Rusty Typing

One positive thing about COVID and 2021 is that I finally broke out my old typewriters and it’s now how I communicate with my mother. Can you believe it? Snail mail? Who’d a thunk it? Then again, if/when I do thunk of it, I’m curious if US Postal Services can actually deliver it. You know. Considering how $hitbag Neo-liberals have screwed up government services and whatnot. But on that worst-note, I die-gress.

Letter to Mother.

Rant on.


How Obvious Does It Have To Be

This is the stage at CPAC 2021. I mean, dudes and dudets, could it be more obvious? Source of pic: see link below

Scenarios of things past that could only lead to things to come. Or. How I learned to see the future–of where my beloved & missed #Americant would go.

Scenario 1.

So. Like. It’s ca. 1984. I’m navigating my way around Washington DC trying to find an office building where I have a job interview. Remember, dear worst-reader, it was a time before mobile apps. And so. I run into two problems above and beyond my orientation (or is it navigation) ability. First. I made the mistake of asking an old man in rotted clothes if he could tell me where my street was. The man, obviously a homeless man run waaaaay down on his luck, didn’t feel like entertaining my question. Right in the middle of the sidewalk he started freaking out and calling me names. While yelling f-this and f-that and who the f do I think I am he even lunged towards me with his shopping cart and waved one of his many bags in the air as though it were a flail. I quickly ran down the wrong street to get away from him, which brings me to the second issue. As I turned a corner a jewellery store owner peered his head out of his front door and started yelling at me for disturbing the peace. He asked about how stupid I was and then added that they have to clean up every morning from the bums and why do people like me have to make things worse cause he knows the guy who just yelled at me and that he would probably take another shit in front his door, etc., etc. And then he added as I was just getting out of (his) ear-sight, why don’t they round up the bastards and put them out of their misery along with all you yuppie $hits!  

I guess the stage symbolism is a bit obscure. Or? Source of pic: see link below

Scenario 2.

It would have been the late 70s. My misconstrued parents dragged me to a party. Of course, my sister was older than me which meant she could stay home alone. I obviously wasn’t in the best mood being dragged along to an adult stupid party. While there, I watched the adults get $hit-faced out of their minds while stuffing themselves with some fancy-pants catered dinner of chicken in cream sauce that I remember smelled the same as the stuff my mother was drinking (probably gin). Of course, I was forced by my drunk parents to finish my plate after which I could go into the hosts bedroom to be alone and watch a movie on their cable TV. When I asked my mother why I couldn’t have just stayed home to do that she smirked and threatened to slap me for being a smart-a$$. Oh well. Long story short, eh dear worst-reader. After watching at least two movies and noticing that it was getting pretty late, I stepped outside to see what the adults were doing. They were all still partying as though the world was coming to an end, their noise having disturbed my movie night more than thrice. But here’s the catcher. Obviously the adults had been playing some sort of betting game and when I entered the living room the bets were being paid. Remember, dear worst-reader. This was the 1970s USA. There are a few things always present at gatherings that were supposed to give off an air of pseudo-sophistication in certain middle-class environments in 70s. In the name of expediency I’ll only inform you, dear worst-reader, of the things the males brought along to such social gatherings. The first is a polyester neck tie the size of a pillow. The second is facial hair in the form of sideburns or a moustache. Of the males who lost their bets in the game, the were required to trim their moustaches in the form of the old fashioned toothbrush, i.e. the Hitler moustache. Why adults of the 70s thought this was funny I’ll never know.

Scenario 3.

Last but not least for today’s worst-post, dear worst-reader. This scenario will be a short one. While growing up in rural and suburban-hell of wannabe WASP-ville galore, I can’t count how many Jew smirks and innuendo and conspiracies I’ve heard over the years. And now that we have a congresswoman who believes that lasers in space are run by Jews…

Just when you think the direction a country takes couldn’t get more obvious, one of the two major political parties throws a shindig and can’t even hide the prejudices of a once defeated ideology. Or. I suppose. If you must. You could think that maybe, just maybe, all the white supremacists of the #Americant Republican Party just really, kinda, dig the symbols of Norse mythology.

Or maybe not.

Rant on.


Source: The Nazi Stage at CPAC is the Odal Rune

Did You Forget To Get With The Program?

As much as I hate all the ruckus around my beloved & missed #Americant having elected its first black president (oh so long ago, it seems), there’s still a few lingering issues that weigh heavy on the minds-eye from then and there when it comes to looking at the Now. Namely, five years after Barry-O had to stop serving, and during the eight years where he did serve, the Republicans have been wiping the floor with Democrats in both the legislative and judicial branch of ill-government since, say, Reagan. This is kinda why I’ve always known that #Americant wasn’t ready for the reality of Barry-O. Indeed. For I might have worst-said once or thrice–and hereby I beg for forgiveness in my worst-writing repetitiveness: the country just ain’t ready for this, dude.

Then again… if not now…

Not being ready to change brings me ’round to another issue, dear worst-reader. Are young people really so naive to believe that the powers-that-be would actually give in to doubling the joke that is the national minimum wage with one single swipe of the gavel? I mean. Forget the fact that the minimum wage is in and of itself an f’n joke. The only reason for such a mandate is do what almost all other mandates do: defuse and deflect from any real and relevant issue. The real issue being: it ain’t #Americant if there ain’t more than plenty of poor people. And so.

Is change the same as chump-change?

The one interesting thing that has come from those five years between when Barry-O left office and Now can be summed up in this worst-thought, dear worst-reader. The hate and spite and bigotry laid bare by #Trump&Co has served an even greater purpose than #MAGA. Indeed. #Trump&Co have sealed the deal when it comes to deflecting the issue(s). And by-the-buy, Democrats have never been afeared of #Trump&Co, even if he would have won a second term. Nor will Democrats shy away from his return in 2024. Reason? Deflection runs deep in the halls of a representative ill-government chosen by stupid people galore, don’t you know. And do you want to know the reason for that? Really? Ok. Here ya go.


#Trump&Co’s only crime is revealing the reality of year upon year of conformity run amok. Well, that and all that other krapp he does. (Grab them by the…) That’s why Democrats don’t bite (show their teeth) when Republicans do. That’s why Democrats allow diffusion with the likes of the Senate Parliamentarian. That’s why when you walk into a Walmart everyone looks the same, except for weight issues. But the pullovers, hoodies, sneakers and old people… it’s all a conformist nightmare of redundancy, mendacity and a bit too many sprinkles on that beautifully shaped soft ice cream with the special treat at the bottom of the cone that makes everything alright as you bite into it and another unicorn passes through your sugared eyes.

Or maybe not.

Rant on.



The Need For More Wrenches In The Machine

Fishing community leaders say Greenpeace’s action is dangerous and illegal.

Yeah, baby. Throw a wrench in it. Even though I eat seafood every once-a-once, I at least try to consume it responsibly. That said, it does bother me when I see grocery stores full of cans and cans and cans of pre-packed tuna or fresh scallops and layer upon layer of fish filets. So if I’m buying from a dealer for the first time I’ll usually request if the fish he sells is from responsible fisheries. Obviously the answer is ALWAYS “yes”. So how much is worst-writer supposed to do? Is not consuming the fish at all an option? Of course it is. Or. Maybe. We should just throw a friggin’ hammer in the whole Neo-feudal, pseudo-capitalist BS that has made things not unlike 17th or 18th century colonial #Eurowasteland. Or maybe not. And since I post this on a Friday, when I usually consume fish, what does it all matter? Then again, the story linked to here forgets to mention the UK dip$hittery of #Brexit, which just may turn that incestuous island into a freak show of epic starvation proportions–which means the dentally challenged, monarch-sucking morons might just have to eat all those luscious scallops just before cannibals come. Or maybe not.

Consume-to-survive, baby.

Rant on.


