Fog Of War Mind Boggle

Have to admit, dear worst-reader. Of all the newz coming out of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, this one has got to be the most bat$hit. And we all know how bat$hit confuses worst-writer. With that in worst-mind. Here’s how worst-writer understands the bat$hit.

First. Zelensky has been requesting for days that the West help him with a no-fly zone over Ukraine. But in order for that to happen, Ukraine needs more jets. Cool.

Second. Poland has offered to provide its fleet of MiG jets to be landed at a US airbase in Germany and from there the jets can be used to create a no-fly zone over Ukraine. Ok. Good. Now.

Third. But first this disclaimer. This is mostly worst-writer speculation but perhaps some of it is worst-real. Poland, trying to make a deal, would require that the US replace the MiGs it sends to US/Germany with new F-16s. The problem with such a deal, though, is that the US doesn’t have any readily available F-16s–unless it reneges on a recent deal that is in the process of delivering those same jets to Taiwan. Ok. Wow.

Let’s summarise, shall we?

Ukraine needs more jets which it could get from Poland but Poland is afraid to get directly involved because, obviously, that would piss-off the Russkies. The US, again, from the get-go, has said it’s definitely not getting directly involved in this fight–even though it’s heavily indirectly involved with images of Russian helicopters being blown out of the sky and Russian tanks being shattered into pieces, all with US/Nato weaponry. Wow. What a mess, eh. So let’s move on.

As worst-stated. Since it’s been made clear from the get-go that the US is NOT going to directly help Ukraine in its fight–directly meaning US troops–where is the line drawn about indirectly helping Ukraine? And if there is an indirect line drawn, why the fcuk won’t Poland cross it by at least giving those damn plans directly to Ukraine? Why does Poland have to turn this into such a blatant deal-making bananza? And don’t forget this little tidbit, dear worst-reader. Those F-16s, which Poland wants re-routed, could put Taiwan in jeopardy since it will eventually have to deal with a somewhat less than evil and spiteful dictator neighbour aka China soon enough. But then that leads to yet another worst-question: Maybe this whole thing is about the US not having sold enough weaponry as it’s so casually catered to the misfit dictator Putin for the last twenty (or so) years? Yeah. (Sarcasm on.) That’s the ticket. (Sarcasm off.)

Here’s where I have to give credit where credit is due. If Zelensky’s original idear behind making this no-fly zone request was about forcing the issue regarding direct or indirect help from the West/Nato, the man might go down in history has a friggin war strategist genius. And allow this worst-thought to be added: Zelensky is a former comedian. He is a Ukrainian and Russian speaking TV guy. Now. Considering that most of Ukraine’s weapons problems hark back to former prez pee-pee-hair (Trump and his first impeachment trial, see link below), which one of these two TV guys turned politician is gonna go down in history as the smart one? But on that worst-note, I should die-gress.

If Zelensky didn’t plan all this but maybe, maybe, Poland found a way to manipulate NATO that would/could finally put the US directly in the conflict then perhaps it deserves a war-strategy award as well. Or how bout this worst-thought: all the former east-bloc countries that have been desperately trying to free themselves from the historical chokehold that is the former Soviet Union and the current dictatorship that hasn’t been able to pull Russia out of its greed-mongering, oligarchy, bat$hittery deserve a bit more than what they’re getting. Does such a worst-thought mean worst-writer is war mongering? Maybe. The thing is, as a child of the cold-war, as someone who has been skeptical of the post cold-war world, as transcriber of all-things worst, I don’t know how all this can be resolved without lots, lots more horror.

And so is this worst-world where there’s nothing left to commoditise except life itself. (Sarcasm on.) Go capitalism galore, baby. (Sarcasm off.) Or maybe not.

Rant on.