000?

whack job trump

Worst-title #2: The reawakening and potential gruesome death scene of #Americant demise galore in the wrong porn film just before the WWE match begins while the church doors are wide open.

Disclaimer: this post is NSFW.

Still not woke up to the grift, dear worst-reader? You know, the grift that is THE #Americant DREAM–post Ronald Reagan. Well. Don’t worry too hard if you still ain’t figured it out. For the thing is this: Even though it’s pretty much game-over for my beloved & missed united mistakes, there’s still a whiff of pseudo-hope out there that could emerge once the last two (if not three) generations die off in the great 21st century culling that is COVID-19. I mean. If the covid don’t get you… there’s always that wonderful feeling that you might, eventually, get a relief check not unlike the $1200 relief check you already got but this time, says the #Americant used car dealer that is your intellect, this time your relief check will have the number two and three zeros on it and go down just a tick smoother as you swallow (it). Ain’t that as exciting as a donkey playing the violin while you fcuk a bucket of creampie?

Speaking of which…

Did you get a load of President Stupid’s recent grift with suited Georgia old-school republicans? Now. I don’t know about you, dear worst-reader, but I listened to that call in its entirety and if I may be honest…? Holy fork in your wad of money horse $hit! President Stupid is as dumb as he looks. Or is worst-writer the only one able to see through that pseudo bouffant hair-do he’s got going–which is part of the mommy issues he has for being yet another #Americant male unable to grow out of the shadow of an abusive father, don’t you know? But here’s the thing that surprised me most about listening to a man-child three year old that managed to become President Stupid of a country of three year olds. He’s actually hands-on when it comes to the grift. I mean. For the most part I thought he just handed off the grift to the various minions that are as dumb as he is–for desperation is part of the THE DREAM and it makes so many do the go-go dance of survival, don’t you know. These minions then, in turn, gallivant around as though their undertakings are real–as opposed to fake–and all the while they ride the wave of downfall that moneyed pigs have sewn throughout the land by opening the skulls of non-grifter-schmucks (the working poor that make up the 99%), squatting over their open skulls, and then taking a colossal $hit. Or do you think #Americant conservative politics via faux-newz is something else?


This all begs one last worst-question as worst-writer watches what’s going on in Georgia. Even if the two democrats unseat the two republicans, will Biden & Co. actually be able to right the wrong that is (has been) thirty, forty… fifty years of hateful, spiteful, ugly, bouffant hair culminating republican politics? I mean. Having been reared in #Americant and having been able to escape it, and all the while miss it dearly, is there anything left to save? If only the culling via COVID-19 could be directed at the perpetrators that actually caused it. You know. The part of #Americant that enabled faux-newz & co., to kill it all by… death by a thousand COVID cuts.

Or am I wrong.

And so… the COVID-19 culling question is thus: what does it look like when a rich guy gives a hundred dollar bill to an idiot and tells him he can have two more if he runs through a gun-totting, shit-kicker trailer park, survives and comes back to suck his dick? Well. Obviously. The guy grabs that bill, runs through, sucks the dick (for that is, in a nutshell, middle-class #Americant, or?) and the rich guy smiles, hands him two more hundred dollar bills and then points that the only way out of #Americant life is a repeat of the same thing where eventually you run out of dicks to suck. And so. Through the trailer park again, again, again. The #Americant song.

As our rich guy flys off with one of the trailer park’s hair dresser bimbos who promised to make his hair just like President Stupid’s hair, because, well, it’s in fashion now, we can see below as the trailer park gains two more useless hundred dollar bills and another body to feed on. You know. Soylent Green or so. Or maybe not.

So. To who ever coined the phrase: run through a trailer park waving a hundred dollar bill… if you want to see #Americant’s true character… this worst-post is my ode to you.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


Links that motived this post:

  • Here’s a RSS link and here’s another link to Michael Moore’s podcast where he features the entire phone call President Stupid made with other really, really stupid but supposedly highly educated republican bureaucrats in the peachy great state of Georgia. If the links don’t work just search for “Michael Moore podcast 150”.
  • Here’s a link to the one of the guys from the above link admitting to the buddy-buddy system that seems to be breaking down on account President Stupid is revealing the grift that #Americants have never been able to see for themselves on account 1) they’re all just as stupid and 2) looking in a mirror is just one step too many.
  • Here’s a link including video that scares the beegeezees out of me. This privileged old white guy actually pulls out the old rotten chestnut about voting because people died, protested, got shot, killed, blah, blah, blah… so you could have the right to vote. I mean. Who the hell is this guy talking to/at? As though it’s the first time.