History Rhymes, Think About The Children

Screenshot from the #interwebnets

Going out on yet another über-whim, dear worst-reader. In short, this worst-post is thus: the son of recent academy award winner for best actor tweeted after said actor (father) committed an egregious act of violence in front of an audience of billions: And that’s how we do it (pic above).

Ok. Fine. Dandy. What should this interest worst-writer? Well…

Having followed some of the bat$hit from the aftermath of the 94th Academy awards, I couldn’t help but get stuck on the perpetrator of violence, aka academy award winner, Will Smith. Say what you will about bad jokes or, even worse, bad joke makers. Is there any way to justify this action? Cause that’s the worst-thing, dear worst-reader. Action justification is in full-bloom. Or have you not yet decided which side you’re on?

As worst-stated here, I could give a hoot about Chris Rock. Seriously. Comedians come and go. Which begs the worst-question: Are there any comedians that transcend (their) laugher? Maybe. But that’s the thing, eh, dear worst-reader? What happens when the laughter ends? What happens when the TV show is over and all that’s left is more and more and more TV?

What gets me riled about this whole thing is how it may or may not be yet another sublime message regarding the state of things. You know. Capitalism is amidst another nadir. You know. Inflation. Inflation. Oil and gas. Crash boom bang. War. War. War. Death so the useless rich may endure. All of which is nothing new, historically considered. And that’s the ticket. Nothing is new. Not even an unprovoked smack on live TV show. Then again. Not being the same means it is also/somehow not different. As in. History doesn’t repeat but it does rhyme. And so. How do we get from repeat to rhyme? (Or the other way round?) Could the answer be in the chasm that is both time and procreation?

There are those who hang on to what they know–because they can. Yet what about those of us who want to hang on to what we do not know–so that we can move forward? Is that the question the plagues the world today as Ukrainians are slaughtered and there are those in the media and in various countries who defend such killing? Or what about those who outright protest this blatant and aggressive behaviour simply because we can see the history in what’s happening? Is this the chasm of time and procreation? Most certainly not. Or?

Obviously worst-writer is stretching things going from the son of an academy awarding winning actor that is unable to see the wrong of his ways and thereby teaching those ways to his son and that of a so-called super-power conniving to expand its power through force because it simply can’t get a fellow country to stop telling bad jokes about its wife’s hair.

And with that I’ll stop. Nuff said.

Rant on.