Cringetopia And Other #Eurowasteland Tales

The first casualty of war is truth.

Well, don’t you know, dear worst-reader. I can’t quit certain elements of the newz. Or can I? Then again. After a quick research of this worst-post, I was a bit surprised at the lack of coverage of Zelensky’s plea. Of course, how does one rebut Putin when one is obviously at the cusp of occupation. Oh wait. Perhaps worst-writer is showing to much of his hand. When I worst-write cusp of occupation there should be some sort of qualifier where the issue of occupation is not questioned. It’s just that. Well. Who doesn’t already know that since, say, the annexation of Crimea, occupation has begun? Then again… No. Let me just stop there–and tone down some of the worst of my worst-writing about things I know too little about.

It’s just that, dear worst-reader, after listening to Zelensky switch from Ukrainian to Russian in his speech–which is the only thing I could actually understand from what he was saying–left me cringing. I mean. Is there such a difference in the two languages that require an obvious emotional transition? Or am I the only one to have witnessed it? For those brief moments when he switched to the Russian language I thought that something lifted from his soul. It went skyward not unlike an epiphany or a transcendental religious rising. Or was it lowering? #Nomatter.

Worst-writer feels bad for Ukraine right now. In fact. I feel even worse the more I read about the history that has lead to all this. And so. Once again. #Eurowasteland is where it all begins and will most likely all end. Indeed. We (the west) are at the cusp of yet another (money making) war. But is this pre WW1 or WW2 (money making)–which leads to WW3 (money making)? Or how bout this worst-question: when all hell breaks out and Putin decides to show all those other former soviet mini-states that were so easily overwhelmed after WW2 that they have no nation-state rights on account he thinks they haven’t earned it or just because what he says goes because, well, he’s once again, like his forefathers, fighting nazis and communists and and and and….

Hold a sec. Did you, dear worst-reader, get a load of Putin’s speech? Holly krapp! I’ve listened to it twice now and have also read transcripts and I cannot believe what he said. Is this guy for real? For a few moments there, while obviously blathering and overwhelmed with misconstrued albeit powerful emotions, Vlad Putin transfixed himself into the past right before our eyes. He was right there with all his/the ghosts of Russia’s past. He was worshiping at the feet of Bolshevik priestly vigils. Stahlin was petting his head as though to say: good puppy, good puppy, there there there good puppy. And don’t forget the mother finger of the Russian empire shoved into the whiny babies mouth so as to surpress not only babies screams but the hunger, the über-hunger, that is fed with meaning and respect (un-as-of-yet-earned). Indeed. We are witnessing at this moment the open–laid out on the table–soul of Russia’s past. A past filled and decorated with litany, misery, coldness but also great art, fearlessness and perseverance. To think that a nation-state like Russia could rise out of so much country bumpkin peasantry is a wonder of humanity. Yet, that same past cannot overcome the simplicity of might over right–just because Putin can. Am I wrong.

Yeah. This almost sixty year old worst-writer made it through the Cold War, the gluttony of Reaganism, the servility of global corporatism run amok and now it all comes together in the form of a dot or speck or out-of-place hair where big-boys try to figure out how to get along or die trying. Then again, if you get a giggle or three out of what Zelensky is saying (see video in first link below), which feels so much like misplaced way to little way to late, there might be this last worst-question: how does one turn the story of David vs Goliath into a comedy of errors where no one has to die?

Good luck #Eurowastelanders.

Good luck #Americants.

Good luck suckers.

-Rant on.


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