Gaslighting Narcissism Ineptitudeness

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Trust me, dear worst-reader, when I say I know who I am. I am worst-writer. I am part of all-things worst. I accept it and I live it. And so. I can barely write. Boo-who. I don’t care about grammar and spelling and writing rules and blah-blah. Boo-who-who. So thank your god for spell checkers and whatever else technologist have enabled to allow me all this worst-writing. Oh. And. I could give two hoots about those who can actually write–and make a living doing it. Boo-f’n-who-who-who! On the other left foot, though, I do care about all the other amateurs, unprofessionals, dimwits that think they are, somehow, equal to the learned. You know. Equal by birth or privilege or hearsay spewed into them by their ugly, disgusting, rotten parentage. Hence #okboomer is nothing but mostly a bunch of dimwits just like me–especially the likes of Sarah Palin, former prez piss-hair and all-things #Americant political conservative BS. The difference between worst-moi and them? I don’t like authority (they love it) and I would prefer a government that is actually functional. And while I’m on the worst-subject of dysfunction…

Get a load of the article linked below, dear worst-reader. Did you read it? Ok. Here’s another sec to do so. Got it? Good. With that ingested (barf), are you about to join me in giving up on The DailyBeast? WTF? According to the article and its both-siderism-like slant, a bat$hit judge in the scum$ that is NYC has thrown out Sarah Palin’s malice case against the New York Times because the judge thinks her lawyers didn’t prove there was enough malice? Indeed. The fourth estate continues to tread further along that thin line of doing whatever it can to be part of (bulwark) democracy. Even if that means employing a bit of malice, though? Or maybe not.

Why does krapp like this get under worst-writer’s skin? Simply worst-put, it gets under my skin because it gives legitimacy to everything that is the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID. As I worst-write this that same judge has allowed the jury to continue deliberating–even though he’s thrown out the case. Which means they could come back and further legitimise fraulein Alaskan’s claim that maybe she ain’t as stupid as she obviously is. And that’s the worst-ticket, eh, dear worst-reader. For. Don’t you know. Sarah Palin, picked by a so-called rational republican as his Vice President running mate, is what probably opened the flood gates that could ONLY result in former prez piss-hair. You know. Let’s legitimise people who espouse right-wing bat$hittery. Let’s (the Republican Party) put up these idiots that think with their feelings on a pedestal because, well, right-wing and religious talking heads have occupied their minds with stupid-galore. On that worst-note, I should die-gress.

So let’s worst-quote a bit, shall we.

The Times … erroneously linked Palin’s political action committee and its rhetoric to the 2011 Arizona mass shooting that killed six people and severely injured then-Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. -Source of quote: see link below

Why was/is that link erroneous? I remember those cross-hairs vividly. How can any rational, thinking person not remember it? I mean. Isn’t Hollywood, toxic maleness, submissive femaleness, VIOLENCE, part of the foundation of the #Americant psyche? As so many prove on a daily basis, there is simply waaaaaay to much reactionary stupid in #Americant. Two, three generations of peoples are so dumb-downed that their only source of thought is what they can contrive out of riled emotions. How else can a human being cope with failing-upwards his/her whole life and then, somehow, never question how it all came to be? Republican politicians have normalised violence as their means to their political ends–because if there is no LOVE there can only be its antithesis. It’s everywhere with these Palin-like people–seventy-four million of whom voted to re-elect former prez piss-hair. Just give a listen to CPAC or faux-newz. And what about the violent rhetoric that lead to Jan. 6, 2021? Holy krapp, dear worst-reader. I mean. It’s obvious to me (based on the article below) that the judge throwing out this case is at least adhering to a kind of jurisprudence in his decision. But what kind? He’s obviously putting things off so that an appeals court can deal with it. I also get the feeling that if he could, if Palin’s lawyer were a bit better, then he wouldn’t have to navigate his way out or through this. Which brings worst-moi to yet another worst-declaration: the #Americant experiment is over, baby. It’s just a matter of time and a few more bat$hit republicans that are a tick smarter than Palin or former prez piss-hair and that’s all she wrote. Game over, baby. Fail upwards and embrace your fasces.

Rant on.