Burn Baby Burn

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Anybody surprised, dear worst-reader? I didn’t think so. Then again, how long can worst-writer entertain himself with $hits & giggles while his beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant dwindles underneath the limp-Schwanz that is generation upon generation #okboomer that has given rise to former president pee-pee-hair? Then again again, there was that time I recommended to an old and confused friend (#okboomer) to get some religion in order to save her soul before becoming woman scorned. Indeed. The most frightening worst-thought preoccupying me is if she’s one of these consume-to-survive zombies throwing books in the fire of moron rage. But I die-gress.

It’s been a long time since I last (re)read Orwell’s 1984. Am I mistaken in the idear that book burning wasn’t a thing in that story? It’s almost as though, for the last twenty or thirty years, I don’t have to (re)read 1984. If you mix it with Huxley’s Brave New World you can pretty much explain everything going on right now. Am I wrong. Anywho.

Of all the things happening these days both pre and post former prez cheeto-jeezus, that mimics Orwell, there’s no need to (re)read anything. Just let things play-out. I mean. Even though book burning may or may not have been a thing in 1984 the whole fake-newz krapp certainly was/is. I mean I mean. Is the idear of fake-newz any different than book burning? Am I splitting hairs here? Which begs the worst-question: what comes after fake-newz? Let me worst-guess. Will this/my worst-blog be digitally and algorithmically altered by the/some powers-that-be? To make it fit THE narrative? Nomatter.

Winston Smith’s job in the Ministry of Truth is to change both history and current newz so that all information becomes propaganda to match the ideals of The Party? Or, in our case, the system (aka Capitalism run amok). Even though we don’t have a Ministry of Truth (not withstanding the likes of faux-newz, of course) there’s something out there controlling all-things life, death, misery, don’t you know. In our (real) times the likes of Internet For Stupid people, aka facebag, is full-on when it comes to controlling everything. You know…

  1. Users are THE PRODUCT.
  2. Algorithm(s) for selling THE PRODUCT.

It’s no wonder that a book burning in Redneckville #Americant barely makes any headlines. Hence the somewhat obscure pic above that I found on reddit (see source link below). Will the colour pic, taken only days ago, eventually go down in history as a pic of losers–just like the black&white pic above it? Who can know, eh, dear worst-reader. Just get a load of the people burning books. Which begs another question: who is organising all this nonsense? See article link below.

Some worry that history is repeating itself. To worst-moi, we should be more worried about being worried and thereby doing nothing because the whole repeat-thing is in full force. Or maybe not. Nomatter.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.