Creeps R Us 101

Worst-title 2: How two people converse without talking to each other.

Had a hard time with this video, dear worst-reader. In fact, I could only watch it in parts. With that in mind, I should probably also note that I’m a Bill Maher skeptic-fan. That is. I used to like the guy–a lot. But then something happened with him. I don’t quite know what it is. I regularly listen to his Real Time podcast (the only way I can get the show on this side of the pond) and back in the day I would switch between him and Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show. But then Stewart dropped out of the business to be superseded by Stephen Colbert’s The Colbert Report. Now. I’ve said a few things here and here and here about all these parody and/or satire comedy shows. In short. I can’t say that there’s a form of comedy from the past decade or so that I’m a fan of. I guess I prefer smart comedy–even though that’s probably not a thing because stand-up comedy requires lots of smarts. I will turn away from insult and/or shock comedy, though, which seems to be all there is. But what do I know. What I’m trying to get at is… Well. Something ain’t right in the world of money, prestige and laughter. Could it have anything to do with there being so many comedians and everyone has to outdo the other–with insults and shock–which has lead to a kind of self perpetuating demise?

There’s two things Bill Maher does that gets me off my happy tippy-toes. The first is his tolerance, if not outright appeasement, to the right-wing politics of my beloved & missed #Americant. Then there’s the way he interviews people. He interviews people, whether questioning or conversing, as though he knows all the responses or answers. I mean. He doesn’t do it in a bad way–most of the time. And I get the fact that he needs an audience, which he’s nurtured and cultivated through out his career. And he is funny. I guess. Whereas, maybe, The Colbert Report was a funny show that just happened to be about politics. Ok. Stop. I need to think about that some more. Moving on.

The whole point of political satire is to make fun of the right wing. Why? Because you can. See anybody in Russkyland making jokes about Putin these days? The thing is, when you make fun of left wingers, it’s just funny and gets kinda boring on account left-wingers can laugh at themselves. Do the same of right-wingers and, well, it’s not only funny but it usually reveals something deeper, if not more profound that goes beyond laughter. Now. Don’t forget. In a democracy it’s hard to kill-off a comic which is why most right-wingers are finding it harder and harder to take a joke. Hence, right-wingers would prefer to use violence and authority to solve (any) issues. Now contrast that with the 2022 Oscars. I suppose you could also contrast it with the Jan. 6 insurrection. Or did you not think some of the people hanging like wilted dildos from the walls and fences of the Capitol weren’t high-larry-us? Anywho.

It’s ok to have right-wingers as guests, as Bill Maher does. Heck. Even I’ll admit that some of them are rational. (Just don’t ask me to name them.) But he has this shtick where he claims that rational thinking people can’t completely disconnect from right-wing bat$hitters. He adds that because seventy-four million #Americants voted for former prez pee-pee-hair, those of us who did not vote for him, because we can see through the vail of evil or the mantle of stupidity that has overcome the nation, have to find ways to get along. Well. Worst-writer say: bull$hit! In fact. Right-wing bat$hit reared worst-moi. That’s why I jumped the sinking ship almost forty years ago–and I don’t have to appease anything. Except my wife. Yeah. Lots of appeasement there. But before I get too far off worst-subject.

Like I worst-said. Something’s up with Bill Maher these days and the video above is another example of it. He not only panders to right-wingers but here’s shtick-2: He has no clue what to think of young people. I mean. Bless Bella Thorne’s heart. She handled herself brilliantly through out this interview. Is this proof that some men never grow-up? Maher is pushing seventy and here he is in an obvious state of squandered, youth-less delusions interviewing what he calls a hot chick (video time-stamp link). WTF. He even refers to her once or twice as honey or baby. Again. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a fuddy-duddy. I try to use endearing language when appropriate. Heck. Is Bella Thorne hot? (Uh-oh. I just googled her.) Holly cow is she hot! She reminds me of Raquel Welch. You see. With a reference like that at least it proves that worst-writer can act his age! Moving on.

With such an age gap maybe Maher’s tone and choice of words could be less demeaning if not less sexist. He could also figure out how to let someone else talk or at least finish their thought. Even though she’s got that typical #Americant female guttural, kinda made-up, deep voice, where every once-a-once a high-pitched girly snarl can be heard, I would have liked to hear more of her thoughts. But Maher constantly interrupted her. Why couldn’t he be a bit more tolerant of her thoughts regarding therapy, her traumas (in life), her chosen profession which I can imagine plays havoc on a woman’s mind where everything is sexed-up to the hilt–and probably because of all the free porn. (Don’t worry. I’m not googling that.) But all Bill can do, it seems, is hide the fact that he’s way out of his league and that makes him enamoured if not a bit obsessed with her looks, the shine that is youth filled with a future–as he continues to dry up. He’s trying so hard to hide flirtatious intent that all that’s left is the occasional demeaning reference to “her generation” or his inability to grasp her anxieties. Wow. WTF. Again. My hat is off to Bella Thorne.

Rant on.