Call In Sick, Everyone

What is #Americant? That’s the worst-question of the worst-day. And what a question it is, eh, dear worst-reader. That being worst-said. Of all the examples of what makes #Americant, which one stands out the most regarding how the minions, the suckers, the morons, the submissive ones and the compulsive behaviourists… Notice, dear worst-reader, that worst-writer doesn’t refer to #Americants as slaves. Reason? Well. Suckers and minions and morons make it ever-more clear how behaviourism and submission lead so many to a life of compliance. That’s what it is, right, dear worst-reader? #Americants, young and old, hip or goofy, thick or thin, well, don’t you know, they/we comply. Hence, #Americant is, depending on time of day or season of the year, an experiment tirelessly traversing the historical anomalies somewhere between feudalism and capitalism–all the while being very confused about a life of compliance. In other worst-words, where there was once feudalism–and slavery–there is now capitalism–where slavery is no longer condoned, accepted, tolerated. And so. As we all know, capitalism has its cycles–as some like to say, or its ups and downs. Where is that cycle now? My beloved & missed #Americant is obviously on route to another new & improved nadir. How does worst-writer know? Just check out the recent hobnobbing around what should be an inalienable rights issue for not just rail workers but for all workers. When I first got wind of the rail-workers story, I didn’t give it much thought. What’s the point, I worst-said to my worst-self. The minions, the suckers, the morons have gotten themselves into such a quagmire of worker-rights-$hit, why would they all suddenly think government is gonna save them–or give them a few paid leave days for being sick? I mean. Hence. Here’s the best example there is of #Americant. Why in the bee-gee-zees would workers of any kind, whether you make coffee or drive trains, think that you have any say in the goings and comings of the Haves and the Have-Mores? All of you have spent your entire lives–heck your parents have spent their entire lives–being walked-over, snubbed, cheated, duped–and for what? So that you can suddenly come to terms with the idear that maybe, just maybe, it’s time you stood up for yourself so you can make your employer give you a few sick-days? Seriously? This is gonna make #Americant greater again?

Too little too late, baby. This whole issue should have been taken care of a hundred friggin years ago.

Good luck suckers. Now go buy something while you still can.

Rant on.


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