Nepotismland Or The Club You Ain’t In

This worst-question must be worst-asked, dear worst-reader. What did you think would come of Hunter Biden’s laptop? No. Seriously. What did you think would come of it? Did you think it would be as good as Hillary’s Benghazi? I know. I know. You were wishing for child porn, right? We all know how prude and conservative #Americant is obsessed with all things sex–especially the really disturbing stuff as we saw during recent SCOTUS hearings. I mean. Ain’t that what all #Americants, perplexed by delusions and confusions as to why/how a guy like former prez pee-pee-hair has to tell you to make things great again and then he can rise to the highest (political) office (of bull$hit) and thereby commit crimes with impunity and/or giggle as his insurrection of right-wingers desecrate government buildings with their own feces? WTF. Then again. How does one get rid of the mind-chatter that is either lock her up or Hunter Biden’s laptop or #MAGA or #Trump? That’s right. You counter the chatter. You provide more chatter. You make the chatter reflect and über-reflect and double-reflect and then deflect and then the world is yours. You recreate and recreate and reverberate the deplorable WWE mindset and you hope for the best because all will be great again. Indeed. In a world of faux newz the chatter works well, don’t you know. Super well. For. As all things nepotism continues in the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID there’s yet another example of why/how the united mistakes became #Americant.

It is no sleight of hand that the current newz about former prez Cheeto-jeezus’ son-in-law somehow secured two billion dollars in moneys (loan, investment, guarantee, etc.) from a middle-east oil sheik. Or is it sleight of hand? I mean. What is going on? I’m sure the near or far future might tell more about what’s going on here but so far this is about a so-called crown prince of an oil abundant pseudo-country, for reasons unbeknownst, handing out two billion dollars to a family member of a former president that has hair that looks like it goes through a cotton-candy machine filled piss-sugar. And all that while the bat$hit right-wing tries to persecute the current president’s son for the same thing??? You know. Nepotism. WTF. Then again. Maybe. These moneys ain’t going to Jared Kushner but instead to others as a form of pay-off. Others who are probably in some way still connected to power? Wait. Maybe that needs another worst-writ. Man. This stuff is really gettin’ all kinds of worst-good.

Of all the newz I’ve read about this, Democracy Now provides the juiciest stuff. Could there really be a link between former prez pee-pee-hair and the fact that nothing is happening to investigate the murder of Jamal Khashoggi and that’s why/how Kushner is cashing out? I mean. Forget about the fact that Kushner is, like his father-in-law, nothing more than a two-bit man-child who inherited everything, including the inability to secure NYC real-estate without losing his shirt. Khashoggi’s murder and connection to the highest powers of Saudi Arabia, btw, has been confirmed by US intelligence. Which begs, once again, this worst-question: Is it possible that wannabe-mafia family #Trump, a family of nitwits and imbeciles, could have been part of helping a foreign country cover up a murder–via a payment that is just now coming to light? Oh man. This krapp you can’t make-up, dear worst-reader. This is like the Jerry Springer Show taking over the united mistakes of #Americant and now everyone wears terry-cloth clothing labeled with shoe sponsors and the only thing worth talking about is what car you drive and how rich someone else is. But on that note I should die-gress.

Then again. Is Joe Biden’s nitwit son still in the newz because he was dumb enough to leave his laptop at a repair shop? Wow. Seriously. Only in #Americant, baby.

Rant on.