Perfect Pic

Source of pic: see link below.

Get a load of the pic, dear worst-reader. Does it hurt/pleasure? Ache/relief? Split that slight creese between mind and body that perturbs so much (y)our ill-existence aka (y)our compulsive driven existance that is #Americant(ism). Or have you had an original thought (lately) that could/might circumspect (all things) of (y)our nationalism? #Nomatter.

How does one put (a little bit of) truth into a #interwebnet screenshot? Is the answer to go to huffpost dot money dot com (link below)? Sure. Why not. But. Does one just hijack a picture (as worst-writer has)? Paint it? Portray it? Hope to find it on the #interwebnets in the hands of the downtrodden and/or, as I heard the great Cornell West say… n-er-ized it? Or is there something more to toilets and what goes in them? You know. Something along the lines of… there really is $hit out there that could be informative if it weren’t for reactionary money making on the backs of the n-er-ized aka poor, greedy and stupid white middle classes. Or. Maybe not. It’s just a pic. Of two toilets next to each other. #Nomatter.

The problem is, dear worst-reader, I get such a kick out of all the krapp that is/becomes readily available on the #interwebnets. I can’t hold back. Hence: worstwiter. Hence: posting a whole $hitload of grammatically inaccurate krapp that too few people can either read or comprehend is like a godsend–and not a godsend in the realm of all-things mystical. No. But then again. It does feel good to be the antitheses of the likes of joe rogan and/or rush (thank goodness he’s finally dead) limbaugh. (What a cuck suker they both are, eh?)

And so. In closing. Good luck suckers. You deserve former prez pee-piss-hair and the toilets you’ve turned everything into and all that he’s left behind once you’ve flushed.
Indeed. Just another Friday with nothing good to say, baby.

Rant on.