Source: Why Greenpeace is dropping huge boulders into the sea – BBC News

Examples Of End Is Nigh, Or Maybe Not?

A United Airlines plane with a Pratt & Whitney engine that failed on Saturday had flown fewer than half the flights allowed by U.S. regulators between fan blade inspections, two sources with knowledge of the matter said.

As mentioned in my previous post, dear worst-reader, there is something to worst-say about the dilemma the world is in that is (obviously) lead by my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant. That dilemma is nothing less than the status quo that is post WW2 political conservatism run amok that thinks, well, why not not just keep the $hitshow going on and on and on, on account so many inept fools (Das Volk) won’t notice as we (the moneyed interests) have them by the wag-tails. Unless, of course, they start to actually see/recognise the obvious signs. And indeed. So it is. On the other worst-hand, if there were ever signs that the end is NOT nigh but instead we’re actually living in that end, as in, you know, COVID, perpetual wars-of-choice, airliners dropping out of the sky, #Trump, etc.,  would any of the inept fools do anything about it? Of course not. Reason? If they can’t maintain an Airliner how are they gonna maintain a country? I wonder if there are #Trumpers in airline companies protesting the reality of physics that require airliners to stay in the sky? Trying to imagine what intellectually goes on in the confines of corporate boards regarding the reality of seeds sown… Oh well…

I’m gonna buy something new today, too.

Rant on.


Source: United 777 plane flew fewer than half the flights allowed between checks: sources | Reuters

The #Eurowasteland COVID $hitshow And Other Disaster Capitalism Krapp

Alternative worst-title: disaster capitalism in Tex-ass, Pratt & Whitney pulled the market share short stick, and why Germany Can’t Vaccinate faster

Well, here we go, dear worst-reader. Have I got $hits&giggles for you today. First, let’s start with Tex-ass. Has there ever been a better example of the fail-upward-ness of #Americant political conservatism run amok than what is going on during a 1 in 50 year freeze that is, btw, and somewhat ironically, running through the middle of all the red states, north to south? No, you say? You have no clue? Well, trust me when I worst-say, there are plenty of examples. But let’s focus on the best example. Or have you already forgotten Enron? What? Your collective amnesia too real, dear worst-reader?

Everything that is happening during this climate calamity ruckus between of the coasts was setup while one of #Americant’s greatest corporate con-jobs was in its heyday. The only good news out of the Enron debacle was that Ken Lay wasn’t able to do to California what it did to Tex-ass1. Hence(1), Tex-ass is its own earnergy grid, e.g. it doesn’t share its grid with other states and vice-versa. Which also means, it’s on its own in a crisis like the one it’s experiencing now. Hence(2), I’m trying not to laugh out loud out of respect for those less fortunate who have to suffer under this nonsense. Indeed. There is reaping what you sow.

Next issue to worst-giggle about has to do with planes breaking up in the middle of the air–or maybe not. First, though, let me get this worst-thought out of the way. The most amazing thing about the recent images and videos of an airplane experiencing engine failure mid-flight is that it made it safely to the ground. I mean. Come on, dear worst-reader. Don’t hold this situation up to luck. Someone did something right when designing those engines that such a… let’s call it anomaly… didn’t bring this plane down in pieces. But that’s not the reason I’m on about this issue.

The year 2020 is the first year in my expatriation journey that I did not travel to my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant–in over thirty-five years. I can’t tell you how sad that makes me, especially considering my mother is 78 (but she’s doing fine). With that in mind, you know what I’ve dreaded since last summer? Getting on a tarmac-mothballed airplane that has obviously not been maintained. For don’t you know, dear worst-reader, while working as a pion researcher for a $hitbag but highly successful consulting company oh-so many years ago, one of my beats was to provide consultants in Europe with all-kinds of aviation information. You know, it was at the time when Airbus getting its mojo. Worst-long-story-short, the thing about airliners (as airplanes used to be called) is that their mechanical lifespan is dependent on two relatively mundane factors, which I’m sure most rational non-#MAGA morons can figure out for themselves. That’s right. Maintenance and use. That’s it. It is totally not good that an airliner be mothballed if it has not reached its designated retirement age–and then, suddenly, get back up in the air. If it is mothballed, it is paramount that it be maintained–so that it can safely get back up in the air. And so. Don’t know about you, dear worst-reader. But do you trust these airline companies while they are in a state of perpetual bankruptcy since forevermore, plus Covid, to actually maintain their aircraft while being prematurely mothballed?

With that in mind, let me unequivocally praise—NOT the airline, nor the plane manufacturer, but instead–the maker of an engine that under extreme circumstances did not reach a level of catastrophic destruction that would otherwise have brought down the entire plane by ripping apart the wing. Hats off to ya, Pratt & Whitney!

Now. For a bit of ranting about z’Germans. Get this, dear worst-reader. As my beloved & missed #Americant slowly but surely progresses in its war on COVID via country wide inoculation, the grand corporate state of Germania is lugging around like an old, confused rural Bavarian (#WernerTwertzog) that can’t find his way around a city. But all worst-analogies aside.

In a conversation the other day with Germans, I questioned the reason why Germany was so slow at vaccinating its people–including expat worst-writer–even though the country practically bankrolled the first approved vaccine. Of course, the Germans went on and on either about Tante Merkel’s successes so-far at keeping infections down or about how bad she’s handled it all along. But I said that Germany is making a mistakes by not vaccinating faster which means it also has another, much bigger problem. A problem that is, by-the-buy, two-fold above and beyond Tante Merkel.

Problem 1.

The German government is subsidising somewhere near 80-90% of the entire economic shutdown during Covid. Considering the vastness of the German economy, that’s an amount of money unheard of since… Well, I’m don’t think post WW2 Germany has ever spent that much money before.

Now, keep in mind, according to EU regulation, member states are still required to maintain their deficits to a preset amount2. Therefore it doesn’t take much to realise, compared to how the USA is currently mad-spending its way out of the Covid crises by being able to fund vaccinations with huge amounts of mad-dollars, Germany is kinda lollygaggling around as though, well, it were a old Bavarian (#WernerTwertzog) that can’t find his way around a city.

Problem 2.

Germany is the locomotive of #Eurowasteland. All other members not only look to where Germany is going but their attachment is more than just a hitch. That attachment, in fact, is an umbilical. I can’t remember the last time I heard anything in the German press about how other EU members are getting on with their vaccinations. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m sure the information is out there and I’ve just missed it. Still. This causes worst-writer to conclude the following.

Right now, vaccination is a taboo topic in Germany. Reason? Germany cannot vaccinate its Volk too fast on account other EU members would have more ammunition against the locomotive–not unlike the blank-ammunition #Brexit exploited to win their freedom from being the caboose of the Euro train. If, say, the Germans were to begin financing vaccinations like the USA is doing, all hell would break out in Brussels in the name of fairness, privilege and, of course, breaking deficit regulations. Does Germany really want to feed more #Brexit and/or #Euroexit nonsense? I mean. If Tante Merkel as done anything right it has been most certainly maintaining the status quo of German passivity. But on that worst-note, I die-gress.

And there you have it, dear worst-reader. Germany is fcuked #nomatter what it does on account it must never maintain a position of Wir #1. Which also means continued lockdowns and worst-moi continuing to question when can I return home.

Oh well. Such is this worst-life.

Rant on.



