Fewer #OKBoomer Toys They Could Never Pay For Anywho

Luxury cars up in smoke after ship catches fire – BBC News

Luxury cars up in smoke after ship catches fire – BBC News

What do you think, dear worst-reader? Worst-writer going where no one likes to go? You know. Like. The useless #OKBoomer and its parentage will burn it down before ever ever ever given in to the idear that they might eventually have to pay for what it is they’ve done–in their mediocre mendacity. And now that the inevitable ww3 they ALL espouse is showing its lustful face in the Ukraine, Taiwan, the #Trump #Putin sixty-nine of joy… Wait. Worst-scratch that. Let’s move on.

What do the rich and privileged do before (ever) paying the piper? That’s right. They burn it. Burn it with fire, baby. And then they let the finance industry cover the loss. You know. The finance industry being things like insurance, tax (loss) write-offs, arbitrary forgiveness, where applicable: pardons, etc. I mean. How convenient that a ship, in the middle of the ocean–or at least far enough off-shore where laws don’t apply–can catch fire and let all the Porsches onboard turn to ash that will feed deep sea bottom feeders galore. Wait. What do you say, dear worst-reader? Do you say accidents happen and I’m stretching my conspiracy lungs a bit too far? Well, you may be right. Then again. Even if it is an accident how does capitalism explain that after all these years of shipping, shipping, shopping can a ship catch fire full of rich-toys-galore? You know. Rich toys that are built in bulk but there’s no earners to pay them all. What? Scratch that, too? Ok. Let’s get back to shipping, shipping and mindless shopping. Who’s gonna pay for ship inspections? Up-keep? Maintenance? Oh wait wait. Someone light a fag and throw the match in the wrong place?

Rant (and burn it down) on, baby.