Jab 2 Done, Vaccinated

It takes another two weeks for the vaccine to do its full job, dear worst-reader. But at least I can say I got both shots as of today. And how proud, thankful, grateful I am to be able to get vaccinated. In fact, I’m so tickled, I’m thinking of getting an image of the corona virus tattooed on my arm (where I got the shot) with the letters MRNA just below it. Now wouldn’t that be worst-writer cool, eh? For those doubters out there–you know, all those science deniers. If you’re concerned how I’m gonna feel if all this is for not, well, get this. I’m so convinced that MRNA treatments like this (vaccine) are so advanced that the Covid-19 debacle and subsequent inoculation could mean the end of global pandemics. So will I be sad (or dead) if I’m wrong? Maybe. But at least I believe in science–even if science gets things wrong sometimes–instead of all that other bull$hit like free markets, fail upward capitalism, greed-mongering-galore and spaghetti monsters in the sky. So there. ;-)

Rant (and get vaccinated) on, baby.