Loss? Yes. But It Ain’t Over.

Oh no, dear worst-reader. The You Tubes has disappeared Chris Hedges. What now?

Here’s a tag link to worst-writer’s posts where I say a thing or three about Chris Hedges. For if you’re not in the know, dear worst-reader, Chris Hedges has been–in his words–disappeared from the #interwebnets video service The You Tubes. Am I surprised that he’s been disappeared? Heck no. I was only wondering how long it would take once all them sanctions got going for all-things Russian/Putin. But that’s neither here nor there as I never relied on RT (Russia Today) for Hedges from the get-go. And I prefer to believe that it is RT that has been cancelled and it’s a bit tedious if not downright otherworldly for corporatism to put the effort into just removing the “RT” insignia from all those videos. The thing that matters is that I’ll keep reading Hedges, whether its internet posts or his books. He’s just too good to not read. Do I shed a teardrop over RT (Russia Today) being booted from The You Tubes? Not really. Do I consider it a form of censorship that six years of Hedges RT videos have been taken down? Maybe. The thing is, the people who I sometimes watched on RT all have the capacity (I’m sure) to move on to bigger and better things. In fact, I’m sure most of them are smart enough to know that even though RT was a decent springboard at the time, having it has a middleman to viewership is probably a bit old-fashioned in these times of gaining an #interwebnet audience. But what does worst-writer know about gaining an audience, eh?

Rant on.


Link: Hedges: On Being Disappeared – scheerpost.com