  1. That’s only because California was probably trying to do its own version of Enron. You know, home grown version of it. But, as usual, if ain’t from Hollywood or military or Silicon Valley… ↩︎
  2. Deficit regulation in the EU is one of its great mistakes in worst-writer’s humble opinion. ↩︎

Too Many Notes Understanding #Americant and #MAGA, Or Maybe Not

Source of pic: see link below

Things are complicated, eh, dear worst-reader. You know, like Mozart’s music, as the king of Austria once said: you use too many notes. Yet, this article, as academic as it may be, is kinda interesting. I mean. Even though I’m a fan of comparing my beloved & missed #Americant to the Weimar Republic–because the Weimar Republic is probably one of the best ways of understanding the rise of fascism–I often wonder why others don’t do the same. Does this mean that worst-writer has any sort of academic validity? Of course not. But $hits&giggles aside. On the other hand, it behoves me to grasp why anyone would want to be a professor of Thomas Mann’s writing. I mean. I splattered around a few pages here and there written by Mann in my wild reading days. But be assured of this: I never got to the end of any of it. I can say the same for Hemingway, as well. But before I get too far off worst-subject. 

There is one key thing I’ve taken from this article. The author is pretty thorough in noting that #nomatter what happens before or after #Trump, the likes of #MAGA transcend him. 

German novelist Thomas Mann spent most of World War II rallying the American people against Nazism and exhorting them to stand up for democratic values. Yet he also understood that no democracy can survive by culture alone — it also needs social justice to thrive.

Source: What Thomas Mann Can Tell Us About Defending Democracy

Phases Of Right-Wing Cadaver Decay

all worst

Worst-title 2: Limbaugh gone, Limbaugh&Co alive and well. Or?

Just another judgemental worst-post here, dear worst-reader. I’ve been abiding the obligatory three days and three nights thing to see if any rednecks have uncovered the tomb to let out the ghost so that it may rise in a flash of white-trash light to save the world as their messiah ascends to the father-god of white privilege… or whatever that Biblical nonsense is when/if applied to my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant.

Rush Limbaugh is dead, dear worst-reader. May he remain dead forevermore. Of course, being worst-writer, I can’t help but see the negative (un-optimistic) side of his passing–as opposed to the positive side of his passing that other wannabe worst-hippies lavish. As I’ve noted through out this worst-blog, Limbaugh&Co is a force to be reckoned with perhaps not unlike Messiahs, demigods and whoever else can stir the emptiness of minds hinged on privilege, supremacy and redneck, trailer trash über-whiteness.

For those not in the worst-know, Rush Limbaugh equals mass hysterical bigotry run amok that is the culmination of white-trash #Americant in the 20th century. Period. Oh sure, there is more to being a piece of $hit that represents the voice of lots more pieces of $hit. But like the rest of my beloved & missed united mistakes, who’s counting? Which brings us to this worst-question: who/what the fcuk is Limbaugh&Co?

Let’s get-on with origins, dear worst-reader.

After a wasted and useless life that is/was predetermined by previous bigots and authoritarians, I’ve concluded that the quintessence which gave rise to all this mental hate-driven menace is twofold. First, there’s flower power. Second there’s sexual repression. For, don’t you know, dear worst-reader, what is it that right-wingers hate most? It’s not socialism. It’s not welfare-queens. It’s not taxes, big government, immigrants. No. Those are all the gaslights, the labels, the talking-points and the emotional sparks that keep the flame of hate and anger and bigotry alive and kicking in a minority of bloated, privileged white men. With that in mind, the following life-scenario ensues.

Late High-school through college, while pursing the rules set by misconstrued parenting, you struggle to become a cog in the wheel of #Americant but while doing so there are others out there smoking dope, being judgemental, bad-mouthing your/their country and and and, most importantly, getting laid. I mean. Come on, dear worst-reader. What gets under the skin of young conservatives, compulsive behaviourist and all-around, $hit-kicking #Americant males the most? That’s right. That which they think they were born to deserve. For you see, young conservative judaeo-christian males think they are privileged because they behaved according to the rules of social, systematic, sexual repression. And all the while, the good looking dudes, garnering a bit of sympathy from the ladies, just fcuked their way through life. Could a guy like Rush Limbaugh have been perturbed by anything else? Ok. There’s also greed. But let’s not get too worst-complicated here.

Short pause. Breath.

Did you get that? No? Let’s continue.

What is the result of misconstrued parenting that can never know how wrong it is (has been)? Indeed. A bag of worst-worms has been opened, eh dear worst-reader? Or has it been obvious to you all along? You know. There is a simple answer to EVERYTHING that is political and social conservatism which Rush Limbaugh best exemplified. These males simply can’t deal with the fact that the females actually dig it–and all they ultimately want is a relative good male to give it (to them). And they don’t want to be controlled by it. For don’t you know, again, dear worst-reader, where there is little to no consequence, as has been the case since mid-20th century feminist #Americant, (most) females really, really, really dig getting fcuked–or as they put it: romanced and made love to. As long, of course, as they think they have a say in it. But enough about worst-writer’s confusion regarding the female obsession with loving love1.

The origin of bigoted and oppressive rhetoric in white anglo Saxon males is best represented in EVERYTHING Limbaugh&Co says and does. Of course, there is also the females that support and enable these/their males… Well, I’ve kinda gotten into that here–but you have to admit that the footnote below is kinda good, too, when it comes to worst-splaining everything. Or?

Moving on.

What little is there to do when, at last count (Nov 2020 election), 74m of these (direct and indirect) sexually repressed bigots practically run the $hitshow through what can be only be considered political mischief-ism-galore, allowing fail-upwards #Americant to continue its slow train-wreck on the backs of everyone else–even though old-man Biden was elected? Nothing. All you can do is sit back like me. Perhaps even expatriate like me. Or just sit around and wait for a somewhat easier passing into the nevermore (death) where, hopefully, nobody will wish so much horror and suffering upon your soul that I wish upon Limbaugh&Co.

With that last bit of worst-evil in mind, the only problem is worst-writer doesn’t actually believe in heaven or hell. There is only what you leave behind when the light of life finally leaves us all. And on that note, looks like Limbaugh&Co are the winners–as his corpse finally, finally, finally… rots.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


  1. As in: for females love is noun; for males it’s a verb. Or something like that ↩︎

Missing With Your Blame Gun

Went ahead and gave it my best shot, dear worst-reader. And guess what? I actually made it through a whole Jimmy Dore clip. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to do that. For don’t you know, dear worst-reader, I’m a bit of skeptic when it comes to the likes of Jimmy Dore. You know, that part of the #Interwebnet “left” that can really, ultimately, only play the blame game–usually a wildly misplaced blame game, don’t you know.

So here’s my worst-question: who then is to blame? Well. Considering the article that motivated this clip, it’s all to be blamed on poverty–and all that entails. Yet, after reading the article I couldn’t help but resort to my personal blame game that I’ve been playing ever since expatriating once I realised that Reagan & Co. where screwing the pooch and it was only a matter of time before my beloved & missed #Americants would be eating each other. Yeah, that was forty or so f’n years ago.

So here’s the worst-gist of this worst-post, baby. I could give a hoot about how financially troubled the morons are that tried their fail-upwards, misconstrued and silly pseudo-putsch on January 6. Fcuk ’em, fcuk ’em all! In fact, I hope every damn one of them gets the book thrown at them. Of course, obviously, in white #Americant, that ain’t gonna happen. But that’s neither here nor there as I’m no rant-comedian. With that in mind, the question of blame that Jimmy Dore & Co. should be asking is how many of those Putsch wannabes vote republican? How many of their parents vote republican? How many of them vote independent? Or Green? In other worst-words, you can’t change the rules right in the middle of the game*–no matter how funny you think you are. And so. If piss-hair #Trump is only a symptom (which he is) who the fuck is the disease? Maybe that’s who Dore & Co. should be ranting about. The disease is the multitude of ignorant and debased fools (74m of them) who can’t wake up to the reality of what they and their parents and grandparents have done in allowing the republican party to go so far to the political right.

