Comedy Ohrfeige

Well. Don’t you know, dear worst-reader. Worst-writer’s eyes are all swollen and slightly teared up this morning. Why? In case you missed it, here’s a recap of last night’s Oscars. Will Smith bitch slapped Chris Rock. That’s it. That’s all that happened during one of the most watched (awards) TV shows on the planet. Btw. Ohrfeige is German for bitch-slap, or slap in the face. And I’m worst-wondering if Will Smith might have been bitch-slapping all of (modern) comedy right in the face last night and thereby ending his career. What? Hold a sec. Why am I on the verge of tears every time I see something on the #interwebnets (this morning) about this situation? Even though I’m not a big fan of his work, I’ve always admired Will Smith. Chris Rock? I guess he’s funny but all-in-all, fcuk him. He makes money by making fun of people. Is the room in which he’s earning his money made for anything but laughs? People laughed, right? So why am I worried about Will Smith? The thing is, dear worst-reader. The world just watched one of the most successful American actors, who should be admired for his work, his family, and the obvious love that he has for his wife–and now he will forever be the man that walked up on a stage and committed an act of outright, egregious violence. And for what? Why? Why? Why? Isn’t there enough violence everywhere these days? And now there’s even too much violence in a room full of numbskulls with too much privilege? And all the violence is perpetrated by men, don’t you know–and their inner-most uglies. Uglies, btw, which were made obvious as Smith returned to his seat and dropped a few mind-boggling f-bombs to add to his delusions of grandeur, righteousness and/or misallocation of (false) chivalry. And yet. I feel so bad for Will Smith right now that I don’t know what to worst-write about the whole ordeal. Sadness. Sad. Except that this will be Will Smith’s legacy–as far as worst-writer is concerned. What a shame. So let me just add this. I hope that somehow something good comes out of this ugly, disgusting situation. Something that goes beyond the fantasy and fiction that is Hollywood. For I can still remember previous Oscar games where the likes of Marlon Brando or George C Scott pulled off their Ohrfeige. And what an Ohrfeige it was. But what am I worst-saying? Ok. How bout this. There is a coming reality check that probably only offers some decency. Just some decency. Then again. Maybe. Just maybe. That decency can start with comedians coming up with material that is a bit more…. Or we need a lot less violence… Or… And… I don’t know. I just don’t know.


Good luck suckers.

Rant on.