Evangelistic Neoliberal Financialization Galore, Baby

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Maybe it’s time, dear worst-reader. Time to have a worst-writer perspective regarding the up-n-cumming blood & guts human-juice-bar extravaganza that will be WW3. But don’t get me worst-wrong here. I’m not worst-sayin’ there’s gonna be war. But I’m also not worst-sayin’ that the war hasn’t already begun. I mean. Come on. Ukraine has been in a pseudo civil war–or is it a Russian proxy war against The West (NATO)–since 2014. And what about all the other conflicts that have taken place among and within all those former soviet satellites, not withstanding the former Yugoslavia? All of this, of course, is a by-product of how The West royally screwed the pooch when it abandoned Gorbachov way back in 1991. Or has anything other than consume-to-survive and free-will to be stupid done anything worthwhile in this post Cold War hell? Oh yeah. Shareholder value! Is it a surprise to read that worst-writer says he’s not shocked at how fcuked the pooch is?

The thing that gets to this worst-#Americant-expat is how much killing in the name of nationalism and geo-politics has been going on in #Eurowasteland and, of course, the middle-east for the past (insert your # here) years. I mean. Obviously. There’s plenty of coverage of the politics and the politicians but where’s the info regarding what all this krapp is really about? I mean. How many tens of thousands of people have died in #Eurowasteland since the end of the Cold War? And for what? I think the thing I’m trying to get at is: where are the missing parts of this confused and convoluted nation-state, human-behaviour, greed-mongering puzzle that can only come from #Eurowastelanders, Anglos and #Americants? Here’s a hint:

U.S. drives to keep its European and East Asian protectorates locked into its own sphere of influence is threatened by the emergence of China and Russia independently of the United States while the U.S. economy is de-industrializing as a result of its own deliberate policy choices. The industrial dynamic that made the United States so dominant from the late 19th century up to the 1970s has given way to an evangelistic neoliberal financialization. That is why U.S. diplomats need to arm-twist their allies to block their economic relations with post-Soviet Russia and socialist China, whose growth is outstripping that of the United States and whose trade arrangements offer more opportunities for mutual gain. (-Source: see link below; italics are mine)

Wow. Does that provide a few of the missing pieces of the grand puzzle? I especially like evangelistic neoliberal financialization. Anything using the word evengelical is a worst-go for worst-writer. Or do you believe that the sole reason I jumped ship (expatriated) was because I couldn’t handle all the greed-mongering and how my beloved & missed united mistakes turned opportunity into a commodity–which #Eurowastelanders, as usual, have also adopted? Indeed. The whole religious bat$hit thing that is #Americant wore on my soul more than that five dollar Texas whore that gave me the scratches way back when. Then there’s the de-industrialisation thing that #Americants, especially all of the conservatives (both-sides), latched onto as though their idears were the teat-leech-suckers of mother-more. In other worst-words, that which has given rise to post Cold War Western-ism that is the redistribution of everything from the bottom to the top is the driving factor in maintaining a world where there can be no political and social progress.

The worst-thing is, China’s economic and social ass-kicking is scaring the bee-jee-zees out of all the really, really old ugly white guys that run The West, aka #Americant hegemony. Why? Simple. As indicated from the quote above, if it continues on its current path, China will not only surpass the US economically but combined with Russia the two will enable a dollar $hitstorm the likes of which the US has never seen. Because of the US’s internal bat$hit political policies that have facilitated and enabled the resurgence of meritless hereditary privileged robber barons–mostly due to the utterly IGNORANT, STUPID and INEPT pseudo-wealthy middle-classes–the only way to save its arse is to strong-hand old allies back into the fold that was the Cold War. And since I live in one of those ally countries, I can tell you that a lot of Das Volk are not buying any of this krapp. The reason for all the skepticism isn’t because of how this may or may not influence #Eurowasteland’s consume-to-survive prowess but instead because most #Eurowastelanders just don’t see the point of following a country that devolves into a place/mindset that elects a piece of $hit like former prez piss-hair #Trump. It’s one thing to be a $hit-kickin cowboy that rants and raves about guns and fun and girls in wet t-shirts–all of which doesn’t matter as long the bourgeoisie can still buy Porsches when in their 70s. It’s another thing to put up a tried & true NYC $cumbag to represent western values and beliefs who also spends at least two hours every morning in front of a mirror turning his deathly white skin orange and fluffing his surgically implanted comb-over so that when he appears in public he looks like Cheeto-Jesus. And then get a load of the crowds of #Americants that support Cheeto-Jesus. Holly evangelical krapp!

America has lost its industrial cost advantage by the sharp rise in its cost of living and doing business in its financialized post-industrial rentier economy. -Source: see link below; italics mine

Rentier economics: consume-to-survive by means of unproductive finances (shareholder value) and meritless wealth. -Source: worst-writer and a bit of wiki

As usual I’ve gone off subject. What were we worst-writing about? Oh yeah. WW3. Well. Don’t you know, dear worst-reader, Vlad Putin, for the first time since I can remember, has actually earned a bit of my sympathy. Hear me out. I really don’t like the guy. If anything Russia probably deserves him as their two-bit, new & improved (pseudo) Tzar just like my beloved & missed #Americant deserves former prez Cheeto-Jesus. But since Putin already occupies a not so small swath of Ukraine (Donbas and Crimea), what’s the other real deal (puzzle part) that may or may not be influencing #Americant loss of its old school world order?

Ever since 2014 I’ve been worst saying that Russia’s issues could have been dealt with long ago if The West hadn’t turned its back on Gorbachov. Of course #Eurowasteland followed #Americant’s lead here. I need to read a bit more of that history to get better informed but I can say this since I lived through it. Russia and Putin’s greatest error is the idear that it either won or lost the Cold War. I mean. Obviously #Americant thinks it won and so it also thinks (believes) that it’s justified in living in the past, which has worked out pretty well for its oligarch classes and only proved how STUPID its middle-classes are. But the days of living on the laurels of #Americant hegemony have obviously run out. It’s taken a bit long, IMHO, but now lines are being drawn, steps are being taken, others (nations) in the world are asserting themselves. Since the only thing (so far) Russia has to offer the world is energy resources, it’s no wonder that it can’t just let Ukraine self-determine. Have a look at a map of Europe and Eurasia. Russia’s biggest problem when it comes to exporting the only thing of value it has to export is that it is somewhat limited in both shipping and pipelines. Russia has, don’t you know, the single largest nation-state land-mass on the planet. Hence the German-Russian Nordstream2 pipeline feeding western #Eurowasteland and, of course, Ukraine as a sea port for energy shipping. Considering all the other $hit that’s been going on with former Soviet Satellites hating on Russia because of their past, is it any wonder that Putin looks like that little kid being bullied in the corner of STUPID high-school. Of course, no one will actually physically attack that kid but everyone knows he’s f’n bat$hit crazy. But on that note I should die-gress. Or maybe more to come.

Rant on.


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