The rightwing of my beloved & missed #Americant have been fighting long and hard since WW2 to get to the likes of #Trump, Bush, wars, greed and more greed. Where have Das Volk been in all that time to move the country just enough to the left in order to maintain even a speck of balance? I’ll tell you where they’ve been. They’ve been dabbling and waddling in the grimy cum and excrement of redneck stupidity that is all mislead by either preachers or the likes of Dore & Co. propagating the idear that it’s all about poverty–as opposed to wanton, blatant stupidity.

And there you have it. You’re welcome, suckers.

Rant (un-comedically) on.


Here’s a link to The Washington Post article Dore references:

*The game is a two party system–like it or not. Voting for anything outside of those two parties only gives the other party an advantage, which is currently how the likes of Mitch McConnell, a senator from the heart of bumfcuk #Americant, can basically own the legislative branch of government. Why don’t you rant to the people in Kentucky that vomit up the likes of McConnell?

Pseudo-Review: Beamer Baby Boom

Title two: Review of the LG Cinebeam 1400 Lumen Wonder

As you may or may not know, dear worst-reader, I’m a typing nut. That’s right. Even though I’m not all-that interested in what’s been typed (by worst-moi), as long as I’m doing it, life’s almost good. The only other thing that’s better in life than typing… Wait for it. Wait for it. Are you guessing what I’m gonna say? Well, you’re wrong. It ain’t xes (spelled backwards). Only riding a motorcycle is better than typing, which I haven’t done for twenty years. Wow. Life can suck, eh! Anywho. What am I on about today?

Last summer as the COVID b.s. was hitting the $hit-fan here in good old Germania, my better half came up with the idear, even though we’re not allowed to have a TV in our living, that she was now willing to entertain a beamer–as long as it’s not hooked up to cable. For that’s the thing, dear worst-reader, we don’t watch TV. Wait. That’s ain’t quite right. Here, let me try that again.

Since the get-go in this relationship, we both decided that we don’t want any sort of TV connection and we especially don’t want a TV in our living room. As time has past, though, we have become more and more accustomed to all-things #Interwebnets. Meaning, of course, we watch movies and TV shows, we just don’t want to watch them via something that would/could be installed in our living room–that takes up space, kills time and uglyfies life. And so. That’s right. Our living room is a place where most of our reading and music listening takes place. At least it did, to my worst-surprise, until COVID and my better-half came up with the idear that it’s time to “entertain” a beamer.

Beamer of choice from the get-go has been one from LG. Reason? The bulb. The main mechanism of a beamer (projector) is how it produces the necessary light beam. This particular series of beamers uses a lighting source that is supposed to last for thirty-thousand hours. Other sources of lighting for these projectors have only hundreds of hours of capacity before the bulb has to be changed. An expense that sometimes nears the cost of the device itself. According to the limited research I did, including price shopping, that pretty much sealed the deal for the brand we ended up buying. But then I had to learn about the whole “lumen” thing. My better-half set a budget for such a device at about a thousand Euros. That may sound like a lot but I can assure it’s not. Also. Being el-cheap-o, I kinda knew I could get one for cheaper than that because I also knew that we didn’t need 4k video and 1080p would suffice. What to buy, what to buy, what to buy.

Our first-try was the pico beamer from LG that produced 600 Lumens and cost about 500€. I used it for about two weeks and although it wasn’t very bright, I was impressed with what it could do. Also, it was about the size of a Mac Mini which meant I could easily hang it from my bookshelf. But I ended up sending it back because of the limitations of wife-approval and wall space (we have flat, white walls so there is no need for a screen). The biggest problem I had with the pico beamer was that it couldn’t properly “keystone” the image it was projecting. Also. In the end my better-half was kinda peeved that I didn’t spend more money. Can you believe that?

Of the 1080p beamers being offered in the product range, I bought the next one up which just happened to be on sale from 1000 to 750€. It is a 1400 Lumen projector the size of a child’s shoebox and, of course, weighs a bit more than the pico device. As you can see from the pics above, though, the jimmied photography equipment I use to attach it to our bookshelf works just fine supporting it. Although it offers limited up-down, right-left keystone-ing, it is enough to project quite a large image on a perpendicular wall that is about ten feet away, which is another thing the pico couldn’t do. The difference between 600 and 1400 Lumens is also significant, which means, unlike the pico device, this one we can use in daylight. Meaning, unless we have bright sunny weather, we don’t have to pull down any shades to see the image. Evening movie watching with this thing is pretty impressive too when you consider the five figure cost of a hundred inch flat screen TV.

After just over a half year of use, I’m still very impressed with this beamer. Connected to an AppleTV4, where my better-half can access her German TV news and shows via apps, it works great. That means it’s also connected to our home network so we can project lots and lots of movies from our media server. But more important, when it’s not in use, we don’t have an empty black screen on a table top or attached to a wall that always begs to be turned on and thereby kill beautiful empty, minimalist space. Oh, and if you’re curious about all the trickery LG offers in this device, you’ll have to go else where. I’ve not messed with any of it. It’s literally only a screen for the AppleTV. As long as that works, I don’t give a hoot about the rest.

Rant (and consume) on.


Update: Tech Rig Galore And Fun Discoveries

Worst-writer’s Feb 2021 desk rig.

The pic above, dear worst-reader, is the latest and greatest desktop setup of my tech world. As you may or may not note from any of my SBC and tech posts (, I’m a cheap-o when it comes to tech stupid-money. That said, myself and my better-half are Apple fan-boys. To maintain a bit of perspective, our Apple world consists of iPhones, iPads and a 2015 and 2017 MacBook. That’s right. I’m a fan of the 12″ MacBooks that are supposed to have the terrible butterfly keyboards–and IMHO the 12″ form factor is the bomb. Although mine is a workhorse, my better-half’s MacBook is barely used on account she’s a real iPad user both personally and professionally. If it’s a contradiction to say I’m a tech cheap-o after we buy so much Apple stuff, well, maybe in this one area we do splurge somewhat–even though most Apple purchase for me are refurbished products.

Continue on the cheap-o tech theme. My better-half gets a new iPhone and iPad every few years and I then get her hand-me-down iPad, which is also used around our little townhouse as a media controller and music player for the various SBCs for both audio and video. I try to make my iPhones last for at least four years, which I was able to do with my previous iPhone 7s. My iPhone 11 is about to turn two years old and my wife’s iPhone 10 is pushing three and half years–and if it weren’t for COVID, where she works from home full-time, she would have replaced it already. Back to my desktop rig.

My 2017 12″ MacBook is my favourite Mac of all-time. I absolutely love this thing. It took me a while to get used to dongle hell but that quickly faded the more and more I used it. Considering the new–and for the first time in my Mac-life fairly priced M1 Macs–I’m still hoping that this Intel Mac will hold-out a while longer, especially considering Apple doesn’t seem to have another 12″ MacBook in the works. Anywho. As I first started using the MacBook it never occurred to me that I might want a second monitor connected along with the one I’m already using while it’s in clamshell mode. But then I discovered something kinda cool.

Again. As a cheap-o, I refuse to replace perfectly good devices simply because their I/O changes with the times. Take for example my monitors. On the left is a 10+ year old 22″ Dell monitor. It doesn’t even have HDMI. Using an adapter cable, it’s been a second monitor for this MacBook and my previous 2010 13″ MacBook Pro.

But what about the monitor on the right, dear worst-writer? A 2017 12″ MacBook can’t drive two external monitors.

Good question dear worst-reader. And how worst-right you are. Or?

The monitor on the right is actually a 22″ Samsung TV. It’s gotta be at least twelve years old now. For years I’ve mainly used it as a monitor for AppleTVs. You know, one in the kitchen or in a spare room for $hits&giggles. But I finally replaced my ageing AppleTV3 with an AppleTV4 (refurbished) last summer and connected it to a fancy-pants beamer. It took a few months to figure out what to do with this old little TV but lo and behold… I’m using the old AppleTV3 (also purchased ten years ago refurbished), which is attached to the back, so I can stream (or is the nomenclature in this case “cast?) from my MacBook directly to it. Obviously it’s not a second monitor per se, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s perfect for streaming audio/video while working–and my little MacBook handles it all with ease. I’ve been using this setup for a few months now and I’m sorry I hadn’t thought of it much earlier. But perhaps that’s a whole other worst post.

