Have No Fear KleptoCapture Is Here

Wow, dear worst-reader. Am I the only one to get excited every time I learn about a new, fancy government agency that I never heard of before–or ever even imagined existed? Ok. Then again. Anyone ever ask when/where/who all this government agency stuff comes from? I mean. There’s the biggie aka Homeland Security. Ain’t that the largest agency created since WW2? And on whose watch was it created? You know. The watch of the worshippers of smaller government? And if you check out the vid above, you can even see not only FBI but also ICE representation in the seizer of a yacht that is starting to look like every other yacht–as though these things are all one and the same. And by-the-buy. Ain’t ICE part of Homeland Security? What is Homeland Security doing in Mallorca, Spain, confiscating a boat? Ok. Uh. Yea. Sarcasm off.

The thing is. The kleptocracy that is the western world, lead, of course, by my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant, has been stealing $hit for-ever-more. It’s the backup plan for when capitalism’s demise need be hidden. Yet. Somehow. The world has accepted the/a lesser evil form of kleptocracy that may or may not be referred to as capitalism run amok. It’s the capitalism perpetrated by law abiding nation-states, don’t you know. As opposed to the kleptocracy of Putin who is obviously not only a really really mean guy but has no respect for international law or people who speak really really good Russian but hate Russia. With that in mind, is worst-writer somehow defending The Russkies and their form of kleptocracy? I’d say not. Then again. What’s gonna happen if/when The West confiscates or impounds the wrong piece of gluttony? Is there such a thing as wrong piece of gluttony? Oh my. Too many worst-questions in a world of too much stuff that only rich arsholes can possess, eh.

Perhaps the less confusing, if not provocative question is, what’s gonna happen with all this stuff that is confiscated? I mean. I know how to drive a boat. Any chance I could fiddle around with it for while? I know how to get to Mallorca. Been there quite a bit actually. A really fun place–as long as you stay away from the spiced, cold wine on the beach. Again. Sarcasm off.

Not sure about you, dear worst-reader, but I’m getting excited waiting to hear if/when KleptoCapture seizes one of Putin’s boats. Can you even imagine what kinda $hit will be had then?

Rant on.