O-Face Debauchery Reveal

Keep in mind, dear worst-reader, worst-writer grew up in and around the capital of his grand & missed united mistakes of #Americant, aka DC. At the time, of course, I always believed that DC was a big, huuuuuge city. I’ve since learned that it is nothing but a village. But is it a village of idiots? Perhaps. It is also something else, don’t you know.

Disclaimer: this post is NSFW.

While attempting–and wasting a part of my life–to study at University, which boardered northern DC, I Mc-jobbed around like any other kid trying to earn as much money as possible that would/could be wasted on #Americant higher education. While in search of a third or fourth new Mc-Job, I thought I finally hit the jackpot. I landed a coveted bar-back job at a somewhat fancy restaurant in Georgetown. Being a quick learner and having memorised drink recipes like no other, within a few months I was elevated to Sunday to Wednesday bartending. After a few more months I landed the prime bartending shifts of Thursday through Saturday. That meant, don’t you know, that on a good night–especially Thursday and Friday college nights–I would easily earn two to three hundred dollars in tips–and at the time (early to mid 1980s) I made twelve dollars an hour as a full-fledged bartender. That was damn good money.

Jockeying youthful life between Mc-Jobs, university study and the lure of the wild that is big-city (bigger village) life, had its perks. This was also a time where promiscuity and other life-experimentations, wanted or not, played a big role. One of the first things I learned when I made it to the city was how some people play the game of sex. For sex is a game, is it not? For a village like Washington DC it’s a wonder that the exchange of bodily fluids didn’t flood the place. At times in the wee morning hours, when I made my way home from a night of galavanting with a pocket full of tip money, it certainly smelled of promiscuity. Combine that with the consumption of alcohol and drugs, especially cocaine–for it was the 80s… Holy krapp, dear worst-reader! Shall I worst-write something about Sodom & Gomorrah now?

That worst-said, I wish I could exchange all my tip money for a currency equal to late-night, wee-morning hours offers of I’ll suck your cock for ten dollars or you look like blow or I’ve got two college bitches in an apartment two blocks off Wisconsin avenue or–and this one is the best–I know a Senator that will pay you if you let him suck your arsehole. Sex at the time had nothing to do with boys and girls. It was all about some control freak getting his/her rocks off. The alcohol and the drugs just made it all palatable for those stuck in the $hitshow. For you see, dear worst-reader, there is only one true meaning behind sex and that true meaning can only be found in the confines of power. And I assure you that its meaning has nothing to do with procreation or legislation. That meaning is, instead, about manipulation, exploitation, control, spite, hate, bigotry, consumption, greed, untruth, etc. And then there’s the grand O-Face that shames every man that ever lived because he knows that if reality ever sets in that every woman that ever lived would laugh her face off if men ever knew how silly they really are when it comes to all-things sex… But I die-gress. Or have I not worst-said enough about debauchery?

It’s obvious that I made it out of that $hithole. I think I made it out relatively unscathed. But there are times, even after almost forty years, where I can’t help but reminisce–especially when certain issues are addressed in the newz. Or did you miss the $hit about a young North Carolina #Americant congressman spilling the beans about what cums in Washington DC? What a silly little man this revealer is, eh. For no one is allowed to shine the light on alley-ways and side-streets that is the big, ugly, disgusting village of debauchery–and the things that take place just prior to an old man’s O-Face. Or?

Long story short. A nitwit über-right-wing congressman couldn’t control his mouth (or his mind) during a #interwebnet interview where he reveals the truth/reality that there is drug use and wild orgies in Washington DC. But that, of course, is not the newz here. No. The thing that makes this interesting is that this young and obviously naive man openly refers to all this activity happening within the confines of his über-right-wing political party. Now. That’s a no-no. But all worst-fun aside.

Worst-writer could give a hoot about what happens to this little, itty-bitty man and his über-right-wing nuttery, even though this might be the end of his political career on account he is too stupid to realise that by saying the things he said he’s actually telling some truth(s). Conservatives can’t have that! Add to that a known pervert has recently come out to try and defend this nitwit. Wow. What’s important here is that this situation might wake up a few #Americants to the reality of what they’ve done by supporting not just conservatives but sexually repressed arseholes that live for vice and no virtue. For you see, dear worst-readers, debauchery is a way of life–as long as it remains confined and doesn’t scare off the grandmas and children. God forbid truth be told regarding what a bunch of disgusting old people are up to for $hits & giggles in the village of power–at the expense of all others.

Rant on.