No Neutral

Screenshot from the #Interwebnets

What’s the scariest thing about returning to the place you had to leave (thirty five years ago) on account that place was turning bat$hit crazy faster than a QAnon theory-conspiracist can scream the earth is flat? In other worst-words, can you up the ante on bat$hit crazy? No? Yes? Indeed. But that’s not all, dear worst-reader. You know what can be even scarier than #Americant fail-upward insurrectionists trying to tie their sneakers using velcro straps from their high-powered rifles? As usual, I’m worst-generalising. I mean. I did meet with our family pastor the other day. Indeed. There is a rational mind here and there in my beloved & missed united mistakes. Yet. Things are not as they once were–were being the day before yesterday? Take for example my obsession with trying to be informed. As you may or may not know from this worst-blog, I’m a bit of a news buff. That said, worst-writer knows the difference between news and newz. The latter, of course, being the propaganda BS from sources like faux newz & co. So I’ve dabbled here and there in the last ten days actually watching CNN or MSNBC. (Don’t worry, I’m still utilising news sources that I use while living abroad.) There’s one thing that I’ve noticed about CNN and MSNBC that I never noticed during previous visits. That is. I’m not sure when this change took place, so if it did happen a while ago it didn’t register with me. What I know now is that with this hurried and rushed visit due to family issues, during down time (from family issues), I try to take a break and catch up on the news via TV. Something I don’t do in #Eurowasteland. And so. Am I shocked at what I see/hear in my beloved & missed united mistakes?

The thing I’ve noticed while watching, what I consider, non-propaganda networks, is how they too have all become editorialised. I mean. I remember when CNN used to have a five minute non editorialised news broadcast at the top of every hour. What happened to that? Again. Everything here is not only editorialised but each hour is only full of personalities expressing their opinions. Which means. Of course. It’s no wonder that #Americants are bat$hit crazy and don’t know what is up or down or if the door opens or closes or their entire life is only about being entertained. Also. Even though I heard about things like cancel culture from abroad, I had no idear how deep the issue goes. It’s everywhere here. Heck, I had a brief call with an old family friend the other day to ask for some needed advice, and once we got the business of the call out of the way he went off on me about what’s wrong with this country. Keep in mind, he’s only a year or two older than me and he seems to have had some success in his life. Yet all he could do was complain about #BLM, millennials, and how there are so many people who want was he has, etc. Let me worst-repeat that. I spoke with someone the other day and all he could talk about is how everything he’s earned in his life is under threat because there are so many people who question things? You know. Question things like racism, white privilege, inequity, etc. Seriously? Capitalism run amok?

I suppose. In a way. I should be satisfied to hear that people feel threatened by the status quo of #Americant. Who deserves it more than post WW2 #Americant? #Okboomer. I mean. Meritless privilege is a bitch, eh. Heck. It’s why I left so many years ago. I just couldn’t deal with all the hate, the spite, the compulsive behaviourism, the conformity, etc. And now I’m literally watching people drawn in it. What a shame, eh. What a shame.

Rant on.