Room With A View

No. Seriously, dear worst-reader. I’ve never been much of a peepee (peep-n-tom). That may or may not have something to do with my relations (successes) over the years. But enough about my ageing worst-libido.

I’ve often wondered about the bourgeoisie I’ve encountered here or there that have telescopes in their flats. That worst-said, while working the other day and resting my eyes from staring at a screen, I took my regular eye break and had a quick look out the window. It was a nice day. You know. Eye exercise. And what do I see?

I’m only posting to prove that I’m not the peepee here. Sorry for the pic but it’s probably better that it’s low quality. The thing is. I’ve long since learned that one of the reasons there are so many peepees (especially the ones with the telescopes) is because there are so many who don’t mind their own voyeurism. Then again. I live in the Germania of #Eurowasteland. This ain’t the first time I’ve seen humanity’s better-half hanging out on a terrace or a balcony or a living room ironing in the most luscious undergarments. But. Again. I didn’t go looking for it. It’s just there. So what are you gonna do?

Rant on.