Rich vs Minion-Rich

What’s up with the rich, dear worst-reader? I mean. Not the rich of the world, of course. We all know what’s going on in parts of the world where really, really nasty rich people (Russia) are angry with slightly less rich people (Ukraine) and thereby feel it’s their right to invade and pillage and rape and and and. With that in worst-mind. Let’s focus today on the rich of my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant–most of whom are not billionaires (as we know with former prez pee-pee-hair). And so. We all know how the rich make their money these days in #Americant. You know. On the backs of others like never before. Hence, of the #Americant so-called rich, who probably should be called minion-rich, for they serve the few & far-between mega-rich (real billionaires), how many of them have made their fortunes on something other than finance trickery, coercion, exploitation or inheritance? So goes the way of capitalism run-amok, eh. But let’s not get too far off worst-subject.

What’s up with the minion-rich? Why are they so nasty? And when they’re nasty, why do they take out all their frustration and anger and bigotry and fascism on the hour-wage-poor? And how bout this worst-question: why the heck do these very well-off minion-rich fly low-cost airlines? I mean. Come on. Even minion-rich can afford a better airline, if not a chartered private jet. Or? But I die-gress.

Today, dear worst-reader, worst-writer provides IMHO about how two minion-rich guys behave while they hitch a ride on a cheap airline. The first is a former faux-newz pseudo-broadcaster aka right-wing nut job who lost his job because he rubbed too many people the wrong way with his ugliness. Most of the people were women, naturally. And now he’s flying on a cheap Airline to Turks & Caicos that happens to include an unwanted three to five hour delay. Again. This guy earned millions and millions of dollars in his career and now he’s scruff-flying to an exotic and über-expensive island in the Caribbean that is delayed and all he can do is yell at the working poor because the same system of fail-upwards corporate-ness that he espoused ain’t working to his approval?

The next minion-rich guy, who, btw, is one of the few that earned his wealth unlike most minion-rich, as noted above, is a former heavy weight boxing champion the likes of which the world will probably never see again. And what does this guy do? Holy krapp, dear worst-reader. He beats the krapp out of a guy that is sitting behind him because the guy is either star-studded and can’t control himself or he thinks he’s gonna make the newz by getting a former heavy weight boxing champ of the world to punch him. Looks like he did just that. But. Again. This begs the worst-question: why are these guys flying on a scruff airline?


Rant on.