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First, dear worst-reader. It’s been a long hiatus. And, don’t you know, during this down-time, worst-writer has contemplated getting rid of the blog (not that anyone would miss it). But something stopped me. Could it have been the election loss of former president pee-pee-hair? Maybe. Or could it have been the false hope that Oldman Biden would deliver? NOT! Or is there anything else left to worst-write as Putin tries to rustle up WW3? I mean. I’ve had about enough of all this $hit. Then again. I just can’t quit typing.

The reason I’m not getting rid of this blog, honestly, is because I don’t know how the fcuk to get rid of it. I can download it but it’s stuck in xml. I can’t code, which means I can’t get my text out of the xml file I download. Should I throw it away? Wow. That’s a lot of worst-writing to throw away. But let me stop there since I don’t feel like ranting about the proprietary tech bull$hit of WordPress that I chose (and pay) to use. I sleep in the beds I make, baby.

Today, dear worst-reader, let’s have a return-from-hiatus-rant looking at an article from DailyBeast. It caught my worst-attention. Why? It’s confusing. Or is it just me? Here’s the thing. And get ready cause, regarding the subject of this article, I’m biased. I adore Neil Young. I resorted to his music for solace and meaning and art as 80s music clamoured to the demise of pop, which we know today. Also. I vividly remember the feud Young had with, dare I even worst-write it, Lynyrd Skynyrd. That’s right. Fcuk that band and their “southern” bull$hit. Then again. Their ghosts must have cackled in their graves recently as their flag was taunted through the house of congress on Jan. 6, 2021. And on that note, I should die-gress.

But I can’t (die-gress). Neil Young wrote the song Southern Man in 1970. My mind weeps every time I hear it (along with a lot of other Young tunes). This song caused a stir which then caused the southern fcuk-you band (strike through) mentioned above to write their best known song (which you can look up on your own). And so. Fcuk sweet home… anything in the South, even before their ghastly redneck face resurfaced with vengeance on Jan 6, 2021. But before I get too far off subject, Southern Man lyrics:

Southern man, better keep your head. Don’t forget what your good book said. Southern change gonna come at last. Now your crosses are burning fast.

The Article

DailyBeast, worst-writer thinks, wants to convolute Neil Young’s recent stance against Spotify. How does DailyBeast do this? Young wants to pull his music off Spotify because he doesn’t want to be on the same platform with the/a new & improved Rush Limbaugh, aka Joe Rogan. For, you see, dear worst-reader, Young’s past, especially his “performative activism” against GMOs, is the same as covid-19 misinformation. According to DailyBeast. WTF? Please allow the question: Am I the only one confused?

Intent in…

Law: The state of mind necessary for an act to constitute a crime.

Comparing protesting GMOs with anti-vaxxers is ludicrous. And to write that Young’s efforts caused misinformation… WTF? At best, the GMO thing was/is, in my worst-mind, about corporate intention. Corporations, if you don’t know, are hell-bent on owning EVERYTHING. When people claim that corporations are only about profit, they are partly right. In the GMO thing, Monsanto uses technology to own the genetic material of the $hit we are forced to eat. You know, the industrial food (supply) that is 99% of every #Americant grocery store or every fast or less-than fast food restaurant. (Thank god worst-writer has never been to an Olive Garden!) Anywho.

Is Monsanto’s GMO strategy for controlling the food supply the same as a pharmaceutical company fighting a pandemic? Of course it is–but with a slight greed-mongering twist. Unlike the chaos of owning the food supply of a nation, which is ripe and open for manipulation-exploitation, a pharmaceutical company responding to a pandemic can’t just buy-out the disease. Is this a acute vs chronic conflict? Moving on.

What was/is Neil Young’s intent regarding GMOs compared to the intent of anti-vaxxers propagating misinformation? Put another way. To compare the scientific evidence of a pandemic to the way Young tried to fight the obvious misinformation regarding GMOs… Full stop, baby. I don’t know. Mind boggling stuff here. WTF is DailyBeast writing about? It’s me, right?

What is the intent of those who want good and those who don’t–at the behest of money, power, corporatism? Like much that is confused in these trying times of The Great Depression 2.0, how does one interpret intent? Is it clear-cut? The Jan. 6 commission seems to have a lot of clear-cut proof of intent regarding former president pee-pee-hair’s sedition. But is that the same as promoting, to a wide and vast audience, as Joe Rogan does, that covid may be something other than a pandemic? Or that scientists are all wrong about how the world cannot handle a pandemic? Or that scientists have worked their arses off to get a vaccine in record time? A vaccine that makes the likes of Pfizer & Co., more money money money–just like Monsanto wants to do with GMOs? But wait. Maybe. Just maybe. A brilliant singer/songwriter has, in the past, protested corporations OWNING farmers, seeds, food–the whole shebang. Why does one entity have to own EVERYTHING anyway? Wait. For DailyBeast this ain’t about the corporatism. Is it?