The beamer and ATV4 are on the bookshelf.

And while on the subject of cheap-o and neat-o tech discoveries. Get this. The one main problem with using AppleTV and, say, a beamer, especially when watching movies, is that Apple and the tech world still don’t quite have it right when it comes to wireless audio. This is the main reason I refuse to go anywhere near those fancy (and stupid-money expensive) HomePods. I’ve read that they also have issues when it comes to streaming audio from from a video source. That said, I’m using an open-source version of Apple’s Airport technology called Shairport for audio streaming. Shairport is what all my audio/video SBCs use to mimic Apple’s airport technology, which allows me to circumvent Apple’s stupid and greedy eco-system politics. With only audio it works fine and if anyone is a cheap-o like me, but you still want good audio in your home, look into this stuff. Needless to say, I’m often disappointed when watching a movie and the audio constantly goes haywire. Until the other day. I realised (yeah, I’m a slow learner), hey, why not try your AirPods when watching a movie. So I did. I put them in, fired up the AppleTV and beamer and clicked around in the AppleTV OS to add another audio device. My AirPods were immediately recognised. And guess what? It doesn’t only work great when watching a movie, it’s actually some of the best audio I’ve heard in years when watching something via AppleTV. Who’d a thunk it, dear worst-reader!

And there you have it as only worst-writer can present it. Cheap-o tech world from a young #OKBoomer that found a way out of the $hithole that is #Americant but never thought he’d land in #Eurowasteland along with so many $hits&giggles.

Rant (and cheap-o tech) on, baby.


PS Oh yeah. I still use a manual typewriter to write my mother letters.

Noose vs Guillotine Or #Americant Confused Poli-Sticky Galore

Source of pic: see Moyer link below

Two things seem to be worth skipping as my beloved & missed #Americant dabbles Congressionally with what to do about insurrections. And as hi-larry-us as it all may be, especially considering what I’ve read so-far as former prez-piss-hair’s defence rambles on and on in the Senate while they acquit him, those two things will not be avoided in this here worst-blog. Indeed, dear worst-reader. Lets get it on. 

We must investigate the riots and find out who was behind it, who organised and financed it.

-Source of quote in link below

The first thing #Americant’s are avoiding is that whole pooping thing. That’s right. For those worst-readers not in-the-know, faeces was found not only on the floor inside the Capitol building on January 6, but some creative insurrectionists were kind enough to spread said faeces on the walls. I mean. Come on. Let’t not be too grown up about all this wackiness. Especially considering that a few worst-readers might confuse the word faeces as a worst-writer misspelling of the word faces and thereby think/assume that what was actually spread on the walls were smiley-faces. But on that worst-note, I must die-gress


The second thing that seems to be missing in all the who-ha that includes The Media and Congressional activity, is the noose that some arts & craft redneck yahoo hung on a makeshift gallows that just happened to be perfectly positioned for selfie taking.  I mean. Seriously. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why someone hasn’t turned the January 6 Capitol building gallows into a meme to rival Bernie memes. But before I get too far off subject.

The worst-thing is this, dear worst-reader. I’m wondering whether or not the confusion that obviously is being an #Americant in what is also obviously a socially and politically fail-upward nation-state, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the fall of the Roman Empire, it’s now time to recognise the fact that there really are a lot of morons turning the gears of the idiot machine. I mean. If I were to organise an insurrection–and let’s not pretend that this wasn’t organised–that is supposed to give me (even more) FREEDOM (to be fcuking stupid), shouldn’t the imagery of the ultimate sacrifice be a guillotine and not gallows? For. Don’t you know, dear worst-reader. The sacrifice of the gallows, as far as I can tell, always followed some form of judicial process. The guillotine, on the other hand, was the perfect sacrifice device to coincide with a revolution that most assuredly corresponded with FREEDOM of a somewhat truer kind. Namely, the freedom to be free from hereditary privilege embodied in the beheading of that dumb-arse French King and his even stupider trollip Austrian child-wife. But. Again. I die-gress

And so. What should be investigated, along side everything, is the fact that it’s a real shame so many #Americants can’t organise their way out of a wet paperbag, let alone a system that they’ve so joyously–except when it doesn’t work–enabled and facilitated with the likes of right-wing bullshit galore. How many #Americants voted again for prez piss-hair? I know. I know. But Biden won by eight (or so) million more votes. But you see, dear worst-reader. This is exactly why my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant is destined to follow the Roman Empire. I just don’t think those who picked old-man Biden, when obviously old-man Bernie would have been the better choice, are capable of staying in the game through to the end. For. Don’t you know. As the Democrat and Republican $hitshow goes on, that #Americant attention span never fails to…

Hey look! Squirrel!

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



Empire And The Great Wealth Dislocation

Source of pic: see link below. And by-the-buy, what an appropriate nick-name for #Americant.

Go figure, dear worst-reader. Worst-writer read the linked article (below) about a week ago and it hasn’t yet left me. Also. Although I’m a regular leech of Jacobin magazine (leech being one who won’t afford to pay for the newz he consumes), please don’t go off the rails thinking that I’m a full-time French Revolutionary that, perhaps, is one shy of a six-pack on account, well, why would a left-wing, progressive publication that does some pretty good writing and other stuff name themselves after a group that was, in part, responsible for the Reign of Terror? Now. Don’t get me wrong. Was the French Revolution necessary? Was the Revolution a natural human progression after the War of Independence in the United States? Did a few heads have to roll in France in order to rid this world of at least some useless hereditary monarchy? Obviously, the answer is… You betcha! And as far as monarchy goes, according to the inner confused depths of worst-writer, it’s a shame that monarch annihilation had to stop in France. More on worst-writer’s POV regarding French Rev is here. And on that note, I die-gress.

Even though the whole Gamestop thingy has waned as I worst-write this, one very important aspect of it should remain with us forever-more. Namely, we should all heed the reality that the friggin Stockmarket is about as useful for the betterment of society as a turdblossom huddling around cowgirls in Wherever-Texas thinking that six shooters can save the world from alien invasion or vaccinations or #Americant non-white folk messing with Texas cowgirls. Or. Put another worst-way, the thing that stuck with me for the past week or so from this article is the following sentence:

…the stock market has almost nothing to do with raising money for productive investment.

-see link below for source

You know, dear worst-reader, as a loser in this game of life–who’s also done pretty well for himself by expatriating and getting out of the $hitshow that is #Americant–few things have perturbed me more than how the country of my (miss)birth has spread nothing but ill-will and dire-straits through out the world in the name of greed-galore, fake shinny teeth (and tits) and a few overly drastic colour movies. I mean, if it’s ever been true that #Americant is but a fledgling attempt at nation-state-hood only so that it can hide it’s true nature, that of greed and greed and more greed, then that truth is now. I mean. The place is royally fcuked, don’t you know. And I even voted for old-man Biden with one of them fancy online preliminary ballots on account the people that voted for former president piss-hair scare me more than former president piss-hair. But. Again. I must die-gress.

With that in worst-mind, allow me this one counter thought about where this article is attempting to go. Namely the fact that in the past forty or fifty years of devastating wealth re-distribution–as opposed to wealth dislocation–there was a short stint there where the friggin Stockmarket actually served as a pretty ingenious (re)source of wealth creation. And I think it should be remembered. Or have you forgotten (or are you too young to know about) the Dotcom boom? Here’s more from the article that got to me.

Firms do issue stock now and then, in so-called initial public offerings (IPOs), but over the last twenty years … IPOs have raised a cumulative total of $657 billion, well under 2 percent of total business investment in things like buildings and equipment over the same period.

