Who Gave You Permission

Russian graffiti in Bucha Ukraine
Rough translation: who gave you permission to have nice things

The essence of political and/or lifestyle conservatism is? Very simple, dear worst-reader. Or maybe not. The essence is nothing other than NOT allowing others to make their own decisions. Also. It’s controlling the means with which one can make decisions. Conservatives hate it when others think different, or even if they have the gall to think for themselves. And then there’s the pinnacle:

Who gives you permission to do anything?

And so. Now that the Russkies are showing their true colours, where do we go with all this conservatism that is making the world mental? How bout we just skip the foreplay and go straight to arse-play hell. Yeah. That’s the ticket.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Then again, if reports are true and if the translation is correct, how are free thinkers supposed to cope with this level of conservatism? It reminds me, don’t you know, of a confrontation I once had with a girlfriend’s dad. Let’s call him Joe. And so.

Joe: So you want to have nice things, eh?

While meeting Joe for the first time I was trying to make a good impression. At the time, though, I had just moved to Germany for a summer job stint with an American management consultant company. The plan was to get a bit of work experience and then return to the US where I hoped to get a job. Joe’s daughter and I were having a long distance relationship and it was going pretty good since my job required constant travel to NYC and she was from New Jersey. Although she visited me in Germany a number of times that summer–and was very taken with Germany, for she’d never been to #Eurowasteland–I was hiding the fact that my stint could become something else. It seems that Joe’s intention, as should be the intention of every father, I suppose, was to consider my bona-fides (pronounced “bon-a-feedus”) regarding his daughter. Since he was obviously a conservative man, stuck in the past as they all are, while questioning Germany’s and #Eurowasteland’s socialism, he let it slip out that he knew I wasn’t gonna return to the US anytime soon. He could tell, he smirked, after I mentioned that I had never been so often to a doctor or a dentist in my life because the United Mistakes of #Americant had such a stupid medical insurance system, that one can easily lose one’s way when it comes to socialism–and that’s not the American way, he added. In other worst-words, he thought I was selling-out because I obviously preferred NOT to follow the #Americant system, which, he added, is what has made it so great. Uh. Ok.

In other-other worst-words, Joe was spiteful towards me because I had somehow managed to find a potential way through life where I wouldn’t have to rely on greed and selfishness in order to live good–if not medically insured. “Europeans,” he added, “don’t have to fight their way through life. That’s what makes them European and that’s why they started all the world wars. That’s not our way.” Uh. Ok.

Who told you you could live well?

Anywho. My worst-point is thus: conservatives are highly spiteful and bigoted peoples. We know that. But the depth of their bigotry is perhaps somewhat unknown. How far are they willing to go? Conservatism is like living in $hit, don’t you know. How does one know what $hit smells like if you live in it? Hence, the pic above. Conservatives inadvertently become what they project. They do this is in very subtle but obvious ways. Like. For example. How Putin was made. He was made by the same kind of (political) conservatism forced upon all others. For it was, I believe, if my memory serves me correctly, told to Boris Yeltsin, when he asked president George H. W. Bush what he was supposed to do with all the corruption overwhelming the former Soviet Union: be more corrupt than they (oligarchs) are.

Does the pic, written by Russkie soldiers in Bucha, Ukraine, after they laid waste to it, say enough about the mindset of the greedy and spiteful and bigoted? I mean. This goes beyond the petty and the obvious, don’t you know. The is downright evil beyond any evil of late. Say what you will about the tenants of national socialism (Nazi) or Soviet totalitarianism, both of which are politically conservative movements like no others. Heck one could even equate such mental mayhem with what’s been going on in my beloved & missed #Americant for the past (insert you’re number here) years as it’s so gallantly cultivated a new & improved fascism galore with its shiny smiley face. Yet. And so. As the greed-mongers fight among themselves the world literally becomes a bully of six year olds invading a sandbox of three year olds and thereby doing nothing but stealing all the toys, all the lunches, raping the mothers and grandparents and then yelling at the top of blue painted lungs:

Who said you could have nice things?

The thing is, dear worst-reader, I’ve been against every war that has taken place since I was born (1963). But this one is turning me in another direction. What is taking place in Ukraine is as bad if not worse as what lead to WW2, the only war, btw, that holds any merit as far as worst-writer’s concerned. With that in worst-mind, how does one fight against those whose minds are so corrupt with greed and bigotry and hate and spite and and and…?

Who gave you permission?

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.