The Plague Of National Incompetence

This story (link below) has rattled worst-moi more than most regarding the #Americant disease of incompetence. What do I mean by that, you ask, dear worst-reader? Well, it worst-goes something like this. My beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant has been suffering for decades as the ill-magic-seed of Ronald Reagan has blossomed into the most ugliest of trees. It’s latest ugly fruit, of course, being former prez mango Mussolini. But I die-gress.

#Americant incompetence begins, of course, with the slow and gradual redistribution of inherited late nineteenth and early twentieth century wealth. This is/was the enabler of the Haves fully exploiting the Have-Nots, thereby culling the lower and middle portion of the Haves (including IMHO the middle classes) who are intellectually incapable of discerning that they’ve slowly but surely been relegated to Have-Not status (which may or mayn’t be poor status). Masses of middle class morons have convinced themselves that redistribution cannot effect them thereby unleashing all they have left: bigotry and hate and spite and uglies of political conservatism. Also. Let’s not forget the fact that there is always–ALWAYS–someone else to blame for economic woes un-understood. Right wing media anyone? You go worst-girl!

Hence right-wing faux-newz, if not ALL conservative media, has laughed and giggled and cackled at its success at killing THE DREAM. This can only culminate in conservative #Americant electing former prez pee-pee-hair and thereby not thinking thrice about how it all came to be. And so goes the toxic high of mass delusion which manifests in pure and unadulterated national incompetence. Need a job to pay off student loans? Join the military where you’ll fight wars where there is no clear enemy (wars of choice). Need more money? Get a third or fourth career at a coffee shop. Don’t know what to do with yourself and the military won’t take you? Become an hourly wage policeman where you can play cops and robbers all day masquerading as a servant of the opposite of peace. And that’s the worst-ticket with this worst-post. Cheap cops. Incompetent cops. Wow.

How is this incompetence best exemplified? Have a look at the lower ranks of minions and their delusional dreams of attaining THE DREAM by submitting themselves to earning a buck by any means. You know. We’re dealing with the compulsive behaviourists aka those who think they actually work for a living when in fact they only find ways to exist, aka consume-to-survive, which can only be achieved on the backs of others. National incompetence is the result of not only lacking any form of creativity but it is the complete and utter absence of rational thought. #Amercant has become a nation of anti-intellectuals in all aspects of society. Or. Dear worst-reader. Is there a better way to explain how a policeman puts someone they are arresting into the back of a patrol car that is parked on train tracks?

How fcuking stupid can you be?

Holly krapp! Worst-writer can’t even come up with stuff like this while in a raging, drunk stupor where tears tremble down my face as I morn my expatriation. With that in worst-mind, let’s worst-say it again. A nation of incompetent nitwits full of rage and hate and bigotry and spite, stemming out of fifty years of political disarray that has turned economics and politics upside down and inside out, because no one can figure out how/why the $hitshow of greed has killed THE DREAM, and now the chasers of that ill-DREAM are nothing more than hourly wage boobs carrying guns, riding around in patrol cars, and they can’t tell the difference between a space to park and a live train track… And yet they still put someone in the back of a patrol car that gets hit by a fcuking train.


If this is not another sign of incompetence on a mass scale worst-writer doesn’t know what is. The only question remaining, dear worst-reader, since #Amercant obviously is not on any path toward solving its ills, what will be the next tragedy of all this incompetence? Your worst-guess is as good as mine.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on, baby.