Crypto Scare Beware Or Maybe Not

Well, there you have it, dear worst-reader. Worst-writer has read through some newz again. And. Don’t you know. I’ve read through something that’s NOT about some two-bit dictator Vlad forcing The West’s hand regarding its comeuppance after having allowed (enabled) Russia to dwindle like a bureaucrats wiener on his dying (last) day of coercive bureaucracy galore. With that in worst-mind.

Did you get a load of recent reports regarding yet another dictator-land and it’s ability to heist crypto? Actually, this sort of newz ain’t even on my worst-radar. I’ve long since given up on crypto, don’t you know. Indeed. Yeah. That day was around 2007-2008 when I tried to setup a mining server but couldn’t get past the tech. I mean. I figured out all on my lonesome back then what the three components of Bitcoin are, and I guess that’s a good thing. Or? Anywho. You need these three things when doing crypto: the wallet thingy, the mining thingy and the blockchain thingy. (Correct me if I’m wrong.) But I couldn’t figure out how to make all of them work. Oh! Those were the days. The days before I gave-in to the reality that, even though I kinda dig all-things tech, I’m no early adopter. And so. Let’s just see how this pans out, I thought.

So many years later I keep wondering if, maybe, I might have actually clicked the right virtual buttons back then and got that mining thing working. Unfortunately that old PC that I had thrown together, including the hard-drive, went to where most of my old tech-krapp goes: the bin. Still. The fantasy does lurk in the confines of my worst-dreams even today. Do I have a bitcoin or two wasting away on an old hard-drive that’s long since filled a land-fill? No. That can’t be.

And so. In today’s worst-newz blog post, we have three articles where The Media is trying to scare people away from crypto. Or can you figure out another reason for what’s being said here (links below)? I mean. Here are three articles from three different sites, all three stemming from the same source, I’m worst-guessing, saying that four hundred million dollars worth of crypto was stolen by hackers in North Korea. I started with the BBC article and got to thinking who the heck cares about something like this? I mean. Talk about fiat–as in: fiat money. Or. Better worst-put: let’s everyone make up our own money on account money-money (standard currencies) are too centralised and thereby controlled and manipulated and devalued–all in the name of protecting the Have-Mores from the Haves–while the Have-Nots have been to dumb-downed all along with a preoccupation for wet t-shirts, dream vacations and wives not putting out on account husbands can’t bring home Have-bacon anymore. But on that worst-thought I die-gress.

My worst-point about useless articles in the newz is this: The issue of North Korea stealing arbitrarily valued crypto means nothing in a world of real-real currency–even if said country may (or may not) finance its war-machine with such activity. If one looks for an essence or subtext of these articles, one might realise that meaninglessness can gain meaning if the true purpose is consciously or subconsciously transcribed. In other worst-words, the essence of this issue is about scaring people away from crypto. Don’t mess with stuff you don’t understand and stay especially clear if a country like North Korea can rip you off. Or is this really about a two-bit dictatorship (North Korea), which has no REAL financial issues on account it’s propped up by big a brother dictatorship (China), using stolen arbitrary digital currency arbitrarily valued at four hundred million arbitrary dollars to finance its arbitrary nuclear war-machine? Seriously? Ok.

And so so. Be afraid, dear worst-reader. Be afraid of all-things new and shinny and digital and don’t squander your savings on making it big over-digital-night on crypto.

Rant on.


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