-see link below for source

The worst-thing I’m trying to get at is this. Even though I agree with the premise of the article–something about Capitalism has run amok–I am not politically progressive enough to place all the blame on the system itself. Yes. Capitalism is bad–right now. But the fact remains, in order for the world to progress and discontinue regressing, I think we’re gonna need Capitalism. So the only worst-question that remains is not the what but the how. Or is it the other way around? I don’t know anymore. My worst-brain hurts. So let me move on and close-out.

Obviously I have no empirical data here so I’m only worst-guessing the following. There is a precedent that shows how the Stockmarket can actually be productive. And even though the Dotcom boom came to a shattering halt by the end of the 1990s, to me it kinda proved that, if done properly and without GOP and Republican Party malice–I mean could there be a connection to the fact that the Dotcom Boom happened ONLY under the auspices of a Democratic presidency and a less-than malice filled Congress–it could actually be a pretty useful thingy. And for the last time, I die-gress.

Rant on.


Source: The GameStop Bubble Is a Lesson in the Absurdity and Uselessness of the Stock Market

So Far From Reality, There’s No Turning Back. Or?

Pic source: see link below.

The Texas-based pilot was with a group that descended on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office suite.

Quote source: see link below.

As impeachment trial #2 gets on, what the heck else is going on in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant? Indeed. The time is nigh, dear worst-reader, where a whole bunch of nitwits have to face their makers. You know. The nitwits that stormed the US Capitol on jan 6, 2021, with the idear that they’d take over the do-nothing government on behalf of some humdrum nitwit trust-fund baby named Donald piss-hair #Trump. Which begs the worst-question: Who be these people, dear worst-reader? Well, to best answer worst-questions like that let’s give a read (linked article below) or listen (linked video below) to those who know better than worst-we. But all worst-kidding aside.

I actually dig Ronan Farrow. He’s definitely a dude worth his weight in journalistic gold–especially when compared to the torch bearers of journalism over the past thirty or so years from networks like CNN and god forbid faux-newz. Yet the thing that riled me here is the guy featured in this article. The more and more I looked at it and the more and more I remembered hanging out with #Americant brethren in places like Wiesbaden, Germany, where military might is all-grand and luxurious, hid face turned all kinda familiar. Could he be that guy I almost got in a fight with on account I was the only hippie in a bar of soldiers who believed everything–and I mean everything–they’ve ever been told? I say, by-the-buy, luxurious because I learned, while living in Wiesbaden for a short stint, how the small Hessen, Germany, town was strategically chosen long before the the end of WW2 because, well, a few Generals thought it would be the best place to entertain–whomever–on account it is waaaaaaaay to quaint and cute and, well, German. And so.

I suppose this is the point where I admit to my prejudices and just, well, all stupid white people look the same to me. Especially the one I’ve fought with over the years while trying to drink a beer and a whiskey and dream about making Pamela Anderson giggle once or thrice.

Rant on.



Sorry. Is It Me? Would You Miss It?

Love this story, dear worst-reader. Could it be the beginning of what should have been real for oh so long? You know. The fact that Florida is probably the best geographic region of my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant to represent all-things wrong (worst) when it comes to dealing with… Wait for it. Here it comes. That’s right. The climate thingy. And to think there are people in Florida that have to deal with their insurance premiums rising on account… Wait for it. Here it comes. That’s right. Who would have thunk that on a planet where water is both a godsend and danger (on account most of it is a bit too salty) rich white arseholes would have taken better care (going back fifty or so years) about not only their stupid gardens but also… Wait for it. Here it comes. That’s right. The friggin environment.

And on that note. Seriously. Considering who has retired recently there,  on account if he were to set foot in his native NYC he might be lynched, and if Florida were to fall into the ocean, would you miss it? I mean. It’s like the moon suddenly going away. Other than mass tidal floods, would you really miss the fcukin’ moon? Come on. Especially considering how that whole romantic moonlight bull$hit has turned women into the vampires that suck the life out of our hero’s like donald jay trump and the hairdo goats of Queens, NY.

Ok. Enough worst-sarcasm.

Rant on, suckers.


Florida property insurers are jacking up rates by double-digit percentages, blaming the hikes on lingering damage from past hurricanes, a wave of litigation, and a law that encourages lawyers to sue by allowing courts to award them big fees.

Source: Florida consumers ‘flabbergasted’ as property insurers push for double-digit rate hikes | Reuters

As The Old Man Gets Some Second Wind

As I’ve failed to say here or there, dear worst-reader, and even though I voted for him not unlike how I voted for Hillary in the 2008 primary, say what you will about old-man Biden finally (finally!) figuring out how  #MAGA can produce (almost) enough vaccines to vaccinate more and more privileged people, he’s also back to his old ways. For. Don’t you know. Dear worst-reader. Biden is part of that whole $hitshow of greed-mongering galore that appeased whacked-out right-wingers–which was solidified in the Democrat party by Clinton (the cheating husband not the corporatist albeit forgiving wife)–and is thereby playing the nice-guy game with his club comrades. But on that note, I die-gress.

Rant on.


Examples In Fascism #2.32 Quadrillion

Need to post more about all-things worst in my News category, eh, dear worst-reader. And what better topic to re-continue it all? I mean, check out the linked article below and especially the image of all those young fascist (you know, those who spend their whole lives doing what they’re told without question, without criticism, absent of all-things creative, i.e. the pawn of the oppressor, the infamous “serve & protect” (sarcasm off) police) pushing around some old guy who probably shouldn’t be protesting as though he were squatting during his university days long before knowing that hippieish-ness long lost the battle. Indeed. The fascists won, baby. Or something like that.


Rant on.


Source: Grand Jury Clears Buffalo N.Y., Police Accused Of Assaulting Elderly Protester : NPR

Rednecks Lead By White Trash

Pic source: screenshot from the interwebnets

Only in #Americant, baby. I mean. There you have it. Or have you not heard about former president piss-hair’s corporate-like-meeting via conference call with the Secretary of State of the state of Georgia? I mean. Again. If this doesn’t get under your gander and make you think twice about who and what you are and where you live… geez-us-age-christ, baby! It’s no longer a joke about whether or not this man is a complete and total fool. In fact, he’s so friggin’ stupid, you gotta wonder if maybe, just maybe, he’s not only one-hundred-eighty-degrees stupid but perhaps he’s the full go-round three-hundred-sixty-degrees stupid. You follow what I’m trying to get at, dear worst-reader?

There is such a thing as stupid and stupider. Or?

Ok. Let me put it another worst-way. My beloved & missed united mistakes talks a lot here and there about political polarisation. You know, as in, Democrats are on this side and Republicans on the opposite side. But I don’t quite see it that way. And from the get-go, don’t get me wrong. I’m not one to go down the route of false equivalences. For me there are clear and obvious differences between the two parties which has made me NOT vote for a Republican since Reagan’s first term–which was, btw, the first time I could vote and I’m obviously carrying the shame of that till today. Moving on.

The thing about degrees of stupid, dear worst-reader, is kinda important. For you see, don’t you know, that’s kinda #Trump’s M.O. If he’s smart about anything it’s about how to get away with murder–by playing stupid. I mean, I’m sure he says to himself $hit like: if a real murderer can get off by pleading insanity, why can’t I rip-off suckers who throw money at me, including the government? This is the nuance of blue vs white collar crime, i.e. corporate crime, dear worst-reader. This is where you tell the difference between blatant criminality and political corruption. It’s how you use The Law to jimmy things to the point where maybe no one will notice and, even better, no one will care. This is the only area where I’ll give former prez goldenshower praise. As a con-man and pseudo, wannabe mafia fan-boy, Trump has really pulled the wool over the eyes of not just seventy-four million idiots but a whole bunch of Neo-con right-wing cocksuckers, too.

