Micro Blog v Social Media

Gotta worst-write a bit about Musk-Twitter or is it Twitter-Musk, dear worst-reader. First. I remember when Twitter started. I wracked my brain trying to figure out what the heck it is. To this day I still don’t quite know. But then I joined twitter around 2007. I liked the idear of there being a micro-blog where I could connect headlines to worstwriter dot com. Tried to do the same thing with facebag, don’t you know. But you know what facebag did? That’s right. They completely shutdown–unless you pay, I guess–linking from anything you post on their site to anything outside their site. Of course, that’s not the reason I bagged facebag. Indeed. Bagging facebag quickly became a no brainer once I started receiving odd if not obscure ads and/or friend requests that I couldn’t shut down or control as I saw fit. Then there’s the opining run amok that was split between family pics and what would eventually turn out to be outright political propaganda via the likes of Cambridge Analytica. But this worst-post ain’t about facebag.

I can’t remember exactly when I did but it must have been about two years ago, I erased all my tweets. I suspended all regular tweeting and only tweet a link to my worst-blog if the mood was inciting. That worst-said, I also don’t have twitter on my phone but I do have it on an old 2nd gen iPad Pro that never leaves my living room couch. I only use twitter as a newz or headline source. And, as mentioned above, I have no clue what the real purpose is of social-media other than promoting whole bunches of STUPID around the world. Unfortunately social-media hasn’t found a way to circumvent all that STUPID, which is the reason worst-writer posts all his STUPIDNESS on his own little barely visited worst-blog.

So what’s with Musk buying twitter? I have no idear. Could it simply be: because he can? Or is this really about free speech? All the gibberish about free speech is kinda mind-boggling anyway. I mean. Why is free speech being touted mostly by right-wingers? Could it be because their speech is so unfree? Or do they just prefer FREEDOM TO BE STUPID? Hence, my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant and its right-wing religious joy ride theme park(s) where dinosaurs roamed the earth steered by Jezus. Man o man, dear worst-reader. We know how well things are going with war and climate but did you ever think it would go this well for stupid people? Oh wait. I new it all along. Yeah, baby. Two thumbs up for worst-writer-ism.

The thought occurred to me to do with twitter what I did with facebag once I heard that the deal was done. But then I thought: hol up a sec. Worst-writer has said a thing or three about Musk in the affirmative. Does that mean I would want to have beers with him? No. Would I want to work for him? Again. No. But has he done some amazing things? You betcha he has. Are his doings worthy of praise as a free speech advocate? Probably not. For we know, dear worst-reader, that most successful people, who’s success stems out of their own doing, happens inspite of capitalism and not because of capitalism. And I’m sure that’s a worst-thought that may or may not put your cookie crumbs back in order.

The worst-thing is, dear worst-reader, if Musk enables the likes of former prez pee-pee-hair to get back on twitter will I leave it then? Since I never followed former prez cheeto-jezus and never received any whacked-out political propaganda ads from twitter–as was the case with facebag–I got no beef with it. The other worst-thing is–unlike facebag–twitter has always felt like it has something worthwhile to offer in these digital times. Social media or no social whacky media, speech of any kind doesn’t bother me. Reason? I can turn it off just like I’ve done with broadcast TV, radio and cable. The worst-question remaining? Will Musk turn twitter into a cesspool of stupid that I can’t opt-out of unless I bag it? If so, I’m gone, baby.

Oh. And. One last worst-thought on crumbled cookies. I am firm believer in the idear that now more than ever the world needs government to regulate. Did you get that? Yeah. Regulate the heck out companies and not people. With that in worst-mind, people still need to be accountable for their actions–which we know isn’t the case for people driven by moneyed and only moneyed interests. How that’s to be done since Reaganism corrupted the minds-eye? Well. I reckon voters could handle that. If they can over-come all the STUPID. But on that worst-note, I die-gress.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.