-Isms Dream

Fascism, Capitalism, Authoritarianism and, of course, (insert your) religion-ism here, but not necessarily in that order. On the other hand, how is it that all these isms are alive and perky these days? Alive and perky like that little girl in spring who you think is running across a field of joy with her hair waving in the wind when in reality she is running away from yet another sexually repressed #Americant (white, conservative) male doing what he and all the rest do so well to the daughters, sisters, mothers, wives–and sons–of the HOMELAND. Or maybe not.

This is the worst-issue of the morning, dear worst-reader. What motivates this use of a suffix that turns an idear into a/the grand narrative? Well. Don’t you know. It may or mayn’t have something to do with the recent midterm elections in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant. The midterm elections combined with a pop-star that can’t hold his tongue or his mind and thereby speaking the naughty stuff out-loud… Or have you missed the uproar that is THE FREEDOM TO BE STUPID that has always been #Americant right-wing bat$hittery? Indeed. A nation of the aggrieved all of whom have really, really big mouths. What a $hitshow. They can‘t seem to stop spewing all the nastiness of their most inner and cherished voices–as they just don‘t care who is listening. Or have you heard other voices since former prez mango Mussolini somehow got elected? Yeah. Right.

There are no good people on both sides but there are really, really bad people on one side. -worstwriter

Where lies the confusion, dear worst-reader? You know. The confusion that is the misunderstanding of isms? Does this confusion stem out of a lack of intellectual curiosity? Is it the result of national dumbing down? Too much TV and media and porn and computer games? Too much sexual repression?

One of the reasons worst-writer has not posted anything in recent weeks is because of the turmoil spewing round in my worst-mind. It is a turmoil storm, don‘t you know. Perhaps not as wild and willing as all those hurricanes reeking havoc on the shores of the second worst-state in the scam that is Florida, aligned just behind the leader of all State scams: Tex-ass. But let me not get too far off worst-subject. For the storm (of my worst-mind) is mostly due to the fact that, as a unwilling expat, there is very little worst-writer can do to lend a helping hand. I mean. I committed to jumping that ship going on forty years ago. Although I do vote in most elections, never before have I felt, now more than ever, with the advent if #Trumpism, it’s not votes that are gonna change anything. No. What is going to change things is more of the same–even if that same includes former prez pee-pee-hair. For. In case you are not in the know. Worst-writer thinks that most Dems, especially the powerful ones, have been enjoying the past few years. Or do you not at least slow down to gawk at the blood ridden scene of a horrific train wreck? You know. That thing in life that connects us all–even with the rich and powerful.

Of all the things that lead worst-writer to being an expat, suburban-hell racism and anti-Semitism are high on the list. Whether it was the N-word or the J-word, by the time I was a young adult and started experiencing the world, it made little sense to me how so many people back home willingly allowed themselves to get caught up in a spiral of hate. Then again, all that conspiracy-theory krapp fits perfectly into the #Americant world of hate and bigotry and spite and aggrievement. Most #Americants simply do not have anything better to do with their lives. Am I wrong.

Although worst-writer is somewhat pleased with the recent midterm election, I am certainly not as pleased as others. Losing the House is still gonna be part of the train wreck drawing so many interested viewers. Take, for example, how New York has turned kinda red. How can this be? Oh wait. Anyone remember Cuomo? Do you think he was gonna leave the scene of his personal train wreck with dignity? Yeah. Now that’s the ticket. Or do you believe New York lost so many House seats to Repubs because New Yorkers are suddenly bat$hit for former prez Cheeto jeezus? No. Not a chance. These losses are payback from Cuomo. But what the hell do I know about gawking at train wrecks?

Rant(ism) on, baby.