Toll Road Hell To The Bluest Eyes

You have to know, dear worst-reader. I’m approaching a year without having returned to my beloved & missed #Americant. I know. I know. Why should an expat want to return? Yeah. That’s for another worst-post. Of course. I did go after a year and a half during the covid pandemic. But that was different on account, well… Covid. Anywho. I actually travelled to my beloved & missed united mistakes last summer during what some/history may consider the pandemic’s pinnacle. And I went un-vaccinated. For. Don’t you know, dear worst-reader. The intention, then, was to get vaccinated. You know. On account the #Eurowastelanders weren’t/aren’t as advanced. (Sarcasm off.) And so. I took advantage of being #Americant. Got me some relief cash, too! In other worst-words: There’s no vaccination like #Americant vaccination that includes a few thousand $$$. Or? But let’s leave that for yet another worst-posts because the summer of 2021 was also the summer I disconnected from my mom. Moving on.

After getting my first two vaccinations in my beloved & missed #Americant in the summer of 2021, I returned to #Eurowasteland with good conscience. Since then I received my third vaccination aka booster in Germania. So I’m good to go (so far) until that fourth booster. But having worst-said all that… what’s with the pics above?

The pics are from an interesting encounter after receiving my first covid vaccine in May 2021. I was driving my mother’s car across the Maryland Bay Bridge albeit without having secured a toll payment. WTF. Don’t you know. I’m slowly learning here & there that in order to drive my beloved & missed #Americant road(s) you have to first secure a payment method for tolls galore. Did I know that the toll booths were out of order which means you have to pay online? And to that I worst-say: WTF! But that’s neither here nor there. For…

We got a flat. That’s right. I suppose if Mercedes made tyres we wouldn’t have had a flat. But. My mother’s car, which she purchased used and on a whim prior to my arrival, was in need of new tyres. It was in need of new tyres on account, well, she didn’t rely on me to help her with such a purchase but instead relied on a new friend who has now become part of our family–and worst-writer disapproves. But I won’t get into any of that even though my disapproval is also part of the disconnect with my mother. Indeed. And so. What’s important is that, after inspecting what lead to the flat tyre, just after getting a ticket crossing a toll-bridge without paying, I was able to find a place that wouldn’t take us to the bank and replaced all four of the warn-out tyres that she mistakenly purchased with this car. And while all the tyres were being replaced I had the pleasure of hanging out with a cat. And not just any cat. It was the most gorgeous friggin cat I’ve ever seen. A cat with the most exquisite… Well. You get the picture.

Rant on.