Fake It Till You Make It

It is the new & forever improving/changing #Americant creed, don‘t you know, dear worst-reader. Fake it till you make it. Considering how things are going, of late (on this planet), or at least since the beginning of the twenty-first century, if you don‘t live a life of fake it till you make it then you must face the reality of an unambiguous choice between two sides of the same dirty, rotten, greed coin: are you a Have or are you a Have-Not? Indeed. Then again. For those in the worst-know, there are the Have-Mores–but they‘re so friggin rich, like gods, I worst-suppose, their world(s) need not be contemplated. Or do you worst-wish to think about how they ALL got so rich? Am I wrong. Then again again.

The thing is, dear worst-reader, as I scan the newz ungloriously in search of all-things worst, it‘s never been easier to spot fake it till you make it. BTW, some refer to fake it till you make using a pejorative. Perhaps you know it? Bull$hit. Or, perhaps, you now the bull$hit meter. And so. Is your BS meter off the charts? Or do you, unlike worst-writer, refrain from the newz?

Obviously the current greatest fake it till you make it persona has to be former prez pee-pee-hair. I worst-mean. He‘s been faking it since the day his mother‘s bouffant fell into his warm glass of chocolate buttermilk pudding the night after his hideous father whipped his arse so bad that it caused his hair to start falling out and he was only three. Of course. There are numerous other personas of fake it till you make it. Ain‘t history awash with them? The likes of Anna Sorokin, though, is too obvious. Or what about that German who claimed to have found Hitler’s diaries? Yeah. Those people are obvious. Fake it till you make it is more than conmen and grifters, don‘t you know. Or is it? #Nomatter.

The real fake it till you make it people are cut from another slate, dear worst-reader. Again. The best living example, or most successful, has to be former prez mango Mussolini. But what about ALL the #Americant mega-church preachers? And what of all of the CEOs running #Americant corporations for the past fourth or fifty years? Aren‘t they part of this ship of greed? With that in worst-mind, what‘s with all the fake it till you make it wannabes? You know. Like the Elizabeth Holmes or the FTX guy? Wow. How bout Elon Musk since he bought twitter? I mean. I really thought he had the potential to be one of the great ones. You know. One of the great ones that didn‘t fake it till you make it. But I suppose the jury is still out on that one.

Oh. Before I forget. While catching up on this stuff I came across a an article that has a new name for fake it till you make it. It‘s called behavioral activation. Not sure about you but there are rare moments when the old ways are sometimes better than the new ways. Then again, worst-writer is a big fan of renaming, if not redefining, the word career. It should be called compulsive behaviorism. Yeah. That‘s the worst-ticket.

Rant on.


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