Careful What You Say Or Sell

McDonald’s to close for Queen’s funeral on Monday – BBC News

McDonald’s to close for Queen’s funeral on Monday – BBC News

Now that’s a relief, eh, dear worst-reader? I mean. Isn’t the name McDonald Scottish? Or is it Irish? Maybe it’s just some quintessentially British sounding word. #Nomatter. The thing is, a fast-food giant is closing for a few hours out of respect for The Queen while she’s being put underground. I guess that’s a good thing. I mean. The corporate goons have probably calculated that by closing they might even make some money. You know. As in. Who the hell is gonna buy krapp-food while obsessing over the death of what should have long ago been relinquished? Or killed off? Like France did it. Moving on.

By shutting things down for a few hours, no McDonald money will/can be spent. As is the case with all old-economy corporations, ain’t that how bidness works these days? Than again. Ain’t it about time to get rid of monarchies AND fast-food? Am I wrong. Then again again. According to various reports, more than half of Brits love them some monarchial do-dads–and we know how they eat. Then again again again. I guess the mindless have to believe in something. And as far as Brits go, aren’t they kinda killing two birds with one stone when it comes to their unique form of island and/or colonial nationalism? As in. If the whole spaghetti monster in the sky thing ain’t enough, let’s add some perverted hereditary privilege to the mix. For the Queen, and now the King, are head of the church, not just the state (constitutional monarchy my worst-arse). And the sanctioning of the monarchy starts with the church, don’t you know. That’s how it’s always been. Suck up to the church and you won’t be overthrown. Or. Bag the church and then the monarch. Vive la France! Or something like that. Either way, hereditary BS combined with Biblical lore have proven to be a pretty potent mix on the island of the dentally challenged.

Oh. And before I worst-forget. Don’t go around holding signs up that say something like he’s not my king. Having an opinion about British politics and/or belief system will return once she’s buried. I guess.

Rant on.