So Far From Reality, There’s No Turning Back. Or?

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The Texas-based pilot was with a group that descended on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office suite.

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As impeachment trial #2 gets on, what the heck else is going on in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant? Indeed. The time is nigh, dear worst-reader, where a whole bunch of nitwits have to face their makers. You know. The nitwits that stormed the US Capitol on jan 6, 2021, with the idear that they’d take over the do-nothing government on behalf of some humdrum nitwit trust-fund baby named Donald piss-hair #Trump. Which begs the worst-question: Who be these people, dear worst-reader? Well, to best answer worst-questions like that let’s give a read (linked article below) or listen (linked video below) to those who know better than worst-we. But all worst-kidding aside.

I actually dig Ronan Farrow. He’s definitely a dude worth his weight in journalistic gold–especially when compared to the torch bearers of journalism over the past thirty or so years from networks like CNN and god forbid faux-newz. Yet the thing that riled me here is the guy featured in this article. The more and more I looked at it and the more and more I remembered hanging out with #Americant brethren in places like Wiesbaden, Germany, where military might is all-grand and luxurious, hid face turned all kinda familiar. Could he be that guy I almost got in a fight with on account I was the only hippie in a bar of soldiers who believed everything–and I mean everything–they’ve ever been told? I say, by-the-buy, luxurious because I learned, while living in Wiesbaden for a short stint, how the small Hessen, Germany, town was strategically chosen long before the the end of WW2 because, well, a few Generals thought it would be the best place to entertain–whomever–on account it is waaaaaaaay to quaint and cute and, well, German. And so.

I suppose this is the point where I admit to my prejudices and just, well, all stupid white people look the same to me. Especially the one I’ve fought with over the years while trying to drink a beer and a whiskey and dream about making Pamela Anderson giggle once or thrice.

Rant on.