Database Going Postal

It all started for worst-writer, dear worst-reader, with the nomenclature: going postal. The thing is, as I was slowly but surely beginning my expat journey around 1987, which was finalised in 1989, mass shootings or workplace rage in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant, were rampant. It wasn’t as bad as it is now, but it was newer back then. That means, there was no definition of a mass shooting. Then Columbine happened and everything changed. At least worst-writer thought it did. The thing is, Columbine wasn’t even the worst mass shooting up to that point. I vaguely remember there being a few other shootings where more people were killed before Columbine. It all, eventually, could be looked up on the #interwebnets but sometimes the info was a bit convoluted, if not hard to find. Until now.

If you do an #internetwebnet search lots of lists of mass shootings are to be found. But they are all in their own world. Perhaps that has something to do with having defined what a mass shooting is according to certain criteria. Currently a mass shooting is defined by the killing of four or more persons, according to the FBI. Which is fine and dandy. What should be more obvious, though, is how to prevent mass shootings. Who knew, eh?

MotherJones has put together a dandy little database of mass shootings that should soothe the heart of anyone interested in understanding #Americant’s lust for violence, authoritarianism and dollar worship. You know. That country in the western hemisphere that just loves killing itself because it can’t understand sex, history, the concept of fiat money or what was the point of the Oscar winning movie Nomadland in 2021. Wow. I need to worst-write something about that movie soon. It’s left something of a sour grape in the left cavity of my nose. Or have I already written something about it? Wait. I don’t remember. Hey #interwebnet search machine… search worstwriter dot com for…


Rant on.