Raised By…

If you want questions answered regarding who raises these people, then you’ve come to the right place. Then again, should we be worst-writing about the women who raise men to hit women? Do we even need to talk about their fathers who do goodness-knows-what with (their) wives and mothers and and and? Perhaps a more illustrous enquiry would be about the environment in which these people are reared. Or. Maybe. And here’s a real doozy of a question. How does one purge this from life, liberty and the idear that is

THE FREEDOM TO BE STUPID in the united mistakes of #Americant?

Seriously. How does a society cope with this level of vulgarity and ineptness? Is education the answer? Or could it all have something to do with money and all other things greed-driven? #Nomatter.

Ok. A quick review. According to the link below, dear worst-reader, there was an altercation in the great worst-state of Ohio recently. A proud-boy white supremacist cold cocked a young woman right in the face while at the same time showing the true colours of a country that obviously can’t find its way out of a wet paper (political) bag. I mean. When things get like this, where is any bravery? Where is any real man that can stand up to this? Who are the ones that claim greatness and honour and diligence and perseverance and and and?

What’s even more disgusting about all this is that Joe Biden, after a life-time of political service, would never take a moment to address what’s really going on here. And why not? Well. Don’t you know. He’s been at the head of all that’s lead up to this. I mean. Just check out the age of this white-nationalist scumbag. I’m old enough to be his dad and I’m twenty-five years younger than Biden. Ok. But. What I’m trying to get at is this: Who and what the fcuk raises these men?

Indeed-1. It would be below the presidency of the united mistakes of #Americant to actually addresses this behaviour, right? I mean. That’s not what leaders are t/here to do. Or?

Indeed-2. After fifty years in politics, the result of all Joe Biden’s doings is in plain sight for all to see–and in the case of this woman, feel. A country stuck in an inebriated state of self perpetuating high-school life where there are no teachers, leaders, good people to stand up to this–there are no real-men whether presidents (not that there ever were) or neighbours. Will the law and local authorities do their jobs and prosecute this weak man-child that attacked someone after spewing hateful words in the public square revealing not only the core of his soul but the soul core that reared him? Sure. Why not? What the hell else is anyone gonna do in a country that is on the edge? But the problem? The overwhelming problem that is #Americant? No one will attack and prosecute that. It is serving such a purpose beyond all the unmanliness.

Rant on.


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