The good news is, at least this time (i.e. the 2020 presidential election), there were just enough (somewhat) smart people out there to dislocate prez pee-pee-hair. The bad news is, how many of the eighty-two million that voted for old-fart Biden are gonna stay in the game? For that’s how degrees of stupid really get-on, dear worst-reader. Things become so convoluted. There is so much deflection. The sound one should hear is full of so much noise. It’s easy to just sit back in your Korean made lazyboy, turn on your Chinese made TV or maybe take a Sunday drive (everyday) in your vehicle that, although it bares an American name, was never actually touched during assembly-only, with all its parts made abroad, in the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID.

As the newz goes on and on about impeachment #2, worst-writer has been trying to figure out which one of prez piss-hair’s crimes is actually the worst? Or. Perhaps the question should be: has he actually ever committed a crime that is blatant enough to dispel the nuances of degrees? Obviously his pal Jeffrey Epstein finally got caught in his blatant criminality. But does such a comparison really make #Trump a smart guy?

Oh well. WTF.

Rant on.


Link that motivated this post:

Update: Non NAS NAS Galore, SBCs, Daily Rig

How ’bout a bit of a worst-update regarding worst-writer’s tech krapp? Yes. No. Well, then… buckle up butter cup cause I haven’t typed anything all day and I am seriously itchy. Or maybe not.

As of late 2020 there’s nothing left to be (technically) done, changed, updated, booted (into the bin) or saved in my humble abode of tech krapp galore. In fact, everything in my reduce & simplify tech world works great right now. Reduce & simplify means nothing more than getting rid of truck-like tech devices, an effort I consider complete as of 2018 which is also reflected in the fact that I have a half dozen (or so) SBCs doing things such as: stereo systems, media players, bluetooth audio end-points, servers, etc. Cool, eh. More worst-writer posts about the journey is here (tag link).

By-the-buy, worst-writer’s SBC journey includes not only Raspberry Pi but also Pine64. So let me discard a few worst-words about that. At this point I’m pretty much done with Pine64. It’s not that I don’t like their boards. It’s just that getting them to work is above my pay-grade. That worst-said, I’ve still got a RockPro64 running as a samba server and as a Jellyfin media server. Reason for Jellyfin? My linux distro of choice for both the the RockPro64 and a lingering Rock64, i.e. that which fits my pay-grade, is DietPi. It’s the only Linux distro I’ve been able to manage on both the RockPro64 and the Rock64 with only minor headaches. Even though I’ve tried distros that include OMV (Open Media Vault), I’ve always found myself resorting back to DietPi–on account I couldn’t get the others to work. In fact, my Rock64 (the little brother of the RockPro64) is connected to an external 4-bay HDD enclosure which I use to back up my RockPro64. It’s also serving as a PiHole anti-ad server—which I kinda love. The problem is, I’m starting to feel as though these two devices are at their end—at least in my worst-world. And get this. The RockPro64 feels like it has a bit more life left in it, the Rock64 is pretty much maxed out. I think. Pause. Drink. Gulp. I should move on.

Thank goodness last summer (or fall), as I was losing my $hit over Plex (hating it) and looking for a replacement (within my pay-grade), DietPi began offering Jellyfin in their repository. Since Jellyfin is an open source fork (I think) of Kodi (or is it Emby), which I’ve used on Raspberry Pi, I quickly felt at home with it. My only question has been: how long will it work–before all else fails (which seems to be a result of my low-pay-grade Linux capabilities)? The good news: So far so good–and even my better-half is getting used to using Jellyfin. My better-half, btw, hated Plex more than me and she totally refused to use it. I’m sorry to get on Plex so much. But, as the saying goes, never go full retard, which Plex has done with its microsoft-like, big bloated-ness. But on that note, I die-gress.

As far as media servers go… With Plex on my $hitlist, do I even need a media server? There was actually a short stint there where I thought I’d just give up completely on a media server and use the various Raspberry Pi’s as media players that simply access files via samba. And they worked.The problem with that, though, is, it seems, my iPhone and iPads couldn’t handle the (direct) file access using VLC. I’m not sure if that has to do with my home network setup or VLC on iOS. It doesn’t really matter because, no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get seamless playback using any iOS device via samba. Once I started using Jellyfin the iOS devices worked toot-sweet. I suppose that has something to do with transcoding. And so. Back on to SBCs.

After a few years of use, worst-writer is questioning how long will the RockPro64 last and/or when will I replace it with, say, a Raspberry Pi compute module 4? At this juncture, after using an RPi4-4gb for the past few months as a desktop PC, where I mostly watched YouTube videos, streamed movies or TV (from my media server) or used the Terminal app to manage my Linux devices, I’m tickled to death about how well it actually works. In fact, I was really tickled by how well the newest 64bit version of Ubuntu worked on it. I can’t praise Raspberry Pi enough for such an achievement with these little devices. And, by-the-buy, to my worst-mind, Raspberry Pi’s achievements is only rivalled by what Apple did with the first Mac and later the iPhone. And so.

The Raspberry Pi is nothing short of phenomenal. Not only has it rocked my low pay-grade world but it’s obviously gonna be even more valuable in the near future for my everything networked household. That you can get an RPi for less than a hundred bucks with only a few bucks more to turn it into (what I consider) a high-end audio player (HifiBerry!), it’s no longer a question of if but when these little things will completely over-take the PC world–let alone the fact that I have never regretted selling all my old standard high-voltage stereos and A/V receivers. Add to that the new RPi compute module, which should eventually replaced my RockPro64, I’m tickled to death that my choice to start fiddling with these things in the first place so many years ago was the right choice.

But. As usual. I’m probably off worst-subject. As I’ve said with a whole lot of nothingness here and there, what’s the deal about non-nas-nas and my daily rig (the title fo this worst-post)? Well, since the/my non-nas-nas is based on an SBC, albeit the RockPro64, which, as stated above, I’m not sure how long it’s gonna be around, I can’t complain all that much. It does work–as a samba server. And samba is all about file sharing. And as far as I can tell, I’ve lost no data after fiddling and fiddling. But I have gone through quite a bit of headache and troubleshooting. I’ve also concluded after all this time and effort, Pines64/RockPro64 is not a NAS replacement–unless you’re interested in a lot of troubleshooting and Linux headaches. But it does look good in that Pine64 case (see pic above). Or?

Since I refuse to buy a NAS (aka Synology or Drobo), beggars can’t be choosy. I’ve had to fiddle quit a bit to the point where I’ve (pretty much) given up on having a home NAS as a file storage device. Since my wife and I are Apple fans and we use Macs and iOS devices, I simply maintain a TimeMachine drive that is connected to an old AirPort Extreme which backs up our Macs. It works and works and works. Other than that, we use 200gb of iCloud space for important files and photos on both Mac and iOS. So I guess. If I wanted to. I could provide a half decent worst-argument that average tech users don’t even need a nas. I mean. I’m using the RockPro64 as a media server only on account my pay-grade can’t really get it to do anything else. But. Again. I die-gress.

As far as I my home rig goes. Get this, dear worst-reader. Like I said above, I’m really, really, seriously impressed with the RPi4-4gb as a desktop PC. In fact, I’m so impressed with it, that I’m probably gonna buy the RPi4-8gb this spring, relegating the 4gb device to some media player service and then, when it’s available, getting the RPi compute module 4 so I can get rid of the headache that is the RockPro64–and then, finally, begin the process of getting into some kind of truly functional non-nas-nas configuration. OMV, as far as I can remember, works great on RPi (and terrible on Pine64)–it’s just been a matter of waiting for RPi to provide some kind of SATA interface. If/when Raspberry ups the RPi4 to an RPi5, though… well, heck, don’t you know. I’m already re-thinking weather or not I’m gonna replace my MacBook with a new M1 device in 2021. And even though the new Macs with M1s are rockin’ good, the thought of actually getting a M1 MacMini just ain’t in the cards on account how well RPi’s are working these days. As far as my 2017 Intel MacBook goes, slow or no-slow, avoiding Big Sur (and Apple’s stupid update policies), etc., etc., I’m still kind of good so I’ll probably keep it a while longer. And so.

