Monster Blueburd Gory Facebag Prime Crack Now Buy More

Alternative worst-title: Musk and the new wave of CEO mismanagement or how to giggle-barf profusely at Zuckerberg and does Beos creep you out?

Probably can’t worst-write about it enough, dear worst-reader. That says a lot considering how much worse there is out there these days. So let’s ask a few worst-questions instead. For worst-example. Are you having a Freudenschade moment? Do you feel for all the tech people losing their jobs? Are we (consume-to-survivors) on the verge of a/the great tech chasm that may or mayn’t (finally) put the interwebnets back in the hands of Das Volk i.e. users as opposed to automaton corporate goons? Does Amazon even deserve to exist? Then again…

What the bee-gee-zees is going on in the tech world?

Within the coming months somewhere between thirty and forty thousand tech workers are gonna lose their jobs. WTF! I mean. Don‘t get me wrong, don‘t you know, dear worst-reader. I was employed and fired several times in the short stint of a tech career that someone told me I had. Every time I was fired (laid off) I giggled my way out of the company. Well, I giggled till that last giggle stopped turning into a new job. Yeah. I was sort of a job-jumper more than I was a careerist. That‘s obvious.

So what’s the big deal with the tech world these days?

Well. First. Social media, at least to worst-moi, ain‘t the tech world. Using the web as a storefront/distribution business aka Amazon also ain’t about tech. On the other worst-hand, worst-writer would give more credit to the likes of Twitter as a tech company. Facebag? That is a media company. What is a tech company? Yeah. You might want to do your own #interwebnet stuff on that question.

Although I have no idear what‘s gonna happen to Twitter, Musk buying it was not a very smart tech thing to do. So is Musk, perhaps, not very bright?

The things is, dear worst-reader. I can‘t care much anymore about all this chaos in the world. Reason? Simple. I don‘t have a full life ahead of me. At my age, my days are numbered. Then again. There is this little speck of desire, not unlike that tickle I can still get sometimes in my pecker that reminds me of those banging days–where I tried to fit into a world of compliant, compulsive, automaton behaviorists but in the end (as in end of my job/career days) I managed to find a way out that was/is only comparable to winning the friggin lottery but never buying a lottery ticket on account, well, I just can‘t get behind the idear of voluntary taxation. But I die-gress.

Rant on.


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