Phases Of Right-Wing Cadaver Decay

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Worst-title 2: Limbaugh gone, Limbaugh&Co alive and well. Or?

Just another judgemental worst-post here, dear worst-reader. I’ve been abiding the obligatory three days and three nights thing to see if any rednecks have uncovered the tomb to let out the ghost so that it may rise in a flash of white-trash light to save the world as their messiah ascends to the father-god of white privilege… or whatever that Biblical nonsense is when/if applied to my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant.

Rush Limbaugh is dead, dear worst-reader. May he remain dead forevermore. Of course, being worst-writer, I can’t help but see the negative (un-optimistic) side of his passing–as opposed to the positive side of his passing that other wannabe worst-hippies lavish. As I’ve noted through out this worst-blog, Limbaugh&Co is a force to be reckoned with perhaps not unlike Messiahs, demigods and whoever else can stir the emptiness of minds hinged on privilege, supremacy and redneck, trailer trash über-whiteness.

For those not in the worst-know, Rush Limbaugh equals mass hysterical bigotry run amok that is the culmination of white-trash #Americant in the 20th century. Period. Oh sure, there is more to being a piece of $hit that represents the voice of lots more pieces of $hit. But like the rest of my beloved & missed united mistakes, who’s counting? Which brings us to this worst-question: who/what the fcuk is Limbaugh&Co?

Let’s get-on with origins, dear worst-reader.

After a wasted and useless life that is/was predetermined by previous bigots and authoritarians, I’ve concluded that the quintessence which gave rise to all this mental hate-driven menace is twofold. First, there’s flower power. Second there’s sexual repression. For, don’t you know, dear worst-reader, what is it that right-wingers hate most? It’s not socialism. It’s not welfare-queens. It’s not taxes, big government, immigrants. No. Those are all the gaslights, the labels, the talking-points and the emotional sparks that keep the flame of hate and anger and bigotry alive and kicking in a minority of bloated, privileged white men. With that in mind, the following life-scenario ensues.

Late High-school through college, while pursing the rules set by misconstrued parenting, you struggle to become a cog in the wheel of #Americant but while doing so there are others out there smoking dope, being judgemental, bad-mouthing your/their country and and and, most importantly, getting laid. I mean. Come on, dear worst-reader. What gets under the skin of young conservatives, compulsive behaviourist and all-around, $hit-kicking #Americant males the most? That’s right. That which they think they were born to deserve. For you see, young conservative judaeo-christian males think they are privileged because they behaved according to the rules of social, systematic, sexual repression. And all the while, the good looking dudes, garnering a bit of sympathy from the ladies, just fcuked their way through life. Could a guy like Rush Limbaugh have been perturbed by anything else? Ok. There’s also greed. But let’s not get too worst-complicated here.

Short pause. Breath.

Did you get that? No? Let’s continue.

What is the result of misconstrued parenting that can never know how wrong it is (has been)? Indeed. A bag of worst-worms has been opened, eh dear worst-reader? Or has it been obvious to you all along? You know. There is a simple answer to EVERYTHING that is political and social conservatism which Rush Limbaugh best exemplified. These males simply can’t deal with the fact that the females actually dig it–and all they ultimately want is a relative good male to give it (to them). And they don’t want to be controlled by it. For don’t you know, again, dear worst-reader, where there is little to no consequence, as has been the case since mid-20th century feminist #Americant, (most) females really, really, really dig getting fcuked–or as they put it: romanced and made love to. As long, of course, as they think they have a say in it. But enough about worst-writer’s confusion regarding the female obsession with loving love1.

The origin of bigoted and oppressive rhetoric in white anglo Saxon males is best represented in EVERYTHING Limbaugh&Co says and does. Of course, there is also the females that support and enable these/their males… Well, I’ve kinda gotten into that here–but you have to admit that the footnote below is kinda good, too, when it comes to worst-splaining everything. Or?

Moving on.

What little is there to do when, at last count (Nov 2020 election), 74m of these (direct and indirect) sexually repressed bigots practically run the $hitshow through what can be only be considered political mischief-ism-galore, allowing fail-upwards #Americant to continue its slow train-wreck on the backs of everyone else–even though old-man Biden was elected? Nothing. All you can do is sit back like me. Perhaps even expatriate like me. Or just sit around and wait for a somewhat easier passing into the nevermore (death) where, hopefully, nobody will wish so much horror and suffering upon your soul that I wish upon Limbaugh&Co.

With that last bit of worst-evil in mind, the only problem is worst-writer doesn’t actually believe in heaven or hell. There is only what you leave behind when the light of life finally leaves us all. And on that note, looks like Limbaugh&Co are the winners–as his corpse finally, finally, finally… rots.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


  1. As in: for females love is noun; for males it’s a verb. Or something like that ↩︎