Defining Fascism: Subservience

Defining Fascism: Subservience

Extremism is the political cost of pronounced social inequality and political stagnation. -Chris Hedges, see link below

We’ve been there before, eh, dear worst-reader? Here and here a few worst-thoughts about trying to figure out Fascism. With recent elections in Italy, with the dire-straights Putin has caused with his “special operations“ in Ukraine, and as #Trumpism continues to digest in the open bowels of my beloved & missed #Americant, worst-writer may have come up with a new idear on how to define the grand ideology that is over taking the world–once again–thereby confusing the gullible and uninformed many.

Who’s your daddy, Bitch!

Obviously the election of Italy’s first female PM is to be celebrated. So let’s have one glamorous clap and bow for her. For if you’re not in the know, dear worst-reader, the clapping and the bowing must stop abruptly. Reason? When one looks under the peaking peak of this #Eurowasteland iceberg of $hit, the issue of subservience that is fascism weighs and floats über-heavy. Which begs the worst-question: is she really the afterbirth of Il Duce? Worst-writer supposes… time will tell.

So what is Fascism? Worst-writer’s newest definition of Fascism stems mostly out of what Putin is doing to Ukraine–but it also relates to what just happened in Italy. With that in worst-mind, one cannot disregard who/what Italy just elected to run its $hitshow. Again. The open digestive track that is post #Trumpism #Americant reeks.

Mussolini is accredited with being the first leader to employ Fascism as a form of governance. Keep in mind, dear worst-reader, Fascism is and will always be the only solution to what right wing extremists fear most. What they fear most is The State controlling what they perceived to be THEIR wealth. This is how the poor, the down-trodden, the confused middle-classes are so easily wound-up with conspiracy theories, the hate of migrants, racism, etc. It’s the delusion of trickle-down wealth, working your way to success, the lie of a good life. It folds and comforts the mindless masses and opium derived ideologies. Mussolini and his capitalists enablers latched on to the hate and bigotry and thereby offered a counter-offensive to the rise of Marxist communism that was overwhelming #Eurowasteland at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century. Capitalists and their heirs never forgot (even to this day) the beheading and culling of hereditary privilege that was/is monarchs and/or inherited wealth since the French Revolution. Btw, inherited wealth and privilege is the foundation upon which overt political power exists. That’s why Fascism, together with Authoritarianism, ALWAYS includes violence. It runs the $hitshow with a heavy hammer, baby.

Remember who/what Putin is fighting? That’s right. According to Putin the Russians are fighting against Ukrainian Fascists. And how does Putin/Russia define Fascists? Here one has to look at the various forms of Authoritarianism around the world. Or. One has to look at what maintains, props-up, enables Authoritarianism. Of the various forms of power that rule countries and peoples, whether it’s communism (China), social market economics (Western Europe), or dictatorships (Russia, North Korea) they all rely on one simple thing when it comes to maintaining power. Surprisingly that one thing is not inherent violence. Instead. That one thing is the money.

It’s nothing new that power begets wealth and wealth begets… you get the worst-picture. The thing to keep in mind when trying to worst-understand Fascism is the who and the what the money is subservient to. And that’s the worst-ticket, dear worst-reader: Subservience. Putin’s anger toward Ukraine isn’t so much about NATO expansion or even Russian speaking people in Ukraine. It is about Ukraine’s ability to do what it wants with its own wealth within its own borders. Hence, when Russia wants/needs to export energy via ship or pipeline, the ONLY way it can export it, it HAS to go through Ukraine. Ukraine has every right to negotiate terms and conditions for those transactions. Hence, hence, Crimea was the first to be annexed because Ukraine refused to take a subservient role to Russia as it tried to dictate terms of its oil exports. Perhaps this is where the lines begin to cross when defining all forms of Authoritarianism. Take for example China. China has taken big steps in exercising its Authoritarianism since the 2008 crash which has put the world in a perpetual state of economic discombobulation. Isn’t Jack Ma an example of how the Chinese government forces (wealth) subservience?

Of course, if you’re asking: how bout #Americant in this worst-definition (equation) of Fascism (Authoritarianism)? Yeah, that’s a great worst-question. Worst-writer’s answer? Simple. #Americant has built its Fascism around the idear that The State is subservient to wealth. The difference to Russia or China here is a fine line, IMHO, because Putin has personally profited from his hate of Fascism. That is: Putin controls the wealth. In worst-fact, the realpolitic of Authoritarianism is universal. The only question that remains is: who’s your daddy?

#Americant capitalists are given a chance to pay their share to politicians who in turn maintain capitalist profits. This may or mayn’t be a contradiction–to maintaining both wealth and power of a nation-state and/or calling it Fascist. Unlike China or Russia, #Americant has a kind of symbiosis between the rich and the poor, the powerful and the powerless, the HAVES and HAVENOTS, etc. This may or mayn’t be known as the grand delusion of the middle class(es) and that symbiosis is currently being tried & tested like never before. Compared to others, though, #Americant is still quite functional–with or without the likes of former prez pee-pee-hair–including his masses of delusional nitwits who couldn’t define Fascism if it came up from behind and tickled their genitals with the tongue of a porn star whispering the word Antifa.

Indeed. #Americant has not only won the Cold War of idears but it’s also able to hide the truths of subservience. Considering how the world has been slow in responding to this ill, and as blatant Fascism arises once again in Italy, maybe things aren’t all that bad. Wait. What? Did worst-writer just worst-write something optimistic? Well. Don’t get your panties in a bundle, dear worst-reader. Remember. I just like typing–especially when most of what I worst-type probably doesn’t make much sense. And so. Are you as excited as I am for my next definition of Fascism?

Rant on.