When #Americant Can. Maybe.

To understand the reflexive defense of Alex Jones, one has to understand the ethos of the new right. It is both aggressively punitive and perpetually aggrieved. It lives to smash its enemies in the mouth and “burn down” the American establishment. At the same time, the new right claims that it’s the real victim—as if its lies and conspiracies shouldn’t carry consequences.

Source: The Atlantic

It cannot be worst-said enough, dear worst-reader. #Americant is obsessed with conspiracy theory because of one simple idear. People are incapable of rationalising (their) circumstance(s). In other worst-words, if you’re either intellectually incapable or you are willingly incapable of determining and/or reasoning the cause of being in a perpetual state of demise, follow your feelings dictated to you by others. Indeed. Put yet another worst-way, conspiracy theories fill the gaps of life that is: FREEDOM TO BE STUPID. Hence. Can’t explain why there’s a mass shooting problem? Lie about the victims. Can’t figure out why your generation is fcuked compared to your parents generation? Blame globalists. While you suffer at the behest of the so-called economy and there are many others around you that don’t… That’s right. Blame someone or something else. Never consider the fact that your politics have lead to this. Never question what you don’t know. Do what you’ve always been told: comply to a system that is hellbent on screwing you.

The personification of FREEDOM TO BE STUPID that is my beloved & missed #Americant has to be the likes of conspiracy theorist extraordinaire Alex Jones. And boy oh boy did Jones finally get some/his comeuppance. Even worst-writer didn’t think the jury would award this amount. A billion fcuking bucks, dear worst-reader. WTF! Of course. Now comes the burden of making Jones actually pay. Which begs the question: is that the reason the jury awarded so much? They set the number so high that #nomatter what Jones does, he will have to pay such an exorbitant amount of money that it will certainly ruin him. Isn’t that how they got OJ Simpson? Of course. The real issue here should be more about how #Americant has become a cesspool of idiocy where the likes of Jones festers and perpetuates en masse. The only problem is, unlike defamation, it’s impossible to sue idiocy into oblivion.

Am I wrong.

Rant on.