The Pee Tape, Please


On a video roll this morning, dear worst-reader. And what a doozy we here at worst-writer dot com have for you. Samantha Bee got her some props a-going in this comical yet very serious interview with a man that deserves all kinds of admiration. It’s a shame though that more attention isn’t paid to the situation that former prez pee-pee-hair caused when he tried to coerce Zelenskyy at the behest of Putin. Or did you actually think (convinced by faux-newz) that mango-mussolini #Trump could have come up with this stuff himself? Seriously. He thinks?

This, btw, is where I don’t get the whole issue of Cheeto-jesus #Trump not being prosecuted for colluding with Putin/Russia. Then again. The moment during the 2016 prez-pee-pee-hair campaign where he literally asked (out loud) that the Russkies help him because he loves Wikileaks and a few days later the DNC is hacked… Ok. Fine. The Mueller report does not connect piss-hair #Trump with the DNC hack and that’s because, well, isn’t that what white-collar criminals do? They commit their crimes in broad daylight. They wave it in front of you as though you are the mouth/vagina/anus just in range of their mushroom penis, baby. That’s how it’s done. To feed the fire of #Americant corruption, these guys (#Trump & Co.) are given credit by the malignant middle-classes, due to their generational inherited ignorance, that ripping off someone is ok as long as that someone is not them. You know. Spite. Malice. Avarice. The new #Americant dream, baby. Anywho.

It’s good see Alexander Vindman getting some in this way.

Rant on.