Blathering To The Stars

With all the deserved criticism of rich people these days, worst-writer considers Elon to be less worthy of such criticism. The problem with having (so much) money, dear worst-reader, is that it usually turns people into arseholes. The reality is–in these pseudo-capitalist times–the vast majority of rich people are not rich because of merit but instead because of privilege or some other obscure reason devoid of productivity. That’s what happens when capitalism inevitably regresses to its origins i.e. feudalism. Hence, worst-writer say: stop worrying about capitalism’s gyrations. There’s no such thing. Instead worry about capitalism eating you. But I die-gress.

How bout worst-writer’s thoughts on Jeff Bezos? Bezos, the most successful banker-type that made it in tech, is a perfect example of a rich guy who has charmed his way round rotting barrels more than most. Or did you not get that scene where über-proud Canadian Bill Shatner cried after returning from a 10min space ride that was paid for by impressing Bezos as a kid when he played Captain James Tiberius Kirk on TV? Am I wrong. Or do you consider Bezos success as a distribution cut-throat disguised as a tech guru all that special? Then again. No. Seriously. Amazon is a distribution company. If I have to give Amazon credit for actually creating something that was/is productive yet based on technology, it would have to be AWS–which I hate anyway. Then again. Bezos did put the likes of Walmart in its place. So there’s that. Or? #Nomatter.

Even though Elon Musk’s (see vid above) speaking style is tiresome (Asperger), I follow as much of his doings as possible. This guy is nothing short of spectacle-testicle-amazing. Does it bother me that he is (could be) the spittin image of Weyland, the old filthy rich financier from the movie Prometheus? (Although the movie got bashed, it’s one of my favorites, btw.) Which begs the worst-question: will Elon, while on his space faring exploits, end as Weyland ended? Honestly. WGAF.

My worst-point is this. Of the rich arseholes around the world, why is it that Elon is the only one that gives off a vibe that he’s actually doing something? You know. Doing something other than making money off money. But what do I know. I can barely spell anything and even though I could act as good as Bill Shatner, I don’t think there’s a billionaire out there that’s gonna take me up with his penis rocket. And don’t get me started on not having learned a thing about writing while being schooled in the hell-scape of suburban-hell #Americant. But. Again. I die-gress.

Rant on.