Remember, dear worst-reader, the first victims of the GMO scam are farmers. That’s right. Like most things #Americant now it’s all about a scam. The second victim will be you and me–but we’re used to scams, right red-hat guy? Why we haven’t felt the GMO scam? Maybe it’s because the GMO thing is chronic. It’s ongoing. And maybe it’s not about life or death–yet. No one knows what will come of it because, well, corporations don’t want anyone to know about what their real intent is, other than profits. Does a pharmaceutical company have the power to hide the/a pandemic? While you listen to a meaningless pop song, by, say, (name your current pop singer here), and continue to eat $hit and be merry (sarcasm off), I’m with Neil Young on this one. And Fcku Joe Limbaugh Rogan.

When the likes of Monsanto go unchecked, we (the world) will have no choice but to eat their food. No one got any issues about that? If we let covid-19 go unchecked… I think I’m well enough informed about this stuff to easily worst-write: this $hit is fckuing scary. But my worst-point is this: the thing about intent is that when it’s a crime it’s very hard to prove. Hence, #Scamerica. So what’s wrong with an old hippie trying to get the word out about the food we eat when his intent is to hurt no one? Keep up the good work Neil. Covid, on the other hand… Oh fcuk it. Count the fckuing dead–you idiots with the Make-#Americant-Stupid-More hats. Way to convolute things DailyBeast.

One last don’t get me wrong. I’ve eaten GMO food, I’ll probably eat more of it. What choice do we have? In fact. I love regular old fashion Cheerios (the ones without all the added, extra sugar). Regular Corn Flakes are great too. From what I understand, a lot of other veggies in, say, the frozen food section of a Stupid People Grocery Store, have been GMO’d for years. Is GMO safe? Probably. But I still want to reign in corporatism, regulate it, or at least open up ALL the info about it, put it up to objective scientific and public scrutiny, allow/enable (natural) competition to it and be informed if I buy something that uses it. In other worst-words, regulate the $hit out of corporations until they learn to play nice.

Neil Young’s protest against Spotify and Joe Rogan is warranted. It is a fight against corporatism. Who doesn’t want that? DailyBeast? Oh, wait. #MAGA and my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant has lost the fight against corporatism–but they’re all too stupid to figure that out. Hence the immaculate conception of the sibling to robber baron monopolies is all that’s left: vertical monopolies, baby. This is where, on the surface, on paper, it doesn’t look like a corporation owns EVERYTHING. You know, like in the old days (robber barons). Instead Monsanto works/functions to own EVERYTHING via finance, patents, copyright, and gatekeeping. Is it right that a corporation can control a farmer’s choice of where he buys his seeds? WTF. And don’t get me started on how GMO seeds work only with the pesticide created by the same company. Was that in Youngs’ movie, btw?

How many corporations do the same thing with their industry? I don’t know about you, dear worst-reader, but protesting GMOs, like Young did, was cool. If that confused people, like writers at DailyBeast, fcuk ‘em. If you can’t differentiate Young’s intent and the intent of the spawn of Limbaugh & Co, then your part of the problem. Young did not amplify anything anti- that was/is wrong or bad or hurtful (unless you’re a corporation). He did provide worthwhile info that people could discern–if they’re capable.

Amplified by Young, the anti-biotechnology movement helped lay the foundations of the anti-COVID vaccine movement today, giving it an arsenal of misinformation to be repurposed, mainstream articles to be referenced, and misguided laws to be held up as proof of inherent dangers posed by safe technologies. -Source: see link below

When shopping I always check for a GMO labels in part thanks to Neil Young. As far as the TV clip from the article with Young’s appearance on an #Americant late night comedy show promoting a movie? I wonder what vertically monopolised corporation pays Colbert’s bills. Anywho. I don’t need to stick my head in a barrel that is four feet away from me that stinks of $hit to find out what’s in it (discern). And if you ask me, from the quote above, it sounds like DailyBeast, for all its messaging about “mainstream media,” is only providing more fodder for repurposing future barrels of $hit.

Way to go DailyBeast.

Rant on.


Link: DailyBeast bat$hit article