Homo Economicus Greed Mechanicus

There are moorings galore at the end of the beach, just outside of swimming reach. If you channel your way along tip-toe shores, you’ll always find the best eats. If not don’t fret for there’s a song to be sung. You just have to prepare your ears a bit for they will send a signal to your brain even if it isn’t yours.

  • Invert the fcuking thing and do it! she commanded.
  • I can’t, I responded. It doesn’t work that way. I can’t fit it in.
  • Then what good are you, she said and continued on her way of defeating the world one fcuk at a time.

Disclaimer: this worst-post is NSFW.

So goes the worst-dialogue of a scene I once tried to worst-write where I wanted to invert joy and suffering thereby being as emotionless as possible but still coercing a reaction. It’s that old chestnut don’t you, dear worst-reader? You know. It is what every Hollywood movie NEVER does. Or rarely does. Or have I missed it where evil prevails over good? Maybe not. Or what about wrong winning over right? And then there’s my favourite:

What is to be done when the question of love vs hate is mute because hate should never be in the equation in the first place?

For. Don’t you know. Dear worst-reader. What is the opposite of love? How bout respect? I mean. Hate’s too easy. No? Let’s worst-move on.

The shocking images coming out of Ukraine play havoc on the mind. How is that? I mean. Haven’t we all been groomed for this? Well. One has to first un-understand the mindset that lead to this war. Is that mindset different from any other mindset that resulted in (any particular) war? Luckily the mindset is best exemplified in the guy that pulls the trigger. Or? I mean, who pulled the trigger for Afghanistan and Iraq? #Nomatter. Let’s not get bogged down. For the images, as they are strewn across websites, newz shows and #Interwebnet you-tubes, are more than shocking. I am the bringer of death, someone is saying with a loud voice–a voice that may be a singing voice at the end of your beach vacation. Do we care about the tone or pitch or melody of what’s sung? Of course not. We’re at the beach. All that’s left for us is the un-understanding or if we can swallow. Un-understanding as determined by what we know, what we can comprehend, the means with which… The chef drills a bit more just off shore and he finds us the sweetest Meeresfrüchte (seafood).

At this current stage of un-understanding The War, worst-writer has busied himself with the term Homo-Economicus. Say it three times to yourself, dear worst-reader. Are you finished? How does it sound? Remind you of Monty Python’s Biggus Dickus? Indeed. What a funny scene that was, eh? But do these funny words serve something higher? Something to make us trot along and/or do more than just consume-to-survive? Take, for example, a scene from The Godfather? The Godfather is, don’t you know, the greatest film/story of all time where evil wins against evil. There is no good in The Godfather. Am I wrong. There may be a slight hint to something good. You know. The scene where the worst of us learn what an abortion is and why a woman should have the right to choose. But on that worst-note, I should die-gress.

Where were I.

Homo-economicus is but another terminology consistent with neoliberal or, perhaps, even, new-world-order. It is terminology that enables the inversion of knowledge that serves a(nother) purpose. That purpose, of course, is the human drama that drives us all–at least from the POV of the coiners of homo-economicus. For it is all about the self, the self and more of the self. As in self-interested. Self-serving. Go ahead a fcuk yourself. Still. I can’t quite get behind all this un-learning, un-knowing, and un-understanding that is pursuant to the un-understanding and/or desire to be free. Remember. There is only THE FREEDOM TO BE STUPID. Or have I missed that whole cookie bake-off where there are no cookie jars? #Nomatter.

It should come to no surprise that worst-writer has taken this long to confront the term homo-economicus. Imagine how many more un-meaningful words are out there? It’s just. Well. These un-understood words are starting to get to me. Not unlike the words spoke (or translated) in justifying war (see link below about Putin’s Feb. 22, 2022 speech). For. Don’t you know. All you have to do is pick out the words to a willing and un-enabled audience that can’t think for itself. And. Bam! There you have it. You have those who would believe that there is some good in The Godfather when in reality it’s just about how to be bad and worst all in the same breath. But. Again. I’m off worst-subject.

As far as what’s eating me, dear worst-reader? Well. I just can’t get over the fact that a guy like Putin could have a world-wide audience and tell that audience the inverse of the truth and get away with it. If there ever were recourse for what he’s done maybe it should be that he has to spend the rest of his days alone on a beach with a chef and a mooring and that’s it. But what do I worst-know?

Rant on.