Not A Fan But

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I know there are those who try to have discourse with the other side but worst-writer is usually not one of them. But every once a once I do get caught up in the $hitstorm. More often than not, though, it’s usually clear from the get-go who/what I’m dealing with. And so. It happened recently while the better-half and I were vanlifing at a Bavarian lake. As is the case when visiting idyllic places in #Eurowasteland, there are lots of #Americants to be seen and heard. While walking Beckett the killer pug, a cute, young couple heard me scolding him with kisses and hugs.

Oh, you’re American, she said.

Only on the weekends, I responded.

What a cute pig… I mean pug, he said.

So it begins.

I especially despise moderates. I worst-mean. What the hell is a moderate? Then there are the libertarians (which are only republicans missing at least one testicle). Really can’t stand them. Independents? Well. Le’s move on.

Would you believe, dear worst-reader, that there are those who think fascism is/can be 1) left-wing and 2) inherently violent. I mean. I’ve kinda felt this over the years. Yet it always baffles me. For. Don’t you know. In worst-writer’s humble opinion. There is no such thing as a left-wing fascist. Reason? Fascism is a political ideology that serves all-forms of authoritarianism. It’s what Mussolini invented. It’s what Hitler utilised (albeit in the name of nationalism). But Stalin took it to the highest levels, although one could argue if his was really fascism. With that piece of history in mind…

Are there radical left-wingers? Sure. Do left-wingers use violence? You betcha. But do left-wingers, which include hippies, socialists (not communists), rational thinkers, (some) Dems, aspire to authoritarianism? Seriously? I know. I know. Do you have to pose that question, dear worst-writer? Indeed.

Or allow me to put this another worst-way.

Do left-wingers shoot abortion clinic doctors? Do the police kill people (mostly black people) for resisting being arrested for misdemeanour offences? Do they try and interrupt the peaceful transition of power, Jan 6, 2021?

What examples do you have of left-wingers killing people? (And don’t worry. If you don’t have an example, I do. But it’s a whole nother bucket of worst-writer worms.)

That right-wingers so casually convolute the meaning of politics and ideology can only come from a society that has lost all connection to intellect, science, history and the belief that ones own personal space is all that matters. This is especially true for those who are incapable of discerning their social, political and economic circumstances. Well…

To think that there were a few Repubs years ago in my beloved & missed #Americant that saw it all coming… wow! For. Don’t you know. Dear worst-reader. Religion is a form of totalitarianism that easily hides (its) intent. Perhaps the reason Stalin was so much more successful than Hitler or Mussolini was due to his ability to control religion. But before I get too far off worst-subject.

I die-gress.

Rant and quote on.