Old General’s Movie Worst-Words Lingering Large?

screenshot from the #interwebnets of the movie Patton

Not sure what motivates worst-moi to worst-post this. Could it have something to do with Russia and Russia’s recent attempt at enabling/facilitating a new tzar, i.e. Putin? Then again. Europe, as I worst-write this, is (once again) at war. I mean. Don’t you know. It’s as though #nomatter how many generations of war-mongers pass–as in pass on to the netherworld–Europe can do nothing else but war war war. And so. Here’s a quote from an interesting movie about the mindset of war-mongers at the end of WW2. You know. That most recent war thingy that lead to the world finally realising (or not) that maybe it’s time to stop with all this bull$hit. Oh. And. By-the-buy. This is, of course, from the winners of said war. You know. Winners. The ones that write the history.

The war shouldn’t be over. We should stop pussyfooting about the Russians! We’ll have to fight them anyway. Why not do it now, when the army’s here? Instead of disarming Germans let’s get them to help fight the Bolsheviks.

The quote above is from the 1970 movie Patton starring George C. Scott. I saw this movie for the first time in the mid 1970s–even though I was to young to actually be let in (to the cinema) on account of the extreme (curse word) language. But that’s neither here nor there. I was pushed to see this movie because the pushing is/was what’s done with young American males. The cinema, don’t you know, gladly let me in–and not just because I could afford the fee. Indeed. So I watched yet another propagandist movie. And to this day I kinda like it. Or was it a movie about good feelings galore regarding where/what I was born to love (or not)? #Nomatter. Moving on.

A few years after watching this movie I would go to a US armed forces recruiting centre regarding whether or not to volunteer, join, the forces. Needless to say. The movie mentioned above lingered large in my mind back then. Could I actually sign-up for four years (that was the commitment back then) and follow all these guys who don’t seem to think twice about killing others? Is the military a life for me–which was the reason I had to talk to military recruiters in the first place on account that’s where the American poor go if they believe it will be a spring-board to something better in life? As far as worst-writer was concerned, I chose to leave it all on the table. In fact. I can still remember one of the young army/navy/marine recruiters getting pissed off and gruelling me about wasting their time if I couldn’t sign up to the greatest fighting force in the history of mankind where I would find glory defending my country. But before I get too far off topic.

Although I’m not sure if General Patton actually said the words that George C. Scott said in the movie (quote above), considering Scott’s portrayal of Patton, it doesn’t seem far fetched. Then again. How does one sell the American dream, the American story of glory, persuading poor souls to go their way instead of a different way that doesn’t involve killing Russians, Vietnamese, middle-Americans, Arabs and muslims and and and, etc.? I obviously don’t know anymore the answer to that question(s). That was so long ago. Yet it all lingers. Lingers large. In the back of my mind. And. Like I worst-said. I left it all on the table. But. Then again. Considering Ukraine and the issue (currently) of more useless death in Europe… No. Stop.

That’s not the reason I’m posting this. The question I have now is, after so many years, after the Cold War and squandering my youth because I couldn’t kill, what’s with the Russians right now who can (kill)?

Rant on.