Foetus Formaldehyde Frankenstein Freakshow

Well, there you have it, dear worst-reader. Just as I finished initial worst-thoughts on my previous worst-post, while researching for more newz links to add to it, I happened across this worst-story which I battled for an hour or three on whether or not to worst-write about. My first thoughts were simple: #Americant. But as I continued with other re-worst-writes of my pervious post, which contains a few references to debauchery, I got to worst-thinking anew. You know. Debauchery. #Americant. Fail upwards. Dysfunction. Etc. You know. That old (worst-writer) chestnut. So let’s worst-recap this worst-story, shall we?

A woman in VA was arrested recently for having foetal remains in glass jars in her house. Now. That wouldn’t be an issue if this person were a scientist or a doctor or a researcher that just happens to work at a biohazard government facility. But this person is actually just your average #Americant idiot that also has a criminal record for being anti-choice and/or pro-persecution of woman who want to make their own decisions regarding their own bodies–AND THIS PERSON HAS HUMAN FOETAL REMAINS IN GLASS JARS IN HER HOUSE. Ok? Got that?

Btw, dear worst-reader, you ever hung out in a room where there’s lots of formaldehyde? It’s really irate smelling stuff, don’t you know. I know because I worked for a short stint in a funeral home. In fact, unless it’s thoroughly sealed formaldehyde will smell-up a room as fast as you can say: did you see those anti-abortionists blow up that vet clinic the other day they’d mistaken for a planned parenthood clinic? Yeah. Formaldehyde also has some intoxicating properties. Don’t ask me how I know that. Let’s not go to that worst-place where #Americant conservative, religious nutbags get high off stealing formaldehyde from unborn babies in jars. Or?

The worst-thing is, dear worst-reader, there are laws in any civil society that prohibits the hoarding of human remains or corpse abuse. These laws date back to the day of early novel writing, don’t you know. Or did you not know that the spark for writing Frankenstein was the problem of grave robbing back in Mary Shelly’s day? You know. It’s part of trying to maintain a sense of humanity–as opposed to complete overthrow of all things human at the behest of political conservatism run amok that is incapable of original thought let-alone the crazy idear that liberals could run the $hitshow better. Or. The story of Frankenstein is about the crazy, whacked-out (conservative) pseudo-doctor that robs graves to piece together a new human being so he can play god. Say. Does that sound anything like what your modern fascist, conservatives would love doing? But on that worst-note, I should die-gress.

As of the worst-writing of this post, it’s not yet known why this person has five jars of foetal remains in her home. But let that not stop us from worst-guessing. Shall we?

  1. As mentioned she needs the formaldehyde to get high
  2. She uses them to scare others into joining her team of crackpot fanatics in protesting abortion and the rights of women to make their own choices
  3. They are her aborted babies
  4. She mistook the jars for pickled pig feet because, well, most political Pöbel conservatives are that dumb
  5. The jars (and foetal remains within) are part of a religious ritual that she may or may not share with like minded nutcases that all get their kicks out of being raised and reared in a death-cult and, hence, the discovery of this debauchery had the luck-of-the-draw where someone was cognitive enough to realise that a line had been crossed. (End of guessing.)

Moving on.

Who knows what’s gonna come of this story. But worst-writer’s worst-guess is that this person is crazy and the fact that she found her way to adulthood after being abused by the abused all her life and then thrown into a cesspool of greed and un-love… Oh. Wait. That’s all of #Americant is it not?

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.