Tech happy, baby. Nuff typed.

Rant on.


Coup vs Putsch

Source: screenshot from the #interwebnets

Worst-title #2: Why it should be called the rich white trash Putsch and not #Americant Coup d’etat.

Which do you prefer, dear worst-reader? Do you prefer Coup, as in Coup d’etat, as the proper nomenclature of #MAGA’s newest and greatest achievement–other than electing president piss-hair in the first place? Or do you prefer Putsch? I mean, come on. A coup is a much more common happening, especially when one considers how my beloved & missed #Americant has sponsored so many of them in, say, South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc. Again. I mean. Come on. Could this whole thing have been just a simple-minded Putsch? Indeed. Now that’s something new, don’t you know. So let’s summarise as only worst-writer can as we try to worst define things in the name of worst-clarity.

January 6, 2021, is not a day that will go down in infamy in my beloved & missed #Americant. Reason? Well, I’m not sure #Americant is really seeing what happened as a couple thousand bat$hit white people tried to storm the Capitol, where they even defecated inside the building, spreading their faeces around as though it were graffiti paint, as a really big deal. I mean. Sure. Five people died. A few Representatives are gonna have to deal with PTSD. And no one will probably be able to get close enough to the building anymore to take a half-decent selfie. And so. What does one do when you live by the gun? Where do you go when war and government intervention is all you know? What comes after the trauma of being born in a world that fills you with blind optimism only to quickly realise that the only way to get ahead is by joining up as the ship of fail-upwards sails on the backs of every one else?

As I worst-write this ca. 74m minions either directly or indirectly supported the January 6, 2021, event that was the culmination of electing and trying to re-elect President Orang-utan. But what I want to focus on for a sec are those who inderectly supported him. These people(s) are The Good Germans, don’t you know. You know, all those Germans right before, during and after who said $hit like: ah, don’t worry, he’s not so bad. And then they went on their merry way–those Good Germans–even as their Jewish neighbours were being rounded up and shoved into gas chambers. Indeed. Indifference is a grand sailing vessel named biatch and it ingeniously fails-upward, eh. Not to mention those who ride in it with their funny hair-does and dubious bank accounts.

It was called the Beer Hall Putsch, dear worst-reader. Two thousand brown shirt German speaking thugs–drunk on German beer, of course–gathered together in an attempt to free Germany and Germans from the political and economic confines, post French Revolution Europe, of the Weimar Republic. These thugs were lead by you-know-who. Once the Putsch attempt failed, though, you-know-who was jailed for his antics where he then dictated his book Mein Kampf. As we all know, $hit-bag Hitler was eventually released from jail. He immediately became a best selling author (of a reality-TV-like book) and then proceeded to take on the image of a wannabe dictator. He changed his hair and moustache accordingly so as to appeal to his–let’s call them–fans, which has to include those who were indifferent. Does any of this sound familiar, dear worst-reader? No. Of course it doesn’t. Reason? Well, Adolf Hitler was able to go from wannabe, cheap, funky hair-styled political trouble-maker to actual dictator and all in less than a decade. Now. I don’t know about you. But until #Trump, I thought Hitler was a huuuuge underachiever (sarcasm off).

That’s the reason worst-writer is having trouble calling January 6, 2021, a Coup. For, you see, don’t you know, a Coup usually has the military behind it. Hitler had no such thing. There is also clarity in who the Coup is trying to dethrone–or replace. Once again, Hitler was trying to replace a (bad) idear, not a person. And then there’s the idear that a coup, if successful, usually has support from… That’s right. You guessed it. #Americant. I mean. In case you’re unaware, most Coup d’etats that have taken place in the past hundred years were all somehow supported by US empire–either directly or indirectly. Or do you believe that the US would have partaken in WW2 after the debacle that was/is WW1 if Hitler hadn’t declared war on the US and, of course, been so cruel to… Her f’n Majesty the Queen? Am I wrong? But let’s move on before that bit of worst-history bogs us down.

And so. Worst-writer say, January 6, 2021, can’t be a Coup. And worst-writer’s reasoning behind that may be a way to (re)define the difference between Coup and Putsch. A Putsch, contrary to a Coup, doesn’t really fulfil any of the above mentioned criteria. And if that’s the case, there’s more reason than ever to be worried–severely worried–that January 6, 2021, was a Putsch. Again. Even after Adolf Hitler’s amateuristic Putsch failed, he did end up becoming dictator of the Third Reich and most German speaking peoples–within a friggin decade.

And while we’re on the subject of under-achievement galore, let’s not forget the rich white trash thingy in worst-title #2 from above. Here’s how things connect.

In Worst-writer’s pseudo attempt at (re)defining Coup vs Putsch, here’s the one thing you need to remember. Not unlike Hitler, as I may or may not have said in this post, Trump , despite his claims of wealth, belongs to white trash. Indeed. There is white trash even on fifth avenue. What we’ve seen with his rise is how this trashy element has a way with taking advantage of both direct and indirect frustration in all things government and society–thanks to forty plus years of right-wing media. For don’t you know, dear worst-reader, the trash of society, whether rich or poor, has a very strong thread that ties it all together. There is the hate of culture and cultivation. It despises creativity. It hates science and intellect. And it cannot cope with thoughts of a future in which it knows it will be erased–and not only because most of the children of the rich end up being dunces. Trump children come to mind?

Oh how strong the threat is, especially its voice. In #Americant white trash has a voice through the likes of faux-newz, Limbaugh, #Trump, and now fake-news, long-winded conspiracy theories, reality-TV, etc. Add to that the fact that white trash has absolutely no means of being funny… That’s the reason, btw, reality TV is so successful. Although the shows are NOT funny, because they show human banalities in a hyper display of whimsy and callousness, the viewers actually believe that they are laughing at someone or something else–when in fact they are laughing at themselves either with or without their emperor clothing or the painted industry arse of Kardashians. Indeed. Whether a hundred or so years ago or the 2016 #Americant election, the ingredients and fat arses for a Putsch have been stirred. Which means there are a few questions that need be worst-answered.

  • Is #MAGA smart enough to stay on message as Hitler was before and after his Munich Putsch? I mean, #Trump is going on trial (again) next week.
  • If so, is former president piss-hair capable of leading his sh*tshow further down the road which could culminate in a dictatorship within a decade? According to those Republicans elected in November when he was not, maybe.
  • Since indifference seems to be the best way to deal with politics, what will wake up humanity so that it can rise above and beyond what the history of #Eurowasteland has given mankind? Or do you think the Neo-feudal system that is #Americant today is really any different than 16th, 17th, 18th (pick your century) Europe?

Indeed, dear worst-reader. Rich white #Americant trash is basting in the gravy of indifference right now. Picture that next time you see #Trump’s kids try to articulate anything. Even though I voted Democrat (especially Bernie in the primary), I’m not sure any significant action from old-man Biden will be enough to avoid the inevitable. And that’s the ticket, ain’t it, dear worst-reader? Nothing should really change. That’s what Biden & Co. is. That’s the whole point of the US Constitution, as well. NO CHANGE. Perhaps that was #Trump’s real burden–that has turned him into the worst president ever even though he was gifted something by Democrats in 2016. On the other worst-hand, is indifference the secret sauce that pushed Hitler over the edge where he almost ruled the world?

Yeah. Considering what has happened among rich white people on Wall Street recently, see my previous post, #Americant is most certainly deep into being ruled by rich white trash from the past, from the now and from the future, Putsch or